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Greenpeace.top Review – How To Claim $50 Investment Bonus

Greenpeace.com review

Greenpeace is a platform said to be existing because this fragile earth deserves a voice and in this greenpeace.top review, our focus is going to be on how to claim a free $50 investment bonus, which the platform is offering all the newly registered users.

Yes! The platform is actually giving out a free investment bonus worth of $50 and upon tye completion of your registration and verification, you will be given the whooping sum of $50 for free, which can be used to invest and make returns that can be withdrawn to any wallet of your choice.

However, the withdrawal comes with few terms and conditions, but fortunately, these terms and conditions are flexible enough that you will be able to get to the minimum withdrawal Even without referral. Don’t worry, everything you need to know will be provided in this greenpeace.top review.

About greenpeace.top

Some people look at a forest, and all they see is lumber. But there are millions more who see a home, a heritage, a future. Around the globe, greenpeace us said to be standing up for its communities, and are holding governments and corporations accountable.

Greenpeace Vision

Greenpeace claims that it believes in optimism as a form of courage. Greenpeace believe that a billion acts of courage can spark a brighter tomorrow. To that end Greenpeace model courage, champion courage, share stories of courageous acts by its supporters and allies.

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Greenpeace invite people out of their comfort zones to take courageous action with greenpeace.top, individually in their daily lives, and in community with others who share its commitment to a better world.

The platform claims that a green and peaceful future is its quest. The heroes of Greenpeace story are all of us who believe that a better world is not only within reach, but being built today.

Greenpeace investment

How To Make Money On Greenpeace.top For Free

When you register on Greenpeace and verify your account, you will be given a whooping sum of $50 as your registration bonus and you can then invest with this bonus and make returns from it on a daily basis.

The platform works on a compounding interest method, Compound interest refers to the process where the initial investment amount, along with any previously earned interest, generates additional earnings. These earnings are reinvested or added back to the principal amount, resulting in exponential growth over time.

Example Of How Compounding Interest investment Works

Below shows a simplified example of how it works:

Initial Investment

Let use a thousand dollar investment as an example and assume that you invest $1,000 into a savings account or investment product.

Interest Calculation

The site offers a certain interest rate, which can be compounded annually, semi-annually, quarterly, monthly, or even daily, depending on the investment type and terms.

Compound Interest

Let’s say the interest rate is 5% compounded annually. At the end of the year, you’ll earn $50 in interest (5% of $1,000) for a total of $1,050.


Instead of taking the $50, you leave it in the account. Now, the next year’s interest will be calculated not just on your initial $1,000 but on the increased amount of $1,050.

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Continuous Cycle

As time goes on, the interest is earned not just on the principal amount but also on the previously earned interest, leading to exponential growth.

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How To Claim $50 Bonus On Greenpeace

To claim your registration bonus, all you have to do is to register on the platform and verify your account, upon the completion of your registration, you will receive the registration bonus automatically.

Greenpeace Registration

Simply click here to copy the Greenpeace referral code, you will need to apply it during the registration. Now click here to download Greenpeace app according to your device.

Once you download the app and install it, simply Open the app and complete your registration, you will be asked for referral code, simply apply the code you copied above.

Click here to download and register on Greenpeace

Click here to copy Greenpeace referral code

Greenpeace referral code: JHTKM8

Greenpeace KYC Verification

Greenpeace Verification – How To Verify Your Greenpeace Account

Once you complete your registration, the next thing is to verify your account and in order to get this done, all you have to do is to login to your account and click on the verification center button.

Select verification center and submit all the required information for your verification. However, you should take note that where front side of your ID card is required, you should submit a selfie of yourself holding the ID card.

You can refer to the image above for the detailed information on how to submit your Greenpeace KYC successfully.

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Claim your bonus and start investing

Once your verification is successful, you should go to the gift box area to redeem your bonus and start investing it. Refer to the picture here for more information on how to invest the $50 bonus.

When you receive the 50$ bonus, you will invest it for 5days and after tye 5days, $55 will return to your balance, check when the investment and profit returns and re-invest again.

If haven’t completed 5days keep checking, when it expires, invest it back with all ur balance, this is a compounding site, the more ur balance increases d more u earn.

Greenpeace Withdrawal

The minimum withdrawal on the platform is $50 and all you have to do is to invest your registration bonus and keep re-investing till you have $100 on your balance. Once your balance is up to $100, you will withdraw $50 and start investing with the $50 again.

Greenpeace.com Review

Greenpeace been a compounding site that allows you to make money for free makes it worthy of trying, after all, you have nothing to loose. As at the moment of writing this Greenpeace review, the platform is working smoothly for individuals that are able to scale through the verification process.

However, it takes little while before reaching the minimum withdrawal and the platform reserves the right to modify their terms and conditions pending the Time you will get to the minimum withdrawal.


Having gone through the Greenpeace.com review, you should have fully understand how how Greenpeace works, especially how to make money and withdraw for free.



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