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NowNow App – How To Get Free N500/1GB Data Now Now

Nownow app is a mobile application just like other internet banking apps that you might have known in the past and it allows you to send, receive money, make internet subscription, TV payment and others.

Today, I am going to explain to you, all you need to know about Nownow app, how it works and especially, how to get free 500 naira welcome bonus that can be used to buy data worth of 1GB or 1.2GB depending on the duration you select during the purchase of the data

Nownow app has been operating for a considerable period of time and the recent register and get free 500 naira campaign makes me see it of worthy to share and in this guide, I am not only going to show you how to get the bonus, but also explain what the Pp entails and how to use it.

NowNow app sign up bonus

What is Nownow app

Now now app provides you with the modern way of Saying hello to your bank, it provides the New New Way to Bank and makes banking activities easier for everyone.

Features of Nownow app

The Nownow app has a lot of features that makes it attractive to it’s users and in this section, I am going to provide you with all the features on the app and brief information about each of the features.

Combining the features, Nownow app allows you to Pay Mobile & Data Bills, Send & Receive Money safely and easily in Nigeria

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• Recharge mobile (Airtime & Data) quickly and easily

With the now now app, you can easily recharge your Mobile phone anytime any day and get you phone balance topped up in no time!

Pay bills in seconds

The app provides you a medium to pay all your bills at the snap of your fingers, all you have to do is to make sure you have money available on the app, open it and proceed to the bill payment area of the app.

• Send or receive money without hassle:

Wants to make transfer? You can do that easily on the Nownow app and get your transfer delivered in a very short period of time.

• Request money from friends and relatives

Yeah! Just like the chipper cash app and others, you can request for Money from your family and friends and they will only have to approve the request, the requested amount will be credited to your nOw now app.

However, in other to be able to use this feature, the person you’re requesting the money from must also be a user on the app.

• Enjoy cashback and discount coupons on every transaction

This i another amazing feature of the Nownow app, with this feature you will get Cashback whenever you make transaction on the app instead of getting charged hadn’t been that you used your local bank account.

Other features of Nownow app

•The ability to Splitting payments with friends conveniently

• Opportunity to Pay with ease at merchant outlets (where NowNow is accepted)

• It is PCI-DSS Compliant: meaning your transactions are fully secured

• Get updated with free transaction notifications

Free 500 naira on Nownow app

NowNow App registration bonus

Ok! I am sure you have been anticipating to get to this part of the guide and see how to get your own bonus. The now now app I running a campaign offer as at the moment of writing this guide and this campaign will reward all the new registered members with a whooping sum of N500.

After getting the 500, you can then convert it to data or use it to buy Airtime.

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How to claim my Nownow sign up bonus

To claim your free N500 sign up bonus, simply click here to download the Nownow app from the Google play store. Install and open the app

Register with your money mobile phone number and an OTP will be sent to you, enter the OTP into the provided box and complete your registration by setting your transaction pin.

Immediately you complete the registration, you will get the notification that you have received a sign up bonus of 500 naira a shown above.

Not getting OTP? NowNow app OTP issue resolved

I have gotten a lot of complaints from different individuals about tye refusal of the app in sending the required OTP to complete their registration and this in turns stopped them from being able to claim their registration bonus.

But not to worry, browsingtechzone have found a solution to that and using this method, you will be able to get your OTP in no time and be able to complete your registration and claim your sign up bonus.

Solution to Nownow app not sending OTP

Immediately you request for the OTP and they’re not sending OTP, simply use call option instead of the SMS Option. You will receive the OTP via voice call.

You can also minimize/close the app and open it again for the OTP process to be skipped for you. However, the skipping method isn’t working for everyone and as the moment of updating this guide, the call method is the most effective.

How to redeem your reward on Nownow app

The reward provided by the app cannot be withdrawn to you bank account, but you can buy data or airtime with it.

How to buy data with nownow app

NowNow data purchased with bonus balance

How to buy data with your bonus on Nownow app

Login to your now now app account, check the top area of the app and click on buy data, input the phone number you want the data to be sent to. It can be any phone number or any network.

Select the network and choose your preferred data plan. The plan you will choose must cost nothing more than 500. On order to test run both, I choose 300 for 1G so I can use the remaining 200 naira to buy Airtime.

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On the next screen, select pay with bonus and clit on proceed, enter your transaction pin and you will receive the data immediately!

Check the pictures above for reference.

How to buy Airtime with your bonus on Nownow app

Login to your now now app account, check the top area of the app and click on buy Airtime, input the phone number you want the airtime to be sent to. It can be any phone number or any network.

Select the network and the amount of airtime you want to buy. The amount you will enter must not be more than you current bonus balance. In my own case I have used N300 to buy 1GB data above, right now, I am having 200 naira left.

So, I entered N200 a the amount of airtime I want to buy which is equal to the amount on my balance at that moment.

On the next screen, select pay with bonus and click on proceed, enter your transaction pin and you will receive the airtime immediately!

How to buy Airtime with

How to withdraw Nownow app bonus to local Bank account

Yes! Nownow app bonus can now be withdrawn directly to your Nigeria bank account and in this section, I am going to provide you with the detailed information on how to withdraw your bonus as cash to your Nigeria bank account.

Requirements for withdrawing now now app bonus directly to bank account

1. Two now now account. You can register another account with another sim card.

2. The bonus you intend to withdraw.

Now follow the instructions below

NowNow Cash withdrawal

1. Simply get the two account ready and login to the one with the bonus you want to transfer.

2. Transfer the 500 naira bonus to another phone number but not as airtime this Time around, you will see send money option at the bottom of the app , click on the send money.

3. Upon transferring the money, login to the phone number you transferred the money to and it will be credited as ur main balance not as a bonus balance this time around.

4. Now click on the withdraw to bank option, input ur bank details and withdraw!

Important notification!!!

Nownow app is back again and this Time, you will be rewarded with a registration bonus if N300 only upon the completion of your registration and KYC. Once you complete your registration, simply login to your account, click on the profile icon and complete your KYC to claim your sign up bonus of N300 (three hundred naira)

Good luck!!!

Conclusion: Having learn how the Nownow app works and how to use the app, you can now claim your free airtime or data and enjoy the offer while it lasts. However, you shouldn’t forget that this is a promotional offer and Nownow reserve the right to discontinue the campaign at any point in time.



  1. I tried the call option but it’s not working for me. I have waited till the count down reaches zero but I haven’t received any calls

  2. I have finally passed the sign up problem and now I’m facing another one I can’t buy airtime with my 500 bonus it’s not working and I don’t know why please help me

  3. I have claimed the bonus 3 days ago and just able to send it to another registered now now phone number but not reflecting


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