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Bitpapa Review – Is Bitpapa Legit Or Scam? See How To Get Free $5

Bitpapa review

Bitpapa review is an honest insight that will revealed to you, all you need to know about the bipapa app, how it works and how to make money trading P2P on the app

In our previous guide, I explained to you in details, how to get a whooping sum of $16 for free on Bitcastle with the detailed information on how to boost the reg bonus to up to $100 and beyond. Today, I have decided to show you all you need to know about bitpapa app.

Not only that, I will be providing you with detailed information on how to get a whooping sum of $5 for free on the app and withdraw the money to your local bank account regardless of wherever you are reading this guide from.

About bitpapa app

Bitpapa is a mobile application that provide the general public with basically P2P marketplace with crypto wallet, allows individuals to trade Bitcoin, Ethereum, USDT and other cryptocurrencies.

Bitpapa app allows you to create a multicurrency cryptowallet for secure transactions in Bitcoin, Ethereum, and USDT  And serve as a global P2P marketplace where people across the world can safely buy, sell, and transfer cryptocurrencies

Bitpapa app supports the whole range of features available with the Bitpapa.com web interface. You can receive, send, and store cryptocurrencies using a convenient and secure cryptowallet within your account, as well as trade securely with other people on Bitpapa P2P marketplace

About bitpapa

Features of bitpapa app

There are lots of features on the bitpapa app that makes it more appealing to the general public and in this section of my bitpapa review, I am going to provide you with the basic features of the bitpapa app And detailed overview on each features.


As the platform aims in fostering P2P operation, every trade on the platform is protected via Escrow. This implies that the coins for exchange are immediately locked in the seller’s account and not released until the trade has been successfully completed.

Search for offers and create offers

On Bitpapa you can search for offers placed by other users, as well as create and change your own offers. Just check the options you need and choose the selection criteria for the peers you want to trade with, and thousands of Bitpapa users will see your offer

Controllable crypto wallet

A handy cryptowallet enables you to manually set the Bitcoin network fee. Thanks to this, you won’t have to wait long hours when you need a fast confirmation

Zero fees

Bitpapa has eliminated trading commissions, and internal transfers between Bitpapa users are free as well. As a result, Bitpapa marketplace is the most profitable and secure cryptocurrency P2P exchange out there

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Availability of your preferred payment method

You can buy and sell cryptocurrencies with any payment method available, and there are hundreds of them on the marketplace. If you can’t find your favourite one in the list of payment methods, you can easily contact the bitpapa support team to get the method added for you.

Bitpapa registration – How to register for bitpapa account

To register for an account on the bitpapa app, all you have to do is to download and install the bitpapa app from the Google play store. Open the app and register with your email, set a password and click on the register button.

You will be asked if you have a referral during registration, click on it and use YjlhMjBkMm as your referral code. Click here to copy the code directly.

A verification link will be sent to your email, simply open your email and click on the link, you will be taken to your account and at this time, you have successfully verify your email.

You can Also click here to register on bitpapa.com

Onto the next step!

Bitpapa verification

Bitpapa verification – bitpapa phone number verification

The next step after the completion of the register is to add and verify your mobile phone number. In order to do this, all you have to do is to login to your account and click on the account button at the bottom left corner of the app.

You will see phone number, click on it and enter your Valid phone number, then choose call, a number will call you, simply take note of the last four digits of the number that called you, that’s your OTP.

For example, if the number that called you is 09737734321, then 4321 is your OTP. Kindly return to th page to enter the number and verify your phone number.

Bitpapa app verification – bitpapa Identity verification

Having complete the phone number verification on your bitpapa account, the next thing is to verify your identity. In order to do this, all you have to do is to login to your account and click on the account button at the bottom left corner of the app.

Select ID verification and submit the front and back image of your ID card. Plastic ID card is preferred, you can try other format if you don’t have plastic ID card.

Are you from Nigeria? See how to get plastic ID card without stress.

Bitpapa registration bonus – how to claim your registration on bitpapa

Claiming the registration bonus is very simple and if you followed all the instructions above, you should have gotten the bonus already.

In order to get the registration bonus of up to $5 on the app, all you have to do is to register an account, verify your phone number and as well as your ID card, which I have discussed in fully, in the previous part of this bitpapa review.

Immediately you’re able to complete the two verification, you will be rewarded with the specified bonus amount.

Bitpapa withdrawal – how to withdraw from bitpapa to my local bank

As contained in the previous part of this bitpapa review, the platform is a P2P platform and this implies that your withdrawal will also be via P2P.

Simply login to your account and click on sell, you will be given the registration bonus in Bitcoin, so select BTC as the asset you’re trading. Select your preferred payment method, currency and other requirement.

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Then sell, you will see if there’s any vendor online that his or her add fit with that of your offer. If non is online, you will have to check back later.

Bitpapa review

Incase you’re wondering if the platform is legit or not, then you have nothing to worry about as browsingtechzone research shows that the platform is legit and you can trade on the platform via P2P, so far you understand the platform and cool with the method with which it operates.

Things to take note.

1. The platform is a P2P trading platform.

2. The bonus gotten after registration can be withdrawn as at the moment of writing this bitpapa review.

3. You can only withdraw the bonus by selling it via P2P on the platform and allow the buyer to credit your local bank account.

4. The buyer might not be readily available when you need them, so if no offer is available when you intend to sell, you can always check back.

5. Finally, bitpapa reserves the right to modify or out a stop to the registration bonus completely with or without prior notification.

Bitpapa referral program

Bitpapa referral program

Wondering if bitpapa referral program exists? Yes! It exists but not as usual as you won’t get paid for referring sign ups. You will only get paid with a commission on your referral trading fee.

However, you should understand that this is not the amount they used to trade, but the amount they paid as charges on their trading and tho commission is small to the extent that you will still get 0.00 until your referral start trading significant amount of trading.

According to the bitpapa referral program rules, the referrers receive up to 50% of all fees collected by the platform for any executed trade.

If the trader is a referral who is not the owner of the offer, his referrer receives 30% of the referral payment. On the other hand, the referrer receives 20% of the referral payment if the trader placed the offer. If both traders are referrals, the payouts add up.

To get you bitpapa referral link, all you have to do is to login to you account and click on the account button at the bottom right corner of the app, select earn by referring others and follow the prompts.

Bitpapa registration bonus withdrawal

You’re unable to withdraw your registration bonus on bitpapa? If yes, then that’s because you’re missing some important part of our bitpapa review and in order to make sure that everyone are able to withdraw their bonus, we have released a detailed video guide on how to withdraw your registration bonus regardless of the amount you are having on your balance.

Simply watch the video below to see in realtime, how I am able to withdraw my bonus to my local bank account.


You will also learn how to withdraw to binance if binance is your preferred choice.

I register but didn’t get the bonus

Yes! I have gotten a lot of complaints from individuals that after which they have complete their registration, they are unable to get the bonus. However, bitpapa is still giving out the free bonus as at the moment of updating this guide.

If you didn’t get your bitpapa registration bonus after 24hrs that your phone number and ID verification has been approved. Kindly contact bitpapa support and tell them that you register and verify your account but didn’t get the registration bonus. You will receive your bonus as soon as possible.

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Latest Update on bitpapa

As at the moment of updating this bitpapa review, the $5 registration bonus for newly registered members has ended and I believed everyone should be aware of the new development as the platform sent a mail to everyone this morning, notifying them about the new changes.

But it’s not over yet as there is another opportunity to accumulate even more money on the platform this time around.

Yes! I called this second version opportunity and indeed, it is. The platform have lunch a Trading bot that allows you to trade your cryptocurrency on telegram and in this section, I am going to explain in details, how to get a whooping sum of 1,600 on the bitpapa bot and accumulate as much as possible.

Bitpapa bot

The bitpapa bot as contained above allowed you to trade cryptocurrency without stress and in order to let people be conversant with the bot, bitpapa have provide an opportunity to let you get some frequent rewards and allow you to get up to 1,700+ per account.

How to claim free 1700+ on bitpapa telegram bot

Simply Click here to access the bot directly. You must have an active telegram account in order to engage the bot.

Click on the start button and follow the prompts to choose country, language and currency. Once you’re able to complete all the reprocess, you will be assigned with a username. You can change the username or leave it like that.

Now onto the next step

Bitpapa telegram bot

Claim your 1,700+ bonus

Once you have start the bot successfully and get a username assigned to you, all you have to do is to join the bitpapa group. Click here to join their telegram channel.

That is the group where there bonus link will be dropped. It will be in form of link, once they drop the link, all you have to do is to click the link and claim your bonus.

Attention: No one knows when the link drops and once it drops, it’s limited to just 100 entry, this implies that once up to 100 individuals click on the link, no one will be able to use it again.

The essence of saying this is to let you know that you have to be checking the group frequently to know immediately the bonus link dropped. Bonus tips: Turn on notification for the group chat so that you get notified of all messages that dropped, even if you’re not currently on telegram screen.

How to accumulate up to N10,000 and more

All you have to do is to create multiple telegram account, if you have more than one account, start the bot on all accounts and claim the N1,700+ on all accounts as there link drops.

How to get the bot referral link

Wants to invite others to participate in the bot promo, simply click on your username and click on earn to get your referral code.

How to withdraw the bitpapa bot bonus

Once you get the bonus, all you have to do is to open the bot, click on market, select BTC a d then click on NGN. That’s if you choose NGN as currency. If you select other currency, then you will click on the same currency you choose during the registration.

Now select bank transfer and select a vendor, then select sell and input the amount you want to sell and drop your bank details once the vendor reply. Confirm that you have received the money before releasing the cryptocurrency.

The bot opportunity is Available to everyone!! Even if you have gotten a bonus during the web registration. The telegram bot bonus is available to everyone, provided that you have a telegram account.

Simply Click here to start the bot now!!


Having gone through this detailed bitpapa review, you should have fully understand how the bitpapa app works and especially, how to claim your registration bonus and withdraw it to your local bank account.



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