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How To Cancel Auto Renewal On Glo Data Plans 2024

How to cancel auto renewal on glo

How to cancel auto renewal on Glo has become a very important topic to cover as a lot of individuals have found themselves in the auto renewal service and willing to quit the Service as soon as possible.

Today, I have decided to publish this detailed guide on how bro stop auto renewal on Glo Data plans and give you the ability to have total control on your Glo Data Subscriptions.

Whether you Opt into the service by yourself and you don’t want it anymore or you unknowingly activate the Service an looking for a way to get rid of it, worry no more. This guide is going to explain to you, all you need to know about the plan and how to deactivate it in just few Clicks.


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About Glo Auto Renewal

Glo auto renewal is a service attached to data Subscription, which renews your previous data subscriptions on its expiration. Glo has a lot of affordable data plans that you can Subscribe to and during your subscription process, you will be asked if you want to purchase the data as one off or with an auto renewal instructions.

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The auto renewal instructions will instruct the Glo system to renew your data plan for you automatically whenever it expires.

It’s pleasant in some cases but also in some cases, the Service could be annoying especially when the Airtime you preserved for other purposes is being used to renew your data plan for you when you’re not even ready to re-subscribe.

With the auto renewal feature, your data will be renewed for you whether you wanted to or not. For example, if you subscribed to a data plan that costs N1000 and the data will expire in the next 14 days, on the 14th day, Glo will deduct N1000 from your sim card airtime balance and refill the data for you automatically.

Why Should I Deactivate Auto Renewal On Glo

There are too many reasons why you should stop the Auto renewal on your Glo Data Plans and the believed that you already have one ore two reasons to put a stop to the service, which is the sole reason why you are here.

The most important thing is that when you cancel the auto renewal service, you will have full control over your data Subscriptions and you will be able to decide whether to re-subscribe to a data plan or not and above all, you will know the best time to subscribe.

How To Avoid Auto Renewal On Glo

After which you have deactivate the auto renewal service, not going back to it is on of the check that you must put in place and to make it easier for you, j will show you in brief, how to totally avoid Auto renewal on Glo.

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To Avoid the service, whenever you’re trying to subscribe to a data plan on Glo, always pay 100% attention to the on-screen command and towards the final steps of the data purchase, you will be asked if you want the data to be auto renewed upon expiration or you want one off purchase. Always choose one off purchase.

We all agree that the Auto-renewal of any data plan on your Glo SIM card could get annoying when the airtime you have scheduled for another purpose get deducted for a data plan that you can even slide.

By choosing one off purchase during any Subscription, Glo will not be able to renew your data for you automatically and you will be able to decide when to re-subscribe or even move to another data plan that is better than that of the previous.

How To Cancel Auto Renewal On Glo

There are multiple ways with which you can deactivate auto renewal on Glo and we will be providing you with the best two methods to cancel the auto renewal service on your Glo SIM card.

How To Disable Auto Renewal On Glo Vis SMS

This is considered to be the most convenient method to stop the Auto Renewal service on Glo. Simply follow the instructions below to cancel the service via SMS.

Open your phone SMS and create new SMS, type CANCEL and send it to 127. Once you send CANCEL to 127, the Auto renewal service will be deactivated immediately.

How To Stop Glo Auto Renewal Via Customer Care

You can as well cancel the service via phone call by contacting the Glo call center on your mobile phone.

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All you have to do is to dial 121 and follow the instructions provided to put a stop to the auto renewal Service.


Above is the two major methods that are active on how to cancel auto renewal on Glo and with the detailed explanation provided above, you should be able to deactivate any auto renewal Service on your Glo e card without any from of stress.




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