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Why Everyone Wants An iPhone – See The Reasons Why People Prefer iPhone To Android

Why everyone wants an iPhone

Incase you have discovered that everyone just want to get an iPhone an can’t figure out the Main reason why they have concluded at their preferred choice, I also think about it and that’s the reason why I will be walking you through the possible reasons why everyone wants an iphone and if the reasons Worth.

While gathering the detailed information for This guide on why everyone want an iPhone, I have studied a lot of individuals that are using iphone and those that intend to get it as soon as possible and I can categorically said that a lot of people are choosing an iphone over android for a wrong reason.

You might be wondering what these reasons might be and why I said it’s wrong, worry no more, keep reading this detailed insight on why everyone choose iphone over android.

Why Does Everyone Want An iPhone?

This is a great question and the Main one I intend to answer in this detailed guide. However, you should know that there are lots of reasons why people chooses an iphone/iOS over android.

While a lot of individuals have chosen it for the right reasons, a lot of individuals crosses it based on the fact that they have previewed android phones wrongly and this is the main reason that prompt me to write reasons why android is better than iphone.

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Both the iphone and Android are good phones and you should choose your preferred type of phone based on what you do and what you will be using the phone for and not what the most people are choosing.

Why are people obsessed over iPhones and iOS

There are lots of genuine reasons why people should be obsessed with iphone, but right now, people have abandoned the right reasons and picked the wrong ones.

Iphone camera

Iphone have good camera

Yes! The phone have a very good camera but why will you prefer a phone over an other because if just camera?

This is obviously stating that iPhone have a lot of features that can’t be overlook but that’s a discussion for another day.

Fast operating speed

You wouldn’t like to be operating you device and it starts hanging All of a sudden, this is one of the edges that the iphone have successfully kept over android for period of time now. But I can categorically tell you that if iphone is subjected to more work than it can handle, it wit also malfunction.

So as if you have a good android device with correct rating to what you are using it for, you will also enjoy it. However, if we should talk about speed, I think I will go for iphone here.

Glitch free operation

As I have outlined it above, you can always use your iphone to carry out tasks without the fair of hanging (one of the issues common to most android device).

However, the rate at which your android hangs while operating it depends on the type, version and model of android you’re using, so as the rate at which your iphone works smoothly depends on the model, capabilities and version you’re using.

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This implies that the above point is not even enough reasons why you should choose iphone over android unless you take other factors into consideration too

Good design

Iphone have good designs that are user friendly and on this note, a lot of individuals choose it because they love it appearance and indeed, I also love it as I will always check out the physical appearance of any device before going ahead to explore it’s specifications.

No one will want to hold a device that is. It appealing to them, you will always want people knows that you owns the best of devices.

You might be asking what’s the exact reason why everyone want an iPhone that I have perceived as the wrong reason? Keep reading, as I am going to revealed the main reason why I have said so.

Why you should choose iphone

Why everyone wants an iphone for the wrong reason

In this section, I am going to provide you with the reasons I have so far observed that implies that people are choosing iOS for unnecessary reasons.

Okay, I said a lot of individuals loves iphone for wrong reason and yes! I said it. But this doesn’t implies that everyone using and iphone makes the wrong choice.

But, I am saying you should choose iphone for the right reasons for which it ought to be chosen and not for a reason you personally cannot explain.

Having watch closely and obsessed appropriately, the reasons why most people chooses an iphone, I obsessed that most of the people who bought iPhone seems not to care for anything else about there phone except to:

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Make and Receive Calls.

Take Pictures.

Most Importantly : Capture a picture of yours standing front of a mirror showing the Apple logo, lol.

If you fall among this category, then you’re wrong as there are more genuine reasons why you should love iphone and not the stated ones above.

If it’s about taking pictures, making calls and receiving calls, then there are lots of android phones that does it better.

See the 15 main reasons why iphone/iOS is better than Android

See the 15 outstanding reasons why Android is better than iphone.


It’s obvious that this guide is outlining the the reasons Why you should choose iphone over android and as well as the perceived reason what everyone want an an, thereby stating the reasons why you should like it.

However, you should note that it post is neither in support of iphone or iOS nor it is in support of android. If you want to see where I support either iphone or Android, then, you should considered checking out the articles I suggested above.

Hence I don’t see any reason, why you should buy iphone just to flaunt that that you own something out of the world or pay double for what you can get on Andro and pay less. Choose iphone because you have ghats the correct reasons.

Iphone speed



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