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How To Make Up To $100 Taking Tests On UserCrowd

usercrowd surveys

 How To Get Paid For Taking Short Tests On UserCrowd And Make Up To $100

how to become a tester and earn on usercrowd
How To Become A Tester And
Earn On UserCrowd


UserCrowd is an online platform where every individuals that registered and become a member, get paid for taking short test. This tests are usually a variable one and each test usually be of different dimension, depending on the needs of the test host.

If you didn’t forget, I recently published an article on how to make up to $100 every week taking surveys on eurekasurveys and which many individuals take its advantage and use it to get some bucks to their PayPal account on a daily/weekly weekly basis.

Some individuals are still making nothing less than $50 per week via the opportunity I outlined in the concluded line above, you can also click here to learn more about it as its still fresh and paying steadily till this present moment.

The opportunity I am about to unleashed in this article is also related to that of eurekasurveys and the difference between the two platform isn’t that far from each other. With this reason, it will be a very great deal and a helpful action for you, if you could firstly learn about the eurekasurveys as you are going to need the same experience while taking tests on UserCrowd.


As I have mentioned earlier that both UserCrowd and eurekasurveys have some things in common and as well have some things that ain’t common. Because of this, I will like to outlined what they have in common and the other way around, before I proceed with the steps on how to become a member and make money taking short tests.


Relationship Between UserCrowd and Eurekasurveys: The only relationship between the two aforementioned platform is the profiling and the question pattern.

You will need to fill your profile, so that they can send you the tests that fits you the best and also, if you have read our previous article on eurekasurveys, you shouldn’t have any problem completing tests on UserCrowd as well.


Difference Between UserCrowd and Eurekasurveys: There are quite lots of different between the two platforms, some of them are listed below;

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1. User crowd is a test platform where there is nothing like disqualification unlike Eurekasurveys where you have attempt multiple surveys before being qualified for some. Once you are invited to participate in a test, your will surely be able to complete it and earn your reward in turn.

Up To $4 Per Test


2. You can earn up to $4 per completed test unlike Eurekasurveys where the earnings per survey is always $0.22 to $0.2. On UserCrowd you can earn as high as $4 per test and as low as $0.2, depending on the length of the test.

3. You don’t need to always login to your UserCrowd account to know if test is available or not, you will always get notified via your registered email if there is new test.

4. You should always watch out for new tests, so that you can take action as soon as you get notified as you won’t be able to access the test again after few minutes. this implies that test do expire very fast and you must act fast as well, in order to participate in the test before it expires.

Tests Invitation From UserCrowd


5. You will also be able to turn on push notification, so that you can be prompt for the availability of tests, immediately they are available.

Now that you have get to know some details about the UserCrowd platform, I guess it’s the time to start with the requirements and the registration registration steps without further ado!

Requirements For UserCrowd Registration

1. A US number that can be used to receive an OTP. click here to create on if you didn’t have any.

2. A valid PayPal account. Click here for detailed information on how to create a valid PayPal account that can send and receive money in Nigeria.

3. A VPN.

• Download Gecko VPN here.

• Download Yoga VPN here.

• Download Go VPN here.

You can use any of the VPN above, just choose one and if you have anyone or know anyone before, you good to go with it.

4. Detailed on on how you can switch to desktop mode on your mobile phone. This is because some tests do required to be taken on PC and with this method, you will be able to switch to desktop mode on  your mobile phone whenever you come across such survey, Click here to see the detailed information on how this can be done.

4. Adequate attention to Read everything on this page carefully.

How To Register On UserCrowd

1. Turn on your VPN and connect to USA.
2. Click here to go to the UserCrowd registration page.
3. Enter your first name, email and set a password as instructed on the page.
4. You will be asked to enter your phone number, which is said to be an US number, enter it and wait for few seconds for the system to send your respective OTP to the provided US number. You can click here to get a US number for the verification.
5. Enter the OTP to the provided area to confirm your registration.
6. You will be asked to fill your profile to know the categories of tests that will be maid available to you;

Always use age of 35 and above.

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Your country Must be United States.

Relationship status should be married.

Profession should be IT

You should always use two children under the age of 18.

With all this, you shouldn’t have any problem being eligible for tests on UserCrowd.

Account Setting

How To Be Eligible To Participate In Tests After Registration

Now that you have complete your account registration, it is not over yet as you need to modify some settings, for you to be able to qualify and get notified for tests or else, you will just keep waiting till God knows.
Now follow the instructions below to configure your account appropriately;
1. Login to your account and click on settings at the top right corner of your dashboard as shown in the picture above.
2. Select availability and notification from the displayed option and will be redirected to your account notification menus.
3. You will be asked of how you want to be notified of new tests and two options will be made available for you as follow;
I. Push notifications:
Get alerts for new tests in your browser, even when UserCrowd is closed; Click on the toggle switch attached to this option to turn it ON.
II. Email notifications:
Get an email whenever a new test becomes available: Click on the toggle switch attached to this option to turn it ON.
Notification settings


4. Now move to the next option that asks of when you will like to be notified. Two options will also be made available for you in this section and they are as follow;
I. Time zone: Change it to (-04:00) Eastern Time (US & Canada) as shown in the picture above.
II. Availability: Tick all the days on the row as shown in the picture above.
5. Save the changes and boom! you are done.
Congratulations! You have successfully configured you account as supposed and henceforth, you will be notified whenever there is a test available for you.

How To Withdraw Your Earnings From UserCrowd

Withdrawing your earned cash from usercrowd is as simple withdrawing from other popular platform, just follow the instruction below and you are good to go.
1. Make sure you have minimum of $10 in your earning balance, you can accumulate more, but the minimum amount required to withdrawal is $10 as I have said.
2. Login to your dashboard and scroll down to locate the withdrawal button.
3. Click on the withdrawal button and you will be redirected to where you be asked for your email address.
4. Enter your PayPal email address and click on the submit button to submit your withdrawal request.
5. Wait patiently for your cash to be sent to your PayPal account enjoy!
Nate that the period of time that takes the withdrawal to be sent to your PayPal account cannot be predicted as it always varies, but your withdrawal will surely be sent, so far you didn’t have any problem with your account.

Other Things You Should Know As A Tester On UserCrowd

1. You should always watch out for availability of tests and take immediate action as soon as you get notified.
2. Do not attempt any test without connecting your VPN to US.
3. Be consistent with your answers during tests and always provide good and accurate answers.
4. You will see your account health rating on your dashboard and you shouldn’t allow it to drop below 95%  by sticking with the number 3 instruction above. The best health rating for your account is 100% but if anything should happen, it must not fall bellow 100%.
5. The amount you earn per tests do varies, depending on the test length or as the case may be.


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  1. I appreciate you for this valuable piece as always. However, I have been struggling with VPN downloading on my desktop computer. I have tried severally but to no avail. All I am getting are paid VPN which I cannot afford now.

    I even heard about the VPN Chrome Extension but don’t know how to activate it. Kindly help me in this regard so that I can start enjoying this opportunity as soon as possible.
    I pray that God will continue to compensate and increase you for these priceless information you share with us.

    Finally, I want to know how to join your channels for instant updates.

    Thank you

  2. Please my question here is that.when you say test is it desame with survey?
    Like we will be answering questions or is something else

  3. Hello boss good evening and thanks for all this update may God bless you,

    pls have tried getting the US number but ko work ,because I downloaded yoga vpn and this text plus isn’t connecting not to talk of giving me otp , please what can I do ,is there any other apps that can replace text plus,

  4. Sir I HV tried my best to create an account on user crowd, but all the numbers I used re already been used, I’m tiered of creating new email again & again

  5. I made my first withdrawal yesterday, got credited into the Lesotho PayPal account you said we should use but getting it out of there seems impossible. Any help?

  6. This is a great article! I have been taking tests on UserCrowd for a while now and it has been really helpful. I have made a few hundred dollars doing this.


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