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Home Cryptocurrency Centbee App Review – How To Earn Free Bitcoin On Centbee

Centbee App Review – How To Earn Free Bitcoin On Centbee

Centbee app review

Centbee is a digital cash wallet that is at the same time, equipped with lots of features and in this centbee app review, I am going to provide you with the detailed information on how to earn free Bitcoin on the app and get your Earnings redeemed without any form of issues.

Centbee is undoubtedly on of the  international ‘most friendly’ and safe digital cash wallet and in this centbee review, I am going to provide you with the detailed information on how to accumulate free BTC via the ongoing honey rewards promo, which is aimed at giving users free money when they use the app on a daily basis.

The centbee Honey rewards promo has been going for a while and a lot of individuals have benefited from it and I found today to be the best time to share the opportunity with you. Simply continue to read this guide and make sure you read it carefully to find out how the centbee honey rewards actually works.

About centbee app

Centbee is a digital cash wallet with a considerably friendly interface and a navigation system that makes it easier to use.

With the cent bee app, you will be able to easily send digital cash to your phone contacts, see who accepts digital cash around you, have the opportunity to shop at 100s of locations.

Centbee app also allows you to top-up with Credit and Debit cards around the world, make easy Payment Requests and at the same time earn Honey Rewards as you make use of the wallet.

Features of centbee app

In this section of my centbee app review, I am going to outlined the most essential features that can be found on the app and as well provide the brief overview on each of the features. This will gives you better understanding on what centbee does and how it actually works.

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Chat with your contacts and send them cash

With the cent bee app, you will have the opportunity to send and receive messages to and from your friends that are Also using the app.

And just like other payment app, upon the completion of your registration on the cent bee app, a payment email will be generated for you or let me say you will generate it yourself.

With the payment email, you’re going to be able to receive cash from your friends  and as well be able to send cash to your friends via their unique payment email.

Send money out of centbee app

You will be able to send cash directly to your bank accounts, mobile money and cash collections. This gives you control to an extent on whatever you posses on the app. However, this feature is Not readily available yet as at the moment of writing this centbee app review.

Get your business listed on centbee map

Yes, you can get your verified business listed on this app and this indeed means more sales as a result of more visibility generated from the app.

Other features

The app gives you the opportunity to earn honey rewards cash back when you shop with centbee. Ability to top up your centbee wallet using card payments.

Centbee app referral program

Centbee registration

Simply download centbee app from Google play store or iOS store if you’re using an iphone. Once you download the app successfully, install and open the app.

Once you Open the app, you will be asked to enter a referral code, simply enter adexbkw into the space provided for the referral code and click on next button.

Provide your email address and an OTP will be sent to the email, enter the OTP to continue with the registration. You will be asked to set a transaction pin, make sure you used a unique four digits number that you will always remember. You can only set it once and cannot be changed.

Upon completion of your registration, simply click on the inscription that says you should back up your wallet and Keep the phrases in a very safe place, you will need this phrases to access your account again whenever you logged out of the app.

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Download centbee app from Google play store

Download centbee app from iOS store

Referral code: adexbkw

Click here to copy the cent bee referral code directly

Centbee registration bonus

There is a registration bonus for everyone that register appropriately on the app and apply a referral code during the registration, but this bonus is not immediately.

So, all the all you have to do is to make sure to follow the instructions, apply the referral code during register and wait for your referral code. It will drop at anytime.

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How to make money on centbee – How to earn free BTC

For all rewarding activities you engaged with on the app, you will be rewarded with fraction on BTC and this fraction can be equivalent to ₦100, ₦200, ₦400 and so on.

There are different rewarding tasks to accumulate free cash on cent bee and in this section of my centbee review, I will be providing you with all the available tasks that can earn you free Money on the app.

Tasks to earn free honey rewards on cent bee app

Pay attention to the listing below for the detailed information on the tasks you can perform on the app to earn rewards

Welcome bonus

This is the first reward you’re eligible to receive on the cent bee app and by just registring on the app through a referral code, you will be eligible to receive this reward.

So all you have to do in the part I to sign up with a referral code. This implies that you have already secured yourself a welcome bonus for signing up with the code that is provided for you in the centbee app review.

Signing daily

Another way to earn rewards on the app is by logging in daily on the app, when you login everyday on the app, cent bee will send a random amount to your account and you can accumulate them and withdraw at your own convenience.

Checking notifications and transactions

This is another task that earned you cash in the app, by login in daily and checking your notification and transactions, you will become an active user and get rewarded for being active on the app.

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Sending money to a phone contact using centbee

When you send money to your phone contact that is Also on the app via their cent bee payment email, you will be rewarded with a random amount of BTC.

Referral program

The centbee referral program is another way to accumulate free cash on the app, referring a friend to use centbee app gives you the opportunity to get as many rewards as possible.

How make money with centbee referral program

The referral program gives you a very great chance to make more money on the app and the more you refer, the more money you will get. However, there is no specific amount of money you earn per referral.

Centbee referral bonus

The centbee referral bonus will be sent to your account after some days you have had your valid Referrals and referral bonus for multiple referrals will be sent at once.

This implies that centbee have the final says on the amount you received for your referral activities, just grab your referral code and refer as many people as you can and you will receive a reward after a while. It can range from few days to weeks before you receive your bonus.

Centbee app referral code

Centbee referral code

To get your referral code on the app and start referring, all you have to do is to copy the first part of your centbee mail. For example, if your centbee payment email is [email protected], your referral code is adexbkw and that is the only code you should use in referring people.

Getting your referral code is as simple as that, there is no dedicated page for referral on the app and that’s just how to get your referral code. share it with friends and wait for the rewards.

Centbee honey rewards redemption

As at the moment of writing this centbee review, you cannot directly withdrawal your reward to your cryptocurrency wallet and the most feasible way at this moment is to make use of the Mobile top up option to redeem your reward.

Have you accumulate enough reward and wishes to withdraw, all you have to do it to click on the menu bar at the top left corner and click on the shopping option. Now select your country band click on the mobile top up option.

Select your Mobile network on the next page and select the airtime amount that is equal to or leaser than the amount you’re having on your balance.


With the information gotten from the support, the honey rewards drops after some days and on this note the more you use the app and refer, the more money for you. Hence, with the detailed information revealed in this centbee app review, you should have fully understand how the app works.



  1. It seems they have stopped giving registration bonus, because I had registered about 4 days ago now yet I didn’t recieve anything or is it until I delete their app?

  2. I reg a long time but nothing given…I login daily yest still nothing…I navigate around the app still nothing..
    .admin what’s wrong

  3. Please i want to send money from my centbee but it’s not showing me shop. Before i used to use the shop button below receive but now its not showing


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