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Fluterwave Partners With PayPal To Allow African Merchants, Freelancer And Others Receive Payment With PayPal

Fluterwave has partnered with PayPal to allow customers from all over the world pay African Merchants through the fluterwave platform.

Fluterwave is a leading payment gateway company, which allows it’s users to accept payment from their customers in different parts of the world.

And you should also know that PayPal is one of the best way to receive money from all over the world but due to one misconduct or the other, PayPal has totally ban Nigerians from accessing it’s services.

However, the atmosphere seems condussive for Nigeria based merchants as fluterwave announced the integration of it’s company with PayPal in a bid to allow payment with PayPal in  all African countries.

This clearly shows that small businesses owners and free Lancers who uses fluterwave in African countries will be able to receive payment from their customers via PayPal and Nigeria is not excluded in this new development.

In a statement released by the CEO of the fluterwave company, olugbenga Agboola said, “The partnership will reinforce the Nigeria companies vision of creating a seamless digital payment system for African’s business communities that can now transact with international consumers.”

He proceeded in his statement,

“By working with PayPal, we can futher strengthen our commitment to our customers and service users as we will be enabling them to transact and expand their business operations to reach new markets. PayPal’s global reach is unrivalled and collaborating with them allows our customers to explore new markets where PayPal is embedded”

However this doesn’t implies that all Nigerians can now send and receive money with PayPal as this development is meant for small business owners only. But that shouldn’t be of any problem, you can click here to read our complete guide on how to open a valid PayPal account in Nigeria.

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Are you a freelancer or small business owner? Then kindly follow the instructions below to start enjoying the new development from the desk of fluterwave in partnership with PayPal.

How To Activate Pay With PayPal On Fluterwave

  • Kindly visit the official website of fluterwave and create an account, if you’re have an account with them before, then proceed to the next step.
  • Go to account settings.
  • Enable the dashboard payment options.
  • Select PayPal from the list of the options that are available and boom! You are done.

Now that you have make the changes, PayPal will be listed as an option to get paid bon your check out, allowing customers to check out using the PayPal option.

Let us know what you think about this guide and if it solved your problem or not. All the possible questions are welcomed in the comments section of this post.

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  1. I have set up account with flutter wave, I enabled dashboard option, THERE IS NO PAYPAL AMONG THE OPTIONS, O SOMETHING CLOSE TO PAYPAL IS PAATTITUDE. Please help me out, Thanks


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