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Is Ice Mining Real Or Fake? See Everything You Need To Know About Ice.io

Is Ice Mining real or fake

I know a lot of questions will be popping in your mind whenever you come across ice mining and today, browsingtechzone The decided to help you with appropriate answers to everything that might be bothering you about the app.

In this guide, you’re going to find out is ice mining is real or fake and especially, what you stand to gain if you opt into the ice network to mint some of the token for yourself. Also, you going to find out in details, how you can mine as many ice as possible for free just in case you have interest in joining the community.

Just like thenotcoin mining, ice mining is another project in it’s early stage, yet to be lunched and allowed you to obtain as many of the native token as possible for free, depending on the effort you put into the mining.

About ice Network

The Ice Open Network (ION) is a revolutionary blockchain initiative designed to address the challenges of centralization and introduce solutions to the data privacy and ownership issues that are pervasive in today’s digital environment.

What Is Ice

Ice is the new global digital currency that is mined, owned, and operated by everyday users like yourself. With Ice, you have the opportunity to earn rewards for your participation, as well as to participate in the network and make decisions about its future direction.

Benefits Of The Ice Network

One of the key benefits of Ice network is its decentralization, which means that there is no central authority controlling it. This allows for a fairer and more transparent financial system. Additionally, because Ice is a cryptocurrency, it is secure and private, allowing you to control your own money without having to rely on intermediaries like banks.

With a decentralized autonomous organization, all decisions are made by the community rather than a central authority. This creates a more transparent and fair system, as everyone has an equal say in how the network is run.

With Ice, this means that users can vote on proposals, elect board members, and participate in other decision-making processes to help shape the future of the network. And since the network is maintained on a blockchain, the voting process is secure and tamper-proof, ensuring that the results are accurate and cannot be altered.

Features Of Ice Network

In this section of my ice mining review, I am going byo be providing you with the detailed information on every features of the ice network/app, this will enable you to know more better about the app and what you can gain from its usage. The basic features of the app are as follows;

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Crypto Wallet

In mainnet, Ice will come with its own crypto wallet, which will allow you to securely store, manage, and transfer your Ice coins. The wallet will be easy to use and will come with all the features you need to manage your coins, including the ability to send and receive coins, view your transaction history, and manage your address book.

Block Chain

Ice is based on TON blockchain, which is a decentralized and tamper-proof ledger of transactions. This means that all transactions are recorded in a public and transparent manner, and that they cannot be altered once they are confirmed. Additionally, because the blockchain is decentralized, there is no central authority controlling it, which ensures that the network is secure and transparent.

Future Of Finance

Ice represents the future of finance. With its decentralized and transparent architecture, it has the potential to revolutionize the way we do business, as well as to provide financial services to people who currently have limited access to them.

Building Micro -Communities

Ice allows you to build strong social micro-communities with other users. By mining and using Ice, you become a part of a social network of people who share a common goal of creating a fairer and more transparent financial system. Through the power of the people, Ice has the potential to create a brighter future for us all.

Ice.io sign up

Ice.io Sign Up

To register on the ice network and start mining, all you have to do is to click here to go to the ice app download page, click on the download button and download the app. Your referral code is adexbkw.

Once you download and install the app successfully, simply open the app and input your email, a 3 digit number will be displaying on your screen and at the same time and magic Link sent to your provided email. Simply take note of the displayed numbers.

Now open your email and click on the login button attached to the email from ice network. Enter the number you saw when you entered your email on the app and boom! Your registration will be verified and you can now login to your ice app to start mining.

Click here to start mining ice now!!!

Referral Code: adexbkw

Registering with a valid invitation from an existing member will allow you to have access to a sign up reward of up to 10 ice.

Connect Your BSC Address

Once you complete your registration, you will see where to bind your bsc Address, simply login to your Metamask or trust Wallet, copy your BNB wallet address amd submit.

App.ice.io login

The login process is automatic and once you complete all the steps in the ice.io sign up section, you will just have to open the app and have your account logged in already.

However, if by any chances the app logged you out, simply open the app and input your registered email. Them follow the prompts to access your account again.

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Ice Network Face Verification

Yes, there is need for a facial verification in the course of mining ice, but not to worry, the process is automatic and whenever it’s time to do your face verification, you will see a pop up notification promoting you to do so. Follow the prompts to complete the verification and that’s all.

How to mine ice

Ice mining – How To Mine Ice On Ice.io

When you complete your registration, you will see a task streak on your homepage, kindly complete all the tasks and click on the ice icon at the middle bottom of the app, click on the mining icon amd the mining process will start immediately.

You will have to be restarting the miner every 24hours, make sure you don’t miss any of the mining duration so that you can be able to mine as much ice as possible.

Ice.io referral

Mining with your friends is more better on the ice network and on this note, referring others to the platform is on of the great way to speed up your mining process. The more you refer, the more ice you will be able to mine on a daily basis.

Ice network referral

Is Ice Mining Real Or Fake

Mining Ice is free and all you need is an invitation from an existing trusted member of the network. And surely, you have been provided with a valid invitation code in the previous part of this ice.io review. This implies that you have nothing to loose for mining ice.

The Ice project has been imagined to bring back trust in digital assets and deliver a true sense of community for users who don’t have the financial resources to mine Bitcoin or are simply too late to enter the game.

Still need More information on how mining new digital coin works exactly? Then check out our detailed guide to new coin mining.

Ice Network Price

This is an upcoming project and yet to be lunched project, for a coin to have value or price, it must have been lunched already and in the case of ice network, it hasn’t reached that stage yet as at the moment of writing this Ice Mining review.

However, the fact that it’s yet to be lunched is the major reason why you can accumulate it for free now, once it has a price, you will have to pay the price to acquire every unit of it.

Ice Network Lunch Date

I know you will be eager to know the lunch date since it’s said that it’s until lunch before it can have a price, however, there lunch date is yet to be provided, but not to worry, you will be communicated whenever the project becomes a success and a lunch date is fixed.

Ice distribution

The ICE Token Lunch Is Finally Here

It’s no more a breaking news than Ice have been listed on OKX and some other exchanges, giving all the miners the opportunity to trade their token for USDT and withdraw the money to their bank account if desired.

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In the past few days, we notified all our followers on our telegram channel and WhatsApp as well about the plan of the ICE network to distribute it’s token for the eligible miners and get the token listed on OKX today being the 19th day of January, 2024.

Following the listing activities, a lot of reactions has been generated and in this my update on ICE listing, i will be answering all the commonly asked questions following the listing of the token.

How Can I Withdraw My ICE Token

If you read this guide carefully, there’s a part that talks about submitting your BSC wallet address on the platform and you will get your token sent to this Wallet address if you’re qualified for the distribution.

Withdrawing your mined tokens is not a manual action, it will be done automatically and you will receive your token in your wallet if qualified.

My OKx Wallet Is Not Verified

I have gotten a lot of complaints from different individuals about how their OKx account refused to be verified, how, you should know that there’s nothing wrong in leaving your trust wallet or Metamask BSC address binded to your ICe network account, the only reason you need to submit ice address from OKx is to avoid being charged for gass fee.

You’re good to go with your trust wallet BSC address if your OKx account refused to verify.

I submitted My BSC/OKx Ice address But Didn’t Receive Any Token

Yes! It happens to a lot of individuals and this is as a result of your inactivity or that factor that you’re not qualified for the distribution.

For you to get the distribution, you must be having nothing less than 2000 ice token on your balance and have completed your KYC. If you satisfied these two requirements and still didn’t get the distribution, then your miner is inactive when the snapshot of those who received the token was taken.

What Should I Do If I Did Not Get The Distribution

Continue Mining! Yes! That’s not the end, the recent distribution is just the first phase of the ice token distribution and more distribution events will be unveiled in the nearest future. All you have to do now is to continue mining to be sure you didn’t miss out on the next distribution.

Ice price chart
Ice price chart

Can I Hold My ICE Token

This is a question that’s really difficult to be answered, following the listing, a lot of individuals are not satisfied with the listing price and hence, they are considering holding the token so as to be able to sell when the price gets higher.

However, anyone that says you should hold is not telling you the truth and at the same time, anyone that says you should sell is equally a lier. You’re confused? I am too!

The crypto market is so much unpredictable and if I should take into account, the performance of some airdrops after listing, I will be advising you to sell. But then, ice network is a project with good liquidity and a potential Bullish coin on some scale. On this note, I will advise you to follow your mind. Or better still, sell some portion of the token and hold the rest and see how it goes.

Still have any question? Simply drop it in the comments section of this guide and I will be in the comments section to provide you with the appropriate response as soon as possible.


Having gone through this Ice network review, whether ice mining is real or fake is a question you should set aside and join other snowman in mining ice and hope for the best in the nearest feature. For now, anyone can only predict, but what exactly the future of the ice network hold remains an uncertainty for now.



    • It’s not manual process, so far you have submitted your BSC address or ice address from OKx, you will receive it automatically if qualified.

      Kindly update your app and click on the Small circle icon with ? In its center to check if you’re qualified to receive any amount.

      However, the distribution is in batches and if you don’t qualify now, you will in the future so far you don’t give up on it

  1. U said a minimum ice of 2000,do you mean the staked and unstaked together much be up to 2000?

    I used the contract address to generate ice BNB bep-20 in my trust wallet and I added it to my ice app, have I done the wrong thing or I should just drop my BSC wallet direct without generating the ice token

    • Ice bep20 address and BSC address are the same

      You talked about staking, staking is another thing entirely and you shouldn’t expect anything from your staked amount until the staking period expires

  2. What if I continue mining now, and I have reach the minimum requirements to be able to withdraw, We they distribute my ice for me manually?


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