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Swychr Review – How To Accumulate $15 For Free

Swychr review

Swychr is a multipurpose smart wallet that allows you to access as many features as possible in one place and in this swychr Review, I am going to provide you with everything you need to know about the app.

Especially, how to accumulate free $15 and even up to $100. All you have to do is to relax and follow me through this detailed guide carefully as I revealed everything you need to know about swychr.

About swychr

Sweychr is a new multipurpose app that aim at providing you with the cheapest, fastest and convenient way to transfer and/or exchange digital assets.

With Swychr, you can securely buy, store and/or exchange Purple Coins and other digital assets including crypto currencies on swychr easy and user-friendly mobile app. Purple coin is Swychr’s official coin (token) backed by our its market cap.

What you can do within Swychr

There are lots of things you can actually do on the app and in this section of my swychr Review, I am going to provide you with the basic features of the app and especially, the detailed information about each features.

Seamlessly Buy Purple Coins And Other Digital Assets

With Swychr you can purchase and hold Purple Coins and other digital assets as maybe added from time to time in a few steps. Swychr makes the entire process simple and fast.

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You can pay for your purchases using all major credit and debit cards, bank account or mobile money accounts depending on which payment method is available on the app where you live.

Asset Supported By Swychr

At the moment swychr only support PURPLE COINS which is issued and backed by Swychr’s market cap. However, the app aim to support other digital assets in the near future.


Swychr and purple coins are only available in selected countries as opposed to being available globally. However, they are working hard to make both Swychr and their official coin accessible to and by more users around the globe.

Convenient shopping

The app allows you to shop from the available partners on the app and make payments in pUSD, this gives you the opportunity to complete your shopping activities at the convenient of your home.

However, the location at which feature is Available is limited and not yet available in all countries that have access to the usage of the swychr app.

Swychr referral

Refer And Earn

This is where the idea of accumulating free money comes on the platform. There’s a referral program on the platform that provides you with the opportunity to earn a whooping sum of $0.25 per referral and as well as up to 1% commission on Whatever transaction your referral complete on the app.

Don’t worry, I am going to provide you with the detailed information on how to accumulate the acclaimed free $15 and even up to $100 for free, depending on how serious you take it.

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Swychr Registration

Simply click here to download swychr app from Google play store and use adexbkw as your referral code during the registration.

Now that you have complete your registratered, the next thing is to verify your account.

Swychr verification

Swychr account verification

Once you complete you registration, simply click on the settings icon and select get verified at the top right corner of the app.

Simply follow tye prompts to upload your ID card, you can make use if any Valid means of identification. Preferably plastic digital NIN.

Simply upload the front and back if the ID card and you will be taken to selfie page, take a selfie of yourself and finally submit your verification.

Once you’re verified, you will receive an email Informing you about the successful verification, simply log out of your account and login again.

Boom! You’re fully verified and it’s time to accumulate free cash.

Download swychr app

Referral code: adexbkw

Click here to copy the referral code directly

How to accumulate free $15 on swychr and up to $100

Swychr referral program – How to accumulate free $15

The swychr referral program is the major way to accumulate the free Cash on the app and for every successfully referral, you will be credited with $0.25 pUSD coin.

The more your refer, the more pUSD you will get and once you accumulate up to $15 pUSD, you will be able to withdraw.

The amazing part is that there are multiple ways to with from the platform, this will be fully discussed in the withdrawal section.

Wondering how to get referrals? Worry no more! We have provide you with the detailed information on how to get referrals to Referral program of any kind, simply check it out.

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Swychr Withdrawal

As it has been stated in the previous part of this swychr Review, the withdrawal on the platform is very simple and all you have to do is to click on the withdrawal option from your dashboard as shown in the image above.

Swychr minimum withdrawal

The minimum withdrawal on swychr is $15 pUSD, which is equivalent to $15 or 15 USDT, depending on your method of withdrawal.

Swychr withdrawal - how to withdraw from swychr

How to place withdrawal on swychr

Once you accumulate up to the minimum withdrawal on the app, all you have to do is to click on the withdrawal option.

You will be taken to the withdrawal page, simply click on add new beneficiary and on the next page, select all the required details.

Choose the method of withdrawal, you can withdraw directly to you local bank, to your cryptocurrency wallet via USDT and other Available option.

Once you add the beneficiary successfully, go back to homepage and click on withdraw again, select the beneficiary you Added previously and follow the prompts to complete you withdrawal.

Transferring balance to fiat

This is another aspect of the swychr withdrawal that you should be careful with, do not transfer your earnings to fiat before you apply For withdrawal.

However, if your method of withdrawal required that you transfer your balance to fiat, you can then go ahead and transfer it.


With the detailed information revealed in this swychr Review, you should have fully understands how swychr works and especially, how to accumulate free cash on the app and get the money withdrawn to your local bank account or any cryptocurrency wallet of you Choice.




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