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How To create And Manage A WhatsApp Group In 2024

How to create and manage a WhatsApp group

Creating a WhatsApp group is surely one of the things you should really try out as a WhatsApp user and in this detailed guide, I am going to provide you with the detailed information on how to create a WhatsApp group, how to manage a WhatsApp group and lots more.

Incase you already know how to create a WhatsApp group, you might be thinking it’s very easy to do but wait! There are lots of information you need to know about WhatsApp, which will gives you the detailed clue on what WhatsApp group is and what you can actually get out of it.

What is a WhatsApp group

A WhatsApp group is one of the numerous features of the WhatsApp messaging application, which allows multiple users to communicate with each other in a shared chat environment.

In a WhatsApp group, group members can exchange text messages, voice messages, images, videos, documents, and more within the group chat.

WhatsApp groups are commonly used for socializing, coordinating events, discussing topics of interest, or collaborating on projects with a group of people. Browsingtechzone.com will explain in details, how a group administrators can manage and control various aspects of the group, such as adding or removing members, changing group settings, and more.

How to create a WhatsApp group

How to create a WhatsApp group

Now that you have had the detailed information on what a WhatsApp group is, let’s proceed to see how to create a WhatsApp group. Though there are more amazing information about WhatsApp group to be revealed in this guide, I will want to assume you already have a WhatsApp group to help me explain other things better to you.

Steps to create a WhatsApp group

Simply open your WhatsApp and Go to Chats, you will have to click on the cheat option at the top of the app to be sure that you’re on the chat screen of WhatsApp.

Open the Menu

Now, check the upper-right corner of the Chats screen, you’ll find a button with three vertical dots (options menu). Click on it and tye option menu will come up

Select New Group

From the options menu, simply click on “New Group.” This will initiate the process of creating a new group and you can select the contact you want to add to the group.

Add Participants

WhatsApp will ask you to select participants for your group. You can choose from your contacts list by tapping on their names. You need to select at least one contact to create the group.

Customize the Group

Once you have successfully add few contacts to help you start the group, the next thing is to customize the group and this ranges from giving tye group the appropriate name to adding a proper image as the group profile picture.

Once you select the contacts you want to add, you will see a “Next” button, click on the button. You will be prompted to enter a group name and optionally choose a group profile picture. You can also set the group’s privacy settings to “Everyone,” “My Contacts,” or “My Contacts Except” to control who can join your group.

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Create the Group

Once you’ve customized the group, the next thing is to click on the “Create” button and boom! Your WhatsApp group will be created, and you will be the group administrator.

You can then start sending messages, media, and manage the group’s settings as the administrator. Other members will receive an invitation to join the group, and they can accept or decline it.

Remember that as the group admin, you have the authority to manage members, change group settings, and even remove participants if necessary.

How to manage a WhatsApp group

How to manage a WhatsApp group

Now that you have created your WhatsApp group successfully, the next thing is the group management. In this section of my detailed guide on how to create and manage a WhatsApp group, I will be providing you with tips to properly manage your group, so as to get the best out of it.

As a WhatsApp group admin, you have several tools and options to manage your WhatsApp group effectively. Below are the numerous features you have access to and what to do with each if the features.

Add or Remove Members

When you have new contacts that should be in your group, you have the opportunity and an admin to add the contact to the group and on the other hands, when any of the group members violates any of the group rules, you can remove them to keep the group safe.

To add new members as recommended by browsingtechzone.com, go to the group chat, click on the group name at the top or click on the three white dots at the top right corner of the group and select group information, then scroll down and click “Add participant.” To remove members, open the group chat, tap on the member’s name, and select “Remove (Name).”

Promote or Demote Admins

Adding multiple admins to your WhatsApp group will surely improve the group performance as you might not be active in the group at all time, in case you’re not active, the other admin will be active.

If you want to assign admin privileges to a group member, go to the group chat, tap the group name, then select “Group settings” then “Administrators.” Click “Add Admin” to choose a trusted member to promote.

To demote an admin, follow the same steps and tap “Remove as admin” next to the person’s name.

Change Group Information

You can update the group name or profile picture by going to the group chat, tapping the group name, and then selecting “Edit group info.”

With this option, you will have the opportunity to add a proper description that will give every new members the detailed overview of what the group is all about and what they can benefit from the group.

Manage Group Settings

Under “Group settings,” you can control who can send messages, edit group info, and add participants. You can choose between “All participants,” “Only admins,” or “Only admins can edit info.”

Mute Notifications

If the group is too active, you can mute notifications for a specific duration or customize notification settings by clicking on the group name then “Custom notifications.”

This will prevent you from the possible interruption from frequent notification from your WhatsApp group and allow you to concentrate on other activities on your WhatsApp while you manage the group whenever you’re chanced.

View Group Info

You might want to check your group information and scan through your group members for better understanding of what kinds of individuals are in your group, their name/nickname, phone number and etc.

To see a list of group members, their phone numbers, and any shared media or links, go to the group chat, tap the group name, then select “Group info.”

Restrict Permissions

As an admin, you can restrict certain actions for group members, such as sending messages, changing the group’s subject or icon, and more.

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This will surely help your maintain order in the group and prevent other members from altering things you have put in place in the group.

Remove or Restrict Problematic Members

If a member is causing issues, you can remove them from the group. As it has been stated in the previous part of this guide, there is no way every members of the group will cooperate with the admin.

There will always be individuals that will go against your rules by all means, all you have to do is to safe yourself from stress as these set if people are those that won’t even contribute to the development of the group. Kick them out immediately!

Manage Join Requests

If your group has “My Contacts” or “My Contacts Except” privacy settings, you can approve or decline join requests.

Also, in the new development, you can now set tye group privacy to ask before you join. In this case, when a member request to join the group, you will have to approve them before they can have access to the group and if you feel they shouldn’t be in the group, you can reject their request.

Backup and Restore Group Data

Regularly back up your chat data to ensure you don’t lose important messages or media. You can do this in WhatsApp settings > Chats > Chat backup.

By using these features wisely, you can effectively manage and maintain your WhatsApp group according to your preferences and the group’s purpose.

Number of people i can add to a WhatsApp group

WhatsApp group limit – How many people can I add to my WhatsApp group

As at the moment of creating this detailed guide on how to create and manage a WhatsApp group, you can add up to 1024 members to your group.

Initially, you can only add up to 256 participants, including yourself, to a WhatsApp group but however, the limit was increased to 500 and now 1024 in the latest update.

The 1024 participant limit includes both group members and group administrators. Keep in mind that as the group admin, you have control over adding and removing members, so you can manage the group composition within this limit.

If you need to accommodate more participants, you may consider creating multiple groups or using other group messaging platforms that support larger group sizes.

How to get people to join my WhatsApp group

Getting individuals if same target with you is the most important factors in WhatsApp group development and this can be achieved by following these strategies:

Invite Friends and Contacts

Start by inviting your friends, family, and acquaintances who you think would be interested in the group’s topic or purpose. Use WhatsApp’s built-in invite feature to send them a link to join.

Incase you don’t want your family members to be in the group for one reason or another, you can consider the other options in this listing.

Promote on Social Media

This is undoubtedly the most effective strategies to get people to join your WhatsApp group, go outside WhatsApp and share your group link with the benefits that your intended members will have when they joined the group.

Share your group link or QR code on your social media profiles, especially on platforms where your target audience is active.

About WhatsApp QR Code

WhatsApp provides a QR code for your group that people can scan to join. Share this QR code on flyers, websites, or in other promotional materials.

WhatsApp Qr code

Share on Relevant Forums and Websites

If your group is focused on a specific interest or topic, share the link in related online communities, forums, and websites where potential members might be looking for such groups.

Collaborate with Influencers

Depending on your vision, aims and especially what your group is all about. If you have what it takes, meet the people with established fan base for possible collaboration.

If possible, collaborate with social media influencers or individuals with a large following who are interested in your group’s topic. They can help promote your group to their followers after which you’ve satisfied their requirements.

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Offer Value

This strategy makes your group work for itself, when you offer value to your existing group members, they will be impressed to promote the group on your behalf.

Ensure that your group offers something of value to its members, whether it’s information, discussions, resources, or networking opportunities. People are more likely to join and stay in a group that benefits them.

Offer value and watch your group grow into a very big one!

Create Compelling Group Descriptions

This is a potential catch that reduces the rates at which people left after having go though your group description. Browsingtechzone knows surely that, when your group description is compelling enough, anyone that clicks your link will surely join.

Write a clear and engaging group description that explains the purpose and benefits of joining. Highlight what members can expect to gain from being part of the group.

Host Events or Contests

Organize events or contests within your group and promote them outside the group. This can pique people’s interest and encourage them to join.

You can task your existing members to share your groups to their various community and provide a promo offer that reward anyone that does the job well.

Engage Actively

Keep the group active by regularly posting relevant content, asking questions, and encouraging discussions. An active group is more attractive to potential members.

Leverage WhatsApp Business

If your group is for a business or organization, consider using WhatsApp Business features to promote it, such as automated messages and quick replies.

However, you should endavoure to respect privacy and permissions when inviting people to your WhatsApp group, and ensure that your group aligns with WhatsApp’s terms of service. Additionally, consider the size and activity level you want for your group, as larger groups may require more moderation and management.

Our detailed information on referral marketing is another piece that will help you in growing your WhatsApp group as fast as possible.

How to keep your WhatsApp group active

How can I keep my WhatsApp group active

Creating a WhatsApp group is not enough, keeping your WhatsApp group active and engaged is where the deal is as this requires effort and attention. However, browsingtechzone have prepared some strategies to help you maintain an active WhatsApp group:

Set Clear Group Goals

Ensure that the purpose and goals of the group are clear to all members. This helps members understand what kind of content and discussions are appropriate.

Regularly Share Relevant Content

Post interesting and relevant content related to the group’s topic or purpose. This could include news, articles, images, videos, or questions that spark discussions.

Plan and host regular events, discussions, or challenges within the group. This could be weekly themed discussions, quizzes, or contests.

Encourage Member Participation

Actively engage with group members by asking questions, seeking their opinions, or encouraging them to share their experiences and insights.

Ensure you promote open and respectful communication, so as to foster a friendly and respectful environment where members feel comfortable sharing their thoughts without fear of criticism or judgment.

Use Polls and Surveys

Use WhatsApp’s polling feature to gather opinions and preferences from group members. This can be a fun way to engage and make decisions as a group.

Moderate Effectively

Appoint reliable moderators if needed to ensure that the group remains on-topic and free from spam or inappropriate content. Make sure group rules are clear and enforce them consistently.

Share Useful Resources and Celebrate Milestones

Share useful resources, tips, or tools related to the group’s interest. Members appreciate value-added content.

At the same time, you should endavoure to acknowledge and celebrate group milestones, such as reaching a certain number of members or anniversaries. It can create a sense of community.

Stay Responsive

Be responsive as an admin. Address member concerns or suggestions promptly to show that you value their input.

Share a variety of content types, including text, images, videos, and voice messages to keep the group dynamic.

Encourage Member Invitations

Encourage existing members to invite friends or contacts who share an interest in the group’s topic. More members mean more potential for discussions.

Periodically review and update group rules and guidelines to ensure they are still relevant and effective.

Maintain a Positive Tone

Lead by example by maintaining a positive and constructive tone in your own messages. This can influence the group’s overall atmosphere. Occasionally remind members of the benefits of being part of the group and how it can help them.


When you create a WhatsApp group as suggested in this detailed guide on how to create and manage a WhatsApp group, you should remember that consistency is key in keeping a WhatsApp group active. Regularly engage with your members, be open to feedback, and adapt your strategies as needed to cater to the group’s evolving needs and interests.

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