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Appinio App – How To Answer Appinio Surveys And Make Up To €100

Appinio app

Appinio app is an earning app that allows you to make cool cash answering polls and simple surveys and in this detailed appinio surveys review, I am going to provide you with all all you need to know about the app and how to answer it’s surveys to make cool cash that doesn’t involve too much stress.

I said you can make up to €100 on the app and that’s the easiest target you can set for yourself on the app as the minimum withdrawal is just $€10 and if you’re able to reach minimum withdrawal in ten Times, you will achieve the stipulated €100 and still able to accumulate more.

In our past articles, browsingtechzone have shown you how to make up to $100 in answering surveys on eurekasurveys, cash Camel and others, but today, I will be explaining to you in details, how appinio surveys app works and how to earn cool dollars from the app. Let’s go!!!.

About appinio surveys

Appinio app is a survey app that allows you to Earn money & vouchers by taking surveys on the go and ask your own questions. This implies that while answering surveys to make money on the site, you will also have the opportunity to create polls that allows you to ask about anything as see the response the others will provide to that question.

Appinio app provides you with new surveys every day in over 20 categories such as current topics, politics or sports and see what others think. With the appinio app, you will have the opportunity to get hundreds of answers to your own anonymous questions(polls) in just a few minutes. Level up, compete with the community, earn PayPal credit and Amazon vouchers or donate to social projects.

Features of appinio app

Appinio app has a lots of features that makes it stands out from other survey apps that you might have come across in the past. In this section, I will provide you with th highlights of what you will be opportune to get when you Start using the appinio app to answer appinio surveys to make cool cash in return.

Below are the highlighted features that you will gets to enjoy on the app:

⏩You will have the opportunity to answer lots of  exciting and up-to-date questions from Appinio and the community

⏩With the appinio app, you will be provided with the opportunity to compare your opinion with others and filter the results e.g. by age and gender

⏩Ability to ask anonymous questions and get hundreds of answers in minutes

⏩For each activities on the appinio surveys app, you will receive Appinio Coins and exchange them for money and vouchers or donate them to charitable projects

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⏩Level up, win awards and compete with other users in leaderboards. The higher your level, the higher the number of surveys that will be available for you on a daily basis.

⏩The amazing part of this app is that, it’s free, you will not be charged for anything nor pat any amount of money to have access to any features of the app, instead, you will be the one to get paid for using the app, no ads and guaranteed anonymous – your data is safe with appinio app!

How does appinio app polls looks like

Appinio polls consists of random question that are being asked by your fellow user on the appinio app, this questions are random to the extent that you can be asked anything and can come across any questions while answering polls.

Appinio Surveys poll questions sample

Below are fee examples of the questions you might come across while answering polls:

Would you rather have more time or money?

Would you travel to the past or the future?

Flying, traveling by train or none of that?

Which superpower would you want to have?

Which English accent is the most attractive one?

How to answer appinio polls

Answering appinio polls is the simplest thing ever as it’s just an opinion polls, though, you might sometimes be asked a precise question, but most of the time, you will be asked of your opinion and your answer can be anything, because your opinion is not necessarily be same to that of others.

For example, in the sample questions above, the first question said would you rather have more time or Money? Looking at this question, you might decide to choose time while I will choose money, because, my/your opinion is what is being asked for and on this note, there is no right or wrong answer.

The second question on the sample question Also says; Would you travel to the past or the future? This is also an opinion question and your answer can be anything, you can decided to choose the past while other person will choose the future.

However, you should always answer the polls to the best of your knowledge so as to unlock the next level very fast.

Why must I answer appinio polls

Appinio polls is a must to answer as it’s the key to unlock more surveys on the app. You will Also earn some points answering the polls but the most points is in answering surveys.

Did you understand the logic?

Okay, to have clearer picture of why you need to answer polls on appinio surveys, take a look at the picture below.

Appinio Surveys polls

You can see the notification that is boldly written, saying if I want to have access to more surveys, I must reached level twelve and unlocking more levels can only be made possible by answering more polls.

If you checked the top area and of the app, you can see that there are lots of unanswered surveys there and those surveys are available because I have reached level 10 on that account. I purposely stopped there so that, I can use it as an example.

When I freshly registered on the app, there are no surveys, until I started answering polls.

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How to register on appinio surveys – Appinio app registration

The registration is simple and straight forward, all you have to do is to click here to download the app From google play store, install the app and register.

The app is only available for USA and UK citizen. But if you’re from other countries, I have a good news for you and the news is that you can access the survey by the use of VPN. All you have to do is to look for any strong VPN and connect it to USA or UK and complete your registration. You can. Also check our complete list of the best VPN service providers for all devices.

Appinio app Download

Below shows more information about the appinio app.

Name                                     Appinio app

Size                                       38MB

Version                                  Latest Version

Location                                USA or UK

Service                                 Reward App

Download appinio surveys app

Having difficulties in downloading the app from play store because of location? Simply check our detailed guide on how to download any app that is not available in your country.

Appinio APK download

Have you tried downloading the app from play store and it’s not working? Ok! Let’s use another method, if you’re not from the united states of America or united kingdom and you’re having tough time downloading the app from play store via the link provided for you, simply follow the instructions below to install the app via APK.

Simply click here to download and install the appinio APK but don’t open it yet.

Now, click here and the app will open automatically and you can now continue with your registration

Appinio App Old Version APK

A lot of features individuals are having difficulties in accessing the latest version of the appinio app and after proper consideration, the most effective way is to downgrade the app version to the older one. On this note, if the latest version isn’t working for you and you want to try the old one, simply click here to get it downloaded.

However, if you’re forced to download the latest version after installing the Old Version, kindly get a very strong VPN and try again using the latest version. Note: this is for only individuals who intend to access the app anywhere outside the United States of America or United Kingdom

How to make money fast on appinio surveys

If you want to make money fast on the app, all you have to do is to unlock more surveys by unlocking more levels. Immediately you complete your registration, answer polls to get up to level 5, check available surveys after reaching level 5 and answer them all.

Proceed to level 10 and upon reaching the level 10, you will have more available surveys this time around, answer them and proceed to level 15 and at this point, you would have unlock partners surveys and have access to a lot of surveys on the app.

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Incase you don’t know how to answer online surveys, we have provide you with the detailed guide on how to answer surveys and make more money.

Solution To Recent Issue Encountered On Appinio Surveys

It has come to my notice that a lot of individuals are having issues in accessing their appinio surveys and this is due to their recent update, which tighten security of the platform for non-US/UK citizen.

You will remember  that the platform is a USA and UK based platform which allows only individuals that reside in the aforementioned countries, but in our guide, we outlined how how people outside those said countries can access the platform, which is by the use of VPN.

Now that the platform security has been tighten in the recent update, below are two major error message that people outside USA and UK region are getting.

1. No signal: Something looks odd… there is either an issue with your connection or with our servers. Please try again later.

2. Network Error: Oops…it seems that you are using a VPN or proxy. Please turn off any of these services and try again.

Solution: if you encounter any of the issue, simply downgrade the version of the app to the older version and try accusing the site again.

That doesn’t work?

Simply install the latest version of the app and access it without VPN. Make sure you’re having the latest version, off your VPN and open the app again. Both old and the latest version of the app has been uploaded, simply go to the download section of this guide to check it out.

Appinio Surveys withdrawal – How to withdraw on appinio app

There are two payments method on the app and each of the payment requires you to have minimum of 10,000 points, which is equivalent to $10. Once you have minimum of $10 on your balance, all you have to do is to click on coins at the bottom of the app.

Now, scroll down a little and select PayPal/Amazon from the voucher area. Click on convert points to €10 and the money will be sent to your PayPal account immediately. If you select PayPal. If you select Amazon voucher, you will receive your voucher in your email.

How to create PayPal account that can send and receive money in Nigeria

Appinio Surveys withdrawal

Appinio Surveys payment proof

Appinio referral

Appinio Also have a referral program that allows you make some points by referring others to the platform. When you refer someone to appinio surveys with your invitation link, you will get 50points immediately they signed up and up to 1500 when they reached level 14 on the app.

How to refer and earn points on appinio

To refer and earn more money on the app, all you have to do is to click on coins at the bottom of the app, scroll down on the coins page and you will see the invitation button, click on it, copy your referral link and use it to refer others to the app.

Conclusion: Appinio app offers individual with short surveys that will allows you to accumulate cool cash to your PayPal account. Having read this detailed guide on appinio surveys, you should be able to understand fully, how the app works and how to accumulate as much money as possible on the app with any form of stress.

Having any question? Drop it in the comments section of the post and you will get the appropriate response as soon as possible.



  1. For those of us that don’t have money for VPN subscription, what’s the one we can use?

    Can we use WindScribe?

    Though it’s not that strong

  2. Since yesterday, it’s has been saying “it appear you have an account already” which I don’t have. I tried again using new email still getting same result

  3. Boss trying to open the app but asking me to update, referring me to play store which is saying nit available for your country. what’s the way out please.?

  4. I’m currently at level 22 but I stopped receiving surveys for some days now, I still haven’t reached £10 yet . Also I’m using a Germany location VPN I hope it doesn’t matter?

    • I said USA or UK in the guide and you set the location to Germany?

      Anyways, the issue is a general issue at the moment and all you have to do is to wait and sometimes change your VPN.

      It will also be good if you can push your level futher.

    • Hello!!!
      Good day
      Since when I start the appinio I was not getting any surveys,and I have gone far at the levels am at level 20

      • It’s not possible that you will get to level 20 appinio without getting any survey

        If that eventually happens, then you have did something wrong. Create another account and follow instructions strictly this time around.

        • That’s what happen to all my survey platforms,some will say my account has been blocked,and am not getting any surveys,and I follow all your instructions step by step.i even use your survey demographic.

  5. Please I want to ask about appinio app
    Have downloaded and I’ve been using through VPN buh I can try it to operating the app without VPN or compulsory for me inorder to receive task to do on it

  6. As of today, we’ve been forced to update to 5.1.17. which doesn’t accept VPN’s. Do you have an idea on how to go round that blockade?

  7. Hello, sir how man days or week does it take the money to arrived at my PayPal
    I have issues on withdrawing
    I have reached minimum withdraw but i haven’t seen the money on my paypal

  8. Hello you said it’s immediately how come I haven’t seen mine
    It’s past 24hr 🤧 seriously I don’t know what to do
    I checked my PayPal and email several times
    What is ur suggestion

  9. Hello btech zone, i was using appino but now it says it’s outdated, please can you drop the updated appino apk.

  10. Try creating an account and after creating it, I was refer to upgrade the app. After upgrading it , it was saying it look like am using a VPN or proxy. Hw will I by pass this pls

  11. Please all my attempt to open a paypal account has failed even after following your guide online and watching YouTube videos please I need help creating a paypal account with the latest method since am in Nigeria

  12. I just downloaded the latest version of the Appinio app but the error message still pop up whenever I try to open the app.

  13. I’m having problem with zap surveys, despite using PIA VPN, it’s still not bring any survey to me


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