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Home Paying Websites Gemgala Review – Accumulate Up To $100 Completing Simple Tasks

Gemgala Review – Accumulate Up To $100 Completing Simple Tasks

Gemgala review

Gemgala Review is an honest review about gemgala that will reveal all you need to know about the app and especially, how to make money completing simple tasks on the app.

In our previous guide, we revealed to you how to make money on Mydailycash App just to login to the app on a daily basis and claim daily rewards with the help of top messanger. But recently, the app seems to take another dimension when a major bug was detected on the app, and this is so much harmful that browsingtechzone have to advise everyone to play smart with the app or better stay away completely from the app.

The decision above seems not to be well received by some individuals as they claimed that the app is fetching some token for them on a daily basis. Hence, we have decided to provide you with an alternative that will allow you make some money in a daily basis as that if Mydailycash App.

Today, I will be explaining to you in details, how to make money from gemgala app and how to withdraw to your local bank account or PayPal account if you have One.

How to make money on gemgala

About gemgala app

Gemgala app is a mobile app that allows you to Earn while playing different Games, Chat, Party, Ludo, Chatroom, Dice, Make Time Valuable an lot’s More. The app makes making money very fun and you have varieties of ways to make money using the app.

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Aside from making money with the app, you will be able to get ride of boredom whenever you feel boring. On gemgala, you will always find someone to chat and play games with.

As it has reflect in previous part of this gemgala review, the app is an online party game social platform that gathers like-minded players from all over the world, integrating multiple functions such as chat and games. Here, you can play games, make friends, eliminate boredom, and find the joy brought by game socialization!

Features of gemgala

In this section of gemgala, I will be providing you with different features that are present on the app with the detailed information about each of these features.

Gemgala has the following features:

Worldwide opportunity

The app is available for everyone regardless of which part of the world you’re from. Players all over the world are looking forward to your joining and you will as well have fun

Multiplayer voice party room with multiple games

Multiplayer voice party room with multiple games is a feature of the app that allows you to create a room anytime, anywhere. Up to 10 people can chat at the same time.

Gemgala supports many multiplayer and single games. You can switch games freely and play while chatting. Also, a variety of gifts to show your love for other players.

How to accumulate Free cash on gemgala

Colorful ways to make money

This is the main features of the app that makes you gather here at this moment to find out more about gemgala app. Even if you like all the features of the app, I am very sure that you will like this particular feature even more.

You can make money by watching videos, doing tasks, and playing games.

New user welfare! Let you get the first bucket of gold faster.

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You can Also Invite friends, let them help you make money together, will expansiate more on this in the later part of this guide.

Authentic and reliable platform with fast and convenient withdrawal way

Gemgala provide everyone with a real and reliable social platform to fully realize the earning potential of players.

You will be able to connect to Google Pay to ensure that every dollar you earn is quickly and securely sent to your account.

Register on gemgala and start making money now

Permission required by gemgala

Ok! In this section, we will take a look at what and what permission you needs to grant gemgala in order to make money on the platform.

Gemgala requests the following permissions:

Camera: Used for taking photos.

Microphone: To deliver sound .

Location: Find nearby players based on geographic location.

Photo Library: Store and read photos.

Notifications: Stay informed about friend requests, messages, and voice calls.

No sensitive permission is required and on this note, the app is free and can be used to it’s maximum capability.

Gemgala withdrawal

Gemgala registration – How to register on gemgala

In order to register on gemgala and start making money, all you have to do is to click here and you will be redirected to where to download the gemgala app.

Download, install and register on the app with your phone number and other required details. Upon completing your registration, you will be given a welcome bonus and you can then explore and make more money on the app.

Ways to make more money on gemgala

If you haven’t known fully, all the ways with which you can make more money on the app, then I will recommend you to go back to the part of this guide where the features of gemgala is being discussed.

All the way to make money on the app has been discussed in the section and all you have to do is to go through it carefully for better understanding.

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Gemgala withdrawal

Ok! You have fully understand how to make money on the app and it’s Time you know how to withdraw from gemgala. But that’s nothing to worry about as withdrawal on the app is very flexible and you can withdraw at anytime.

Minimum Withdrawal

The minimum withdrawal on the app is $1 which is equivalent to 10,000 gems. Don’t worry, the gems you earn on tasks are high. E.g 2000 gems per referral.

Withdrawal method

There are two withdrawal method on gemgala, and once you reach the minimum withdrawal, you can choose which of the method you want to use for withdrawal. These methods are:


& Withdrawal to local Bank

Withdrawal from arripay

How to withdraw from Gemgala

In order to withdraw from gemgala, you will need to create an arripay account. Simply click here to get an arripay account.

Upon creating and arripay account, login to your gemgala account, click on the wallet icon at the top of your dashboard and click on withdraw, you will be asked to login to arripay. Simply Login to arripay and your arripay account will be connected to gemgala.

You can them withdraw from gemgala to arripay account and from arripay account to your PayPal or local Bank account.

See how arripay works and how to withdraw from it

Gemgala referral

Amongst the different ways to make money on gemgala, referring others to the platform constitute one of the major to make money on the app.

You will get a whooping sum of 2000 gems for every individuals you invite to download the app and start using it. It doesn’t stop from that, you will also get recurring commission on other daily activities on the app.

That’s awesome right?

Gemgala referral code – how to get my gemgala referral link

Simply Login to your account and click on the refer and earn 2000 gem button. Copy your referral link and start referring.

Conclusion: This gemgala review has so far provide you with all you need to know about the gemgala app, all required of you right now is to download the app and explore it more for better understanding.



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