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How To Limit Data Usage On Windows 10

 Complete Step By Step Guide On How To Limit Data Usage On Window 10 And save More Data

Windows 10 has been known for their much data consuming capability for a very long time, and has this fact has left most windows 10 users with no options than to avoid using internet on their respective devices. Though other PC’s with different version do consume too much data if the appropriate settings ain’t taken care of, but windows 10 seems to be the general overzeal in terms of the said data consumption.

I actually understand that this can be so tiring and frustrating, but it’s not over yet, what if I told you that the solution is just one click away?

Today, I have decided to pull out this guide and instruct you on what to do to limit your data usage and enjoy surfing the internet on your PC without getting pre-matured data consumption warning.

You might be thinking of if this article is strictly for window 10 users only, but guess what? All the settings to be revealed in this guide can as well be applicable to all PC’s if you feel they are consuming data above your own likens.

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Why Do Windows 10 Consume Too Much Data?

You might be wondering why windows 10 do consume data above others and this is as a result of the fact that all windows 10 PC’s are programmed to install and update some windows stores by default, if the access were left unrestricted and those app update do consume a huge volume of data which is one of the reasons why your data do finish in a very short period of time.

Another factor that constitute to the rate at which Windows 10 consume data is background running apps.

By default, Windows 10 do allow some apps to run in background even when you ain’t using the apps and theses apps are going to be running in background as if you are using them, consuming high amount of data with your PC’s battery at the same time.

How Do I Stop Windows 10 From Using So Much Data

Now that you have some clues to the fact that makes the so called window 10 to be consuming much more data as compared to the other OS, the next thing is to know the way out, which is how to limit data usage on Windows 10 or any other PC’s and this is the main aim of this article.

Without further ado, let’s discuss about the possible solution to the data usage problem.

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1. Turn ON Metered Connection:

One of the best and the most active methods to make your windows 10 consume less data is turn on the metered connection feature on your PC.

As I have stated in the reasons why your PC’s do consume much data, this settings will restrict the above stated data consuming activities and will let you use the internet with minimal data consumption rate.

Below is the complete step by step instruction on how to turn ON the metered connection on your PC’s

1. Lunch your PC window menu and select settings.

Network and Internet Option


2. Select Network and Internet Option as shown in the picture above.

3. You will be redirected to your PC connection status page, on this status page, you will be able to see the network that your PC is currently connected to.

Change Connection Properties


4. Click on the change network properties option as shown in the picture above.

5. Now, scroll down to the metered connection section as shown in the picture below, then toggle the switch ON.

Turn On Metered Connection


Boom! You have successfully activate the metered connection feature and you can now surf the internet on your PC without exercising fear.

2. Restrict Background Data:

As I have mentioned in the earlier section of this guide, one of the factors that enhance data consumption on Windows 10 is the default access to the background data while you are connected to the internet. To get get ride of this, just go to the settings and disable the access by following the instructions below;

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1. Lunch your PC window menu and select settings.

2. Select Network and Internet Option.

3. Check the left hand side of the screen and click on the data usage option.

4. Scroll down to locate data usage and change it to never.

Boom! You have successfully disable the background data access.

3. Turn Off The Background Running Apps:

This option will enable your PC to denial some app of sucking your data at the background while you use other apps. follow the instructions below to enforce this;

1. Lunch your PC window menu and select settings.

2. Select privacy and scroll down to click on background apps.

3. You will see an option labeled with, let apps run in the background, toggle it off to disable background apps.

4. You can also choose to allow some apps that are of candid use to you by granting them the access individually.

4. Set Data Usage Limit;

This is a preventive means to curb excessive use of data and will give you the opportunity to let your data subscription lasts for a specific period of time.

This isn’t actually a way reduce data consumption, but a great way to control your data usage, in the view of this, I have prepared a detailed article that fully explained how this can be done and it’s usefulness. Click here to read the full article now!

That’s all you need to know on how to limit data usage on Windows 10, read carefully, follow instructions and enjoy!


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