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Flip App Referral – How To Accumulate Up To $100 For Free On The Flip App

Flip app referral program

Flip app is a digital wallet that allows you to flip a coin, Send, buy, and sell Bitcoin, Dogecoin and Dingocoin. In this guide, I am going to provide you with all you need to know about the flip app referral program.

The only thing you need to start making use of flip is just the cell phone number to the person you want to send coins. It works anywhere in the world. The flip app is non-custodial and the app will generate a new private key only accessible to you.

• You can fund wallets from the Flip app using a credit card.

• Flip works with Bitcoin, Dogecoin and Dingocoin

• The Flip app is free of charge, only blockchain transfer fees will apply

• You can send coins to all cell phone numbers including phones without the app installed. In these cases, the receiver will be notified via SMS that you have sent them coins with a link to the app.

About Flip app

The Flip app was inspired by the Swedish and Norwegian instant money transfer apps called Swish and Vipps. These apps allow for free-of-charge, easy and instant transfer between phone numbers connected to a user’s bank accounts.

Since the launch in 2012 these apps changed the landscape of private-to-private money transfer and small payments in Norway and Sweden. The initial use case was a group of friends splitting the bill e.g., at a restaurant where one pays the restaurant and the rest swish or vipps the balance.

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Earlier, this either was settled with cash, or the restaurant split the payment into several credit card transactions. Soon, ideal organizations, flea markets etc. started using the new payment methods for products and services and in 2017 a proper business payments function was added.

However, still 60-70% of all transactions are between private individuals. Swish and Vipps effectively created a new market of private-to-private small money transfer. The Flip app is addressing this same market on an international scale using crypto coins.

How to accumulate up to$100 for free on flip

Flip app referral program

The flip app recently lunched a referral program, giving the general public the opportunity to accumulate as much mon as possible while the referral program is active. The referral program provides you with the opportunity to earn a whooping sum of $1 for every individuals you invite to the app successfully.

This implies that if you refer 10 users to the app, you’re going to be paid a whooping sum of $10. Now imagine inviting up to 100 users, that’s a whooping sum of $100 at your disposal without spending a dime.

How To Refer And Earn $1 Pee Referral On Flip

You have to create an account on the app and once you create thee account successfully, you will be redirected to your flip app dashboard. You will see the option for referral.

Simply click on the option, and click on share, share to your friends on WhatsApp and you will see your referral link. Copy the link and Share with Friends and family. For every successful referral, your flip account will be credited with dongcoin worth of $1.

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It’s as simple as that, the more you refer, the more you earn and there is no limit to the amount of flip referrals that you can accumulate. Wondering how to get referrals? Don’t worry our referral marketing guides have made that easier for you.

Flip referral linkFlip Registration

To register on the app, simply click here to download flip app. Once you download and install the app, open the app and enter your phone number, click on next and select the option to receive code via your WhatsApp.

An OTP will be sent to you on WhatsApp, copy the code and paste it on flip to continue with your registration. Once you apply the OTP successfully, you will be redirected to your account and you can copy your referral link and start referring immediately.

Flip app registration issues

Having issues with your registration on flip? Don’t Panick! The issue is general and as at the moment of writing this guide, there is no specific resolution to that than to keep Trying again till your registration is successful. However, below is three suggestions to scale through quickly.

1. Download a VPN: You can get vpnify or any other VPN from the Google play Store and connect it to any country and try again.

2. Change Phone Number and On VPN: You can as well try another phone number while you have your VPN Turned on this Time around.

3. Change Phone: If you have another phone at your reach during this period you can try signing up on the phone too to see if it will work without any form of stress.

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Flip App Withdrawal – How To Withdraw Your Bonus From Flip

Now that you have understand fully, how to accumulate free cash on flip app, the next important thing is to to get the money withdrawn and in this section of the flip referral guide, I am going to provide you with the detailed information on you to withdraw from flip to other Wallet or to your bank account.

There are two methods to facilitate your withdrawal from the flip app and these are:

Flip earnings withdrawal via bitmart

Make Use of Third Party app

Since your earnings are in dongcoin on the flip app, now you make use of an exchange where the dongcoin is listed and on this note, we have found bitmart for you.

Simply download bitmart from here and create an account on the app, login to your bitmart account and search for dongcoin, copy the address and send your dongcoin from flip to bitmart.

Once you receive the coin in your bitmart account, convert it to USDT and at this point, you can do whatever you like with your USDT. You can go to the p2p section of the app and convert it to naira to get paid directly to you bank account or send it to any wallet you knows how to use best.

See How Bitmart Works! Click Here To Register

Sell It To A Vendor

I have seen couple of individuals buying the coin, all you have to do in this case is to find someone that buys the Coin, send the coin to them and they will send cash to your bank account. It’s as simple as that.


With the detailed information revealed in this guide, you should have fully understand how the flip app referral program works and especially, how to accumulate up to $100 for free on the app. Don’t waste Time, start working now!




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