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XR Genesis Airdrop – How To Mine CLX Token Via Coinlive

XR genesis airdrop

Coinlive is a mobile app that allows to accumulate it’s native token via real-time Bitcoin Price Prediction Community and Chats and in this guide, I am going to be providing you with the detailed information on all you need to know about.

Undoubtedly, genesis airdrop is one of the potential airdrop today and in this guide, I am going to provide you with all you need to know on how to gather xr point, CLX token and most importantly, all tye steps you need to take to be part of the genesis airdrop riders.

About Genesis Airdrop

The $XR Genesis Airdrop event works on a metric known as ‘Genesis Points,’ which is calculated by totaling the user contributions within the Coinlive app, starting from the user’s initial sign-up date until March 31, 2024.

This implies that your target is to gather as much many genesis points as possible and you’re going to get the airdrop distribution in proportion to the amount of genesis points you’re able to gather while the Airdrop activities are still live.

How To Earn Genesis Points

As it have been stated in the previous part of this guide,  their are lots of activities on the platform you can engage with, in order to gather the so called Genesis Points.

You can earn Genesis Points through various activities on the platform and these activities are as follows:

how to earn genesis point

UpDown Real-time Bitcoin Price Prediction Game

This  is the basic activities you can engage on the platform in other to accumulate the genesis points. Every users will be eligible to the movement of Bitcoin and earn some points if their prediction ends up to be correct.

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You will predict whether the price of Bitcoin will go up or down based on the Binance USDT market in real-time.

How To Predict Mad Earn Points

Once you complete your registration on the Coinlive app, you will definitely see the option to predict the next movement of the Bitcoin, simply press the button for 3 seconds or double-tap to submit your position.

For example, if you think Bitcoin is going to increase in price in the next hours, all you have to do is to long click the up button or tap it twice and your prediction will be submitted immediately.

When you submit your prediction, you will receive 10XR points Immediately and if you won the prediction, you will receive additional 30 points. That’s how you will keep gathering points till the end of the event.

It doesn’t ends at that, you will be able to engage in discussions with other users in the Bitcoin channel and share perspectives, have  the opportunity to check the real-time UpDown ratio to see the submission of other users at a glance.

Referring Others

Yes! Referring others to participate in the airdrop is another great way to gather additional points in the genesis airdrop event. For every friend you invite, you will  be rewarded with up to 300 points and the more your referral, the more points you get.

However, you should know that you will only earn points when invited friends input your invite code, complete Telegram verification, and submit UpDown prediction.

Genesis up and down game

Coinlive Registration – How To Register On Genesis Airdrop

To register on the Airdrop, all you have to do is to click here to download the Coinlive app and Open the app to create an account.

Open the app and provide all the required information, in the space provided for referral code, AfnzrYda05 should appear automatically as your referral code, click on the confirm button and if it’s not their, apply the code manually and click on confirm.

Once you complete the registration, you will be prompt to complete telegram verification, click on the button to go to the Coinlive telegram bot, copy the special digit obtained from the bot and input if on the app to complete your registration.

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Once you complete the registration and follow all the prompts, you can now start with your prediction and start gathering points immediately.

Click here to register on Coinlive and start gathering points

Referral Code: AfnzrYda05

Click here to copy the referral code

Coinlive up and down

Other Features On Coinlive App

Below are the summary of some interesting features of the Coinlive app that will really be of help yo you in your journey of becoming a member of the genesis community and be amongst the first yo receive the XR airdrop.

Real-time Leaderboard

-The “Live Streak” leaderboard shows who’s excelling in UpDown in real time while the “Weekly Ranking” leaderboard ranks users strategically based on their accumulated points from UpDown wins and losses, from Monday 00:00(KST) to the following Monday midnight.

Rewards for Win Streak and Weekly Rewards

Every time you participate in UpDown, you can earn at least 1 CLX, and if you achieve a winning streak, you’ll receive a CLX random box. At the same time, users who rank in the top 1000 every week will receive a share of the 100,000 CLX prize pool.

At the same time, you can as well check the real-time submission ratio of top users. If you’re unsure whether to go Up or Down, follow the experts!

Real-time Chats

Coinlive provides you with a dedicated chat channel for Bitcoin (BTC) where you can discuss cryptocurrency prices worldwide and receive real-time price quotes, charts, and updates for each crypto in your favorite crypto channel.

Follow other users and stay connected!

If you want to connect with other users and stay updated on their UpDown positions, follow them and become friends. Engage in discussions with other users about UpDown perspectives.

The app gives you the opportunity to receive push notifications when followed users submit UpDown positions or start chatting. You can also check a user’s UpDown history and their favorite cryptos on their profile.

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XR genesis Early Bird Airdrop

XR genesis Early Bird Airdrop Ended! What Next?

Following the recent conclusion of the XR genesis Early Bird Airdrop, a lot of reactions has been generated and this is as a result of the new twist that the Airdrop has taken, which is contrary to what most of the participants were expecting.

However, there’s nothing wrong yet as the Airdrop is sticking with it’s own plan and Airdrop successfully. At this point, a snapshot have been taken for Early Bird Airdrop and this is known as phase 1.

This implies that the Airdrop has been sectionalized and it now have three phases. Having said that, you should know that the Airdrop gotten from each phases will not affect each other.

What To Do

Step 1: Check your final point from the early bird Airdrop(phase 1) and wait until the 14 of April when all the calculation must have been done, then you can claim your allocation.

How to check your Airdrop allocation

You should know that only Snapshot has been taken so far and this only gives you the opportunity to be eligible for the Main Airdrop, the points you’re seeing on your Airdrop page is neither a token nor the final Airdrop, but a point that will determine how much XR you will get upon the final calculation.

Simply refer to the image below for the detailed information on how to check your final points.

How to check Genesis Airdrop allocation

Verify Your Telegram

That’s another very important step, you must verify you telegram account on or before the 14th of April, however, you shouldn’t have issues if you register through the instructions in this guide as it includes how to verify your account upon the completion of your registration.

To get your telegram verified, simply login to your account, go to profile, select settings and click on the telegram option. When you visit your Airdrop page, make sure your telegram is showing verified.

Secure Your Spot In The Next Phase

Yes! It’s not over until it’s over, make sure you submit your up and down prediction more often, refer bas much as you can and buy as many XP as you can, depending on how many CLX you’re able to accumulate.


On XR genesis airdrop, participants will be rewarded with $XR tokens proportional to the share of the total Genesis Points pool, and the comprehensive airdrop quantity will be disclosed in a when it’s time. For now, get into work and accumulate as many genesis points as possible.

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