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Beebike.tv Review – Is Bee bike Investment Platform Legit Or Scam

Beebike.tv review

Beebike is a Ponzi scheme investment platform that appears to be trending since the 16th of august, 2023 and in this beebike.tv review, I am going to provide you with everything you need to know about the platform.

The bee bike tv platform comes to existence shortly after schroders.fun crashed and it have so far generate a lot of reaction and a lot of individuals really want to know if the platform is legit or just another scam.

However, you should worry no more as this Beebike review is going to provide you with the detailed analysis of the platform and especially if it’s legit or just another scam

About Beebike tv

Bee Bike claims to be a professional local tourism and life service platform in Nigeria. Committed to the dividends of digital technology applications, providing people with more convenient and better travel services.

But as far as we’re concerned, the platform is nothing but a Ponzi scheme investment platform and as usual, they will always have something to put up to make the platform attractive. Most of these are default text that comes with the theme/frame installed by such platform.

There are different plans on the platform and the higher your investment package, the higher your daily income and the higher you monthly income (only if the platform last up to a month).

Beebike investment plans

How Beebike works

There are two major ways to make money on the platform and these includes: Earnings from investment and referral earnings.

There are different investment plans on the platform and the higher your plan, the higher your daily income. Another way to make money on the platform is getting commission from your referral. The stronger your team, the higher your daily earnings.

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Beebike investment plans

In this section of my bee bike review, I am going to provide you with the detailed information about each plans contains on the platform and how much you make from each plans.

LV.0 Bee bike rental (experience)

This is the experience plan on the platform and you don’t have to spent a dime to be able to purchase the plan, immediately you complete your registration on the platform, you will be able to activate the plan and earn without investment.

Hourly income ₦ 2.08

Effective 180 Days

Price ₦ 1000

You can Also be claiming login bonus on a daily basis and maybe you can be able to withdraw for free after few weeks, though I doubt if you will get to the minimum withdrawal before the platform stops paying, but regardless, you might want to check it out.

Click here to claim your Beebike tv ₦1000 bonus

LV.1 Bee bike rental

Hourly income ₦ 14.88

Effective 90 Days

Price ₦ 2500

LV.2 Bee bike rental

Hourly income ₦ 35.7

Effective 90 Days

Price ₦ 6000

LV.3 Bee bike rental

Hourly income ₦ 89.2

Effective 90 Days

Price ₦ 15000

LV.4 Bee bike rental

Hourly income ₦ 297

Effective 90 Days

Price ₦ 50000

LV.5 Bee bike rental

Hourly income ₦ 694

Effective 90 Days

Price ₦ 100000

LV.6 Bee bike rental

Hourly income ₦ 1388

Effective 180 Days

Price ₦ 200000

LV.7 Bee bike rental

Hourly income ₦ 2777

Effective 180 Days

Price ₦ 400000

LV.8 Bee bike rental

Hourly income ₦ 5000

Effective 180 Days

Price ₦ 600000

LV.9 5G baz istasyonu kiralama

Hourly income ₦ 6666

Effective 180 Days

Price ₦ 800000

Bee bike tv review

Beebike.tv Review

Having seen all the investment plans on the platform, let’s proceed to the bee bike tv review and see if the platform is legit or just another scam.

In this section of my Beebike review, I will provide you with the verified/true and unverified/false information found on the platform and with this, we will be able to make few deductions that will help us in taking appreciate decision on what beebike.tv really is.

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Verified/True And Unverified/False Information Found On Bee bike tv

The information contained in this section of my Beebike review is obtained from the Beebike tv and our comment will be attached to each statement. Giving you clue on whether you can trust Beebike or not.

About Bee bike’s contribution to society

The platform claimed that its shared bicycles are committed to providing users with convenient, low-carbon environmentally friendly travel methods.

As a leading shared bicycle company that they claimed they are, the said they are committed to improving urban traffic congestion, reducing vehicle exhaust emissions, providing users with convenient fast green travel options. UNVERIFIED/FALSE

Comment: The platform doesn’t provide any realtime service and all the Claims contained on the platform are just cloned info, far from the truth.

Provision Of Efficient convenient

Beebike claimed to have a certain number of shared bicycle parking spots in every corner of the city, users can easily brow return bicycles. Through our mobile application, users can view available bicycles nearby easily scan a code to unlock a ride. UNVERIFIED/FALSE

Comment: This is even Far from the Truth, you can check around your City, did you find any of their stand as Claimed?

Environmental friendliness

Shared bicycles are a clean means of transportation that do not produce exhaust pollution. By riding shared bicycles, users help reduce air pollution noise pollution, contributing to the city’s environment. UNVERIFIED/FALSE

Comment: This information is aiming at make you believe that the platform actually have a running bicycle business to trick you into believing that they have a legit and legal source of business but our findings while gathering information for this beebike.tv review says otherwise

Affordable price

Bee bike promised to provide flexible billing methods, users can pay according to the actual riding time. Compared with private bicycles taxis, the rent of shared bicycles is me economical, allowing users to enjoy convenient travel services at a lower cost. UNVERIFIED/FALSE

Comment: The service they are making promised on doesn’t exist in the first place and if you find any, beebike.tv is rather impersonating the parent company.


Bee bike claimed that its shared bicycles are suitable for users of all ages, whether they are students, white-collar wokers housewives, they can be used conveniently. They also claimed to be committed to providing a comfortable stable riding experience, constantly improving updating equipment to ensure the safety convenience of users. UNVERIFIED/FALSE

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Other claims

In addition, bee bike also claim to pay attention to maintaining managing the quality quantity of shared bicycles. It says to be regularly overhaul the bicycles to ensure their safe reliable condition, increase decrease the number of parking spots bicycles when necessary to meet the needs of users. UNVERIFIED/FALSE

Is Beebike legit

Bee bike tv review

Having explore the platform carefully, it’s found to be a Ponzi scheme investment platform. They only make money from users investment and not into any bicycle business or whatever.

Taking a look at the information contained in the True And false information found on the platform, you Will noticed that the platform is built on lies and on this note, you shouldn’t believe any promised made by the platform.

With our proper evaluation on bee bike tv while gathering information for this beebike.tv review, the platform is found to be possible variation of Ponzi scheme investment platform that have crashed in the past and this makes it even more riskier to believe the platform.

Is Beebike legit?

With the information contained in this Beebike review, you should have gotten all it takes to answer this question without asking anyone, unless you’re not following me from the beginning of the review.

As at the moment of writing this bee bike review, the platform is paying but for how long it will keep paying is what no one knows.

Is Beebike Scam

Beebike is a potential Scam platform, though it’s paying as at the moment of writing this review, but will definitely stop paying over a period of time. It might be long and it might be short.

One reason why the platform might crashed within 30days is that it includes an ₦800,000 package from its day of lunch. This plan gives the users the opportunity to earn ₦6666 per hour.

₦6666 per hour is a whooping sum of ₦160,000 in 24 hours and approximately ₦5,000,000 in 30 days. Imagine 5 users taking 5 million naira each away from the platform in just 30 days.

This increase the chances that the platform will run out of cash to pay users within a very short period of time and this will force the platform to crash within a very short period of time.


This beebike.tv review have revealed a lot of information about tye Beebike platform to you and by now, you should have gotten all it takes to classify the platform to where it truly belongs.

However, if after your personal evaluation, you decided to invest on beebike.tv, make sure you only invest the amount you can afford to loose!



  1. Beebike is a scam ,it has crashed yesterday and loosed my 6000,if I hadn’t trusted the person that sent d link to me,I wouldn’t have become a victim I deposited my last money hoping to get 835 everyday😭 where do I start from😭😭😭😭

  2. Likewise, i deposited #50,000 and also have withdrawal #18,000 but the remaining was crash … likewise my wife put in #50,000 but she did not withdraw before crashes.


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