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Mybambu App – How To Claim $10 Sign Up Bonus And $15 Per Referral

mybambu app

MyBambu app is a banking app that gives it’s new customers the opportunity to get a $10 cash bonus and as well as the opportunity to get $15 per referral. For every individuals that register on the app with the use of your referral link, you will be rewarded with a whooping sum of $15.

In our president guide, I revealed to you, the detailed information on how brandclub referral works and how to accumulate up to $1000 without spending a dime. Today, I have decided to drop a detailed information on how mybambu referral works and how to accumulate $15 for every individuals you referred to the app, with this opportunity, you will be able to accumulate up to $3000 or even More within a very short period of time.

What is mybambu App

Bambu is a mobile application that offers an array of financial solutions to provide convenient, reliable and affordable services to everyone, regardless of their immigration status-No SSN needed.

Mybambu app services include, international money transfers, domestic and international bill payment, domestic and international phone top-up, peer to peer transfers, a Bambu VISA card, remote check capture and add cash to your Bambu account at retail stores.

mybambu app features[

Features of mybambu App

Mybambu app as a mobile banking app have a lot of amazing features in it and the sign up bonus and the referral bonus is just a bonus that the firm decide to dashed out to it’s customers and to compensate individuals that refer others to download and install the app.

In this section, I will provide you with the detailed information on each features of the app, what you can get from each features a and how to access the features. This will give you a better understanding on how the app works and how you can make proper use of it.

Bank Account

The app provide each of it’s user’s with a unique bank account which will give you the opportunity to Carry out a lot of basic banking transactions with the use of the app, no monthly fees, no credit check, no overdraft fees. No need to go anywhere to get your paycheck, use bambu direct deposit feature.

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Bambu offers mobile check deposit instantly and conveniently from anywhere in the U.S. You can also link an external bank account to transfer funds without any hassle. Your funds are safe and insured by the FDIC.

Cross-Border International Money Transfers

Bambu users can send money instantly to family and friends at over 40,000 cash-out locations in Latin America. This will give you the access to a stress free means of sending money to your loved ones in different countries. It’s one of the amazing features of the app and makes a lot of people love the app and implement it for their daily banking activities.

Bill payment

The ability to process bill payment on the mybambu App is one of the features that the app exhibit, with Bambu, you have access to over 8,000 bill payment providers in the U.S and Latin America

Phone Top-Up

Bambu offers convenient top-up services for all major carriers in the U.S and Latin America. All you need to do is to download and install the app on your mobile phone, register for an account, verify your account and gain free access to all the aforementioned features.

Send and Request Money (P2P)

Bambu users can send money to or request money from other users for free instantly. When you have a valid bambu account, you will be able to send money to other Bambu app users as well as having the opportunity to request money from any mybambu App user.

Bambu Visa Card

The app provide it’s user’s with a valid visa card and the card is all yours immediately you create a Bambu account, activate it and apply for the card, you can take the card with you anywhere you go.

another amazing thing is that Bambu offers a physical or virtual card and both of the physical and the virtual card can be used for transactions anywhere VISA is accepted.

Add Cash

With Bambu you have access to over 120,000 cash in retail stores in the U.S. Find the closest one to you within the Bambu app!

mybambu Referral

How to claim mybambu sign up bonus

Mybambu sign up bonus is available for individuals that reside in the countries where the mybambu App is available. Only members that are new to the app will be eligible for the bonus and the bonus can only be claimed Once.

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As a new registered member on mybambu App, you will receive the $10 sign up bonus immediately you complete your registration and you will have access to the money with mybambu visa debit card.

Mybambu referral – How to claim $15 per referral

In a bid to promote the app and make it get to the hearing of lots of people, the app has introduced a referral offer that allows you to get a whooping sum of $15 for free, anytime someone registered on the app via your invitation link.

If you refer a friend to MyBambu and that person successfully opens an account, you’ll get a $15 bonus credit. Each of your referrals will enjoy a $10 welcome bonus. It only take approximately 24 hours for your referral reward to reflect in your MyBambu account and might take less time in some cases.

mybambu app Registration

Mybambu app registration

To register on mybambu App, all you have to do is to scroll down to the download section of this guide, download and install the app.

Open the app and click on the create account  button and you will be redirected to the registration page, enter your name and your valid email address, then continue to verify your identity in order to complete your registration.

Requirements for mybambu account identity verification

In order to verify your identify, you will be asked to provide your personal information, and then take a picture of the front, back of your ID, and take a selfie.

Mybambu accept both local and foreign forms of government issued IDs. For example:

  • Passports
  • Driver License
  • Identification Card

During the verification, make sure the picture clearly shows the ID. It cannot be BLURRY, CUTOFF, or show GLARE.

Countries that are eligible for mybambu registration

Below is the complete list of the countries that are eligible to register on the Bambu app:

United States, Argentina, Aruba, Bahamas, Barbados, Bermuda, Bolivia, Plurinational State of Brazil, Canada, Chile, Colombia, Costa Rica Curaçao, Dominica, Dominican Republic, Ecuador, El Salvador, Guatemala, Haiti, Honduras, Italy, Jamaica, Mexico, Nicaragua, Panama Paraguay, Peru, cPuerto Rico, Saint Kitts and Nevis, Saint Lucia, Spain, Trinidad and Tobago, Turks and Caicos Islands, Uruguay, Venezuela, Bolivarian Republic of Virgin Islands, British, Virgin Islands.

Mybambu APK

Having gone through the detailed information on how the Bambu app works and detailed explanation on all you need to know about it, the next line of action is to get the app installed on your mobile phone for further exploration and in this section, I am going to provide you with the direct link to download the mybambu APK.

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Name                                      Mybambu APK

Size                                         110MB

Version                                     Latest Version

Service                                     Banking

Download mybambu APK

Mybambu app download for Android

In this section, I am going to provide you with the direct link to download the app from Google play store. This will increase the flexibility in the process of getting the app installed on your mobile phone.

Name                                             Mybambu App

Size                                                110MB

Version                                           Latest Version

Service                                           Banking

Download mybambu App from play store

Mybambu App download for iPhone

If you’re an iphone user, there is a mybambu app iOS version and in this section, I will provide you with the direct link to download the app from the iOS store.

This implies that everyone is eligible to access the Bambu app services, unless you’re not from the countries where mybambu App is operating.

Name                                              Mybambu for iOS

Version                                            Latest Version

Service                                            Banking

Download mybambu App from iOS store

mybambu review

Conclusion: Mybambu is a Banking app that makes banking easier for individuals with a lot of amazing features in one app. The mybambu referral gives you the opportunity to earn $15 per referral without spending a dime and Also give you a sign up bonus of $10. With the detailed information provided in this guide, I am sure that you have fully understand how the app works and how to access it’s product and services.


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