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Apvertise Review – How I Earned $100 Per Link Shared

Apvertise review

Apvertise is a marketing platform that stands as an intermediary between a brand and micro influencers and in this apvertise Review, I am going to provide you with all you need to know about the platform and especially, how I have been able to accumulate $100+ in few days of Joining the platform.

Undoubtedly, browsingtechzone have provide you with brief information about the platform in the above paragraph, but that’s just a brief information about apvertise as stated, the platform is more than just a marketing platform, as it’s provide opportunity for small medium influencers to make money by sharing links and getting individuals to click on the link.

However, it’s very important to read this guide carefully as I am goiy to be providing you with some tricks about the parent topic about the platform, which is how to make money sharing links on apvertise. I will also show you how to set up your own campaign on the platform, Incase you have interest in promoting your personal brand or a brand you represent.

About apvertise

Apvertise is a digital marketing platform and also and adtech company which has digitized, and provide a mechanism that makes it very easier for every brand ambassadors to promote the brand they represent and also help influencers to make money regardless of their scale by bringing the brands/marketers and influencers of all sizes (nano-, micro- and the mega-influencers) onto a platform that stands as a marketplace.

Marketers on the apvertise platform create digital campaigns and set budget based on the volume of engagements and impacts desired, indicate the preferred social media platforms, the preferred influencer type(s) etc. and the influencers get alerted by the platform as soon as the campaign is created.

Immediately the campaign is created and you get an alert that a campaign has been created, you will be able to login to your account, Share the campaign link and make money for every individuals that click on the link to view the ads. On this note, you get paid on the platform based on just impression.

As many relevant influencers (as are interested in spreading the brand story) can share the campaign to as many social media platforms as they desire. They in turns get paid per impression/click that they are able to generate in their network of followers as outlined above. Marketers are able to plan/budget adequately, they pay for actual impact, not the arbitrary fees charged by the traditional influencer.

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How apvertise works

In this apvertise review, browsingtechzone has let you know that the platform is a Digital marketing platform connecting brands, brand ambassadors and influencers.

This implies that there are two major parties on the platform, and this are the brand ambassadors and the influencers, where apvertise is the medium that connects the two of them

Apvertise for brand ambassadors

Apvertise allows individuals to digitize their campaign, make it available to a wide range of (or selected) brand promoters and social media influencers at a go and the platform in turns allows you drive your marketing goal effectively and monitor it.

To register on the platform and start promoting your brand or any product, simply click here to register, login to your account and you will see an option to create new campaign.

Apvertise for influencers

The platform provides you with the the opportunity to promote ideas and brands worth spreading, monetize your hobby, your passion and your following.

This leads us to the next section if this apvertise review, which is the detailed information on how to make money on apvertise by sharing links.

$100 earned for sharing a link on apvertise
$100 earned for sharing a link on apvertise

How to make money on apvertise

To start making money on apvertise, Al you have to do is to register on the site, log in to your account and start sharing advert to make money for every clicks on the respective links the you have shared.

However, Sharing links on the platform have some rules that must be obeyed so as to be able to make cool cash on the platform without any form of stress. This rules will be explained in the necessary part of this apvertise review, for now, let’s take a look at apvertise sign up.

Apvertise Registration

Simply click here to go to the apvertise Registration page. On getting to the page, enter your email address, phone number, and other required details and proceed with the registration.

When it’s time to set password, simply use a six digit unique code. It must consists of only number, do not include alphabet.

Once you complete you registration, the next thing is to login to your account and start sharing Campaigns to make Cool cash on the platform.

How to share campaign on apvertise

How to share campaign on apvertise

To share campaign on apvertise and start making money, simply login to your account and click on the menu bar at the top left corner of the app, select campaign and you will be redirected to the page shown above.

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Simply check the status of the app as indicated in the picture above, make sure it’s active. Click on the share and earn button and select share campaign. Select the platform you wants to share the advert to or click on the copy icon and Copy the content of the campaign for proper redistribution.

Once people started clicking on the link, the impression will start counting and you will be paid  at the end of the campaign.

Apvertise referral – How to refer and earn on apvertise

Refer and earn on apvertise is another option to accumulate more cash on the platform and you will get up to $0.5 for every Individuals that signed up via your special invitation link.

With the apvertise referral program, you will be able to earn up to $2000, depending on the number of individuals you’re able to get enrolled on the platform. The more individuals you referred, the more your referral earnings.

To refer and make money on the platform, all you have to do is to Copy your referral link and share it with people. You make money as they Register via the link.

Apvertise referral code – How to get apvertise referral link

You only need to Share your referral link with people to get registered on the platform so as to make money referring them to the platform, there is no need for any referral code, just the link and start making money per referral.

To copy your apvertise referral link, simply login to your apvertise account, click on campaign and locate the campaign that have refer and earn inscription. Click on the share and earn button attached to it regardless of of it’s active or inactive.

Click on Share campaign and select the platform you want to Share the link to, you can click on the copy icon at the bottom if the page for Manu redistribution.

Apvertise Withdrawal - How to withdraw on apvertise
Live $70 withdrawal on apvertise

Apvertise Withdrawal – How to withdraw on apvertise

To withdraw on apvertise, simply login to your apvertise account, click on the profile icon at the top right corner of your dashboard and select account.

Click on Payout account and fill the form with the required details. This includes your account number, account name, bank name, country of residence and others that may be required.

Once you have set up the payout account successfully, simply go back to the account menu again and select request for payout as shown in the image above.

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Enter the amount you want to withdraw and click on the withdraw button to complete the withdrawal. You will see a successful notification and your withdrawal status will show pending.

Apvertise debit alert
Sign that withdrawal is successful

You will receive a debit alert in your email within 1 to 60mins and immediately you got this email, the withdrawal status will change to successful and you will receive your payment in your bank account.

Apvertise minimum withdrawal

This minimum withdrawal on apvertise.com as at the moment of writing this apvertise review is $10 and on this note, you must accumulate a minimum of $10 before you will be able to withdraw on the platform.

Simply make sure you are having $10 on your account balance before you initiate a withdrawal on the platform or else, you will get an error message.

Apvertise withdrawal proof

I have dropped two different image about withdrawal in the apvertise withdrawal section above and one of the image shows my dashboard, where the notification that my $70 withdrawal is successful clearly shown.

And the second image shows the moment I received an email that a sum if $70 has been deducted from my apvertise account, showing me that the withdrawal is successful and the money should be in my bank account shortly.

The Next thing now is when I received the payment in my local Bank account, and clearly, below image shows when I got credited in my Nigeria bank account. Apvertise is using Rubbies microfinance bank to process Nigerians payment and their conversion rate is #400/$.

Apvertise withdrawal proof
Apvertise withdrawal proof

Apvertise Review

Apvertise as a digital marketing platform requires no registration fee nor sign up fee, to sign up and start making money on the platform is completely free and in this apvertise.com review so far, I have provide you with all you. See to know about the platform.

The platform create a means for brand ambassadors to set campaigns for their brand, The brand ambassadors pays the platform to promote their Brand and apvertise in turns pays it members to get this advert redistributed. The math is very simple.

Is apvertise legit or scam

With the detailed Information that has been revealed in this apvertise.com review so far, it’s clear and glaring that the platform is legit and not a scam in anyway. It’s completely free to join and browsingtechzone.com has been able to accumulate $106 on the platform so far and get the money withdrawn successfully.

Register on apvertise now and start making money


Apvertise has made it easier for micro influencers to make money regardless if how low their audience is, to the extent that you can even make the money on the platform with just your social media accounts.

Having read this apvertise review, I am sure you should have understand ever you need to know about the platform and be able to start making cool cash without any form of interruption.

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  1. My question is
    Immediately I post the campaign and people start clicking on it,is that all they should do will dey like, comment or join so that I can earn
    And number 2 question is
    Immediately people click on it will it show immediately the amount I earned on my dashboard or after the end of the survey

  2. I try to change my personal details but not working it’s just showing else information and I also I wanna set my payout stuffs but it’s not sending me otp after clicking on the icon to generate it

  3. Please I want to ask if we share the link on the other people’s campaign are we still going to be rewarded or it’s until we create our own campaign

  4. The refer and earn is inactive 😢
    But there’s one stuff like this that’s active on it
    And I shared to my mum phone and clicked what popped out was for me to use her phone register on the apvertise
    Am I still earning sha ???

  5. Hi,I registered successfully but I reffered someone under me and after she registered,the details like name etc were automatically fixed there,but they were not hers since she was unable to change it she create new account same thing and so I decided to create another account myself and found oute same thing, details were automatically fixed and unable to change and the details were not mine

  6. Please I created an account but it is showing someone else’s details. and I tried to add payout account but all is in vain. What can I do?

      • Hi,I didn’t see me refferal link under active campaigns but it was in the list of campaigns iv shared before in the past.So I copied it and people registered through it but I didn’t earn any thing from them so I’m wondering,does my downline have to do anything before I get the bonus or there’s an issue somewhere

  7. I’m having the same problem with Mr Segun above.
    I’m seeing someone else’s information and it can’t be changed.
    Also I’ve not received the otp for my payout info

  8. I just registered the Apvertise now and it’s showing someone else information with someone else gmail
    What is the solution pls

  9. I registered on that apvertise and the name I use to register is abdulmajeed but whenever I check my account I see another name

    • This seems to be general issue and we have contact the involved party on your behalf, which they promised to get the issue resolved in the next 24hrs.

      I will update you here in the comments section as soon as their is new development.

  10. Important Notification ⚠️⚠️⚠️
    The issue of name mismatch on apvertise has been resolved, simply log out and login again✅✅✅✅✅

    If you have fresh active email, you can register afresh following the instructions on the Post and start your journey as supposed on apvertise💯💯💯

  11. There was an active campaign today but it became inactive. Will I still earn for the ones I have shared before the campaign became inactive but my contacts didn’t click until later?

  12. I shared the campaign but in my Earnings,it says I haven’t shared any campaign yet. Any reason please?

  13. Do shared campaigns disappear please?
    The links are not going anymore;it shows ‘Internal Server Error’.
    What is wrong please?

  14. I got $0.07 as my impression earnings but in the article,it says $0.1 per impression. What is wrong please?


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