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VoicesAfrica : How To Get Free Airtime Taking Surveys

Voices Africa review

VoicesAfrica Review

Voices Africa is a platform that allows you as a user to earn points, which can be converted to airtime for your opinions.

Here is yet another free and complete guide on how to earn free Airtime taking surveys on Voices Africa. This article will expanciate on everything you need to Know about the so called platform, how to earn points easily from the platform and how to convert your points to airtime with ease.

What Is VoicesAfrica ?

VoiceAfrica is an online paid survey platform which rewards it’s users with points that can easily be converted to airtime for completing surveys on their dashboard.

VoiceAfrica was founded in 2000 for the sole purpose of market research, it connect users with companies by providing it’s users with an online surveys from a specific company for market research purposes and the feedback from the users will enable the companies to bring new innovations to their products.

VoicesAfrica also help different companies to know what people says about their products and how to improve where necessary. Click here to Join VoiceAfrica and get free 500 points as sign up bonus.

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How Does VoicesAfrica Works?

Voices Africa works with companies that needs people opinions on their products, so as to improve their products and services.

Such companies will give some specifications to VoiceAfrica and VoiceAfrica in turn will find people with a specific background to help them with the the market research and this is where the qualifier questions comes from, so as to ensure the the company is in touch with their targeted audience.

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How To Earn Free Airtime On VoiceAfrica

Payment proof
VoiceAfrica free Airtime
As it has been stated above, voice Africa rewards it’s users with points after completing a specific task and the point is what will be converted to airtime whenever you have the required minimum points for withdrawal. However, there are two major ways, in which you can earn points on voice Africa, and the two available ways will be explained in details in this VoicesAfrica review.

Two Ways To Earn Free Airtime On VoicesAfrica

There are two main ways to accumulate free airtime on the voices Africa platform and this are: completing simple and short surveys and referring others to join the platform. Below is the detailed information on each method, all you need to know about each method and how accumulation of airtime works in both ways.

Taking Surveys

The main aim of this platform is to connect a company with their targeted audience so as to make their marketing research a very easier one and know what people are saying about their products. This implies that the main way to earn points on voice Africa, is by taking short as well as long duration surveys, depending on the amount of points attached to each Surveys.

Once you registered on VoiceAfrica, you will be invited to complete surveys Online. But always have it in mind that, you won’t qualify for all surveys as your entries to a particular survey depends on your demographic because, the company that host a specific research are looking for a specific audience, and you will only qualify for the survey if your demographic meet their requirements.

Each Survey duration on VoiceAfrica is always between 10 to 25 minutes and the rewards ranges from 1000 to 5000 points if you were invited through email. But the surveys that are maid available to you on your dashboard always have a reward of 50 points.

Referring Others

Referring others to VoicesAfrica is another way to earn points on the platform, you earn 50 points for every successful user you Invite and joins VoiceAfrica through your link.

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However, referring others to VoicesAfrica is the only quick way to earn points on VoiceAfrica as the surveys only available once in a while and the funniest part is that, you will not qualify for all surveys despite the fact that they come once in a while.

The points you earn referring others to VoiceAfrica might be very small as compared to the one you earn taking surveys on the platform, but they can be earned easily. Remember that you can’t decide when you get surveys and you can’t determine if you will qualify for a specific survey or not.

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What is the minimum amount of points required for withdrawal on VoiceAfrica?

The minimum points required for withdrawal on VoiceAfrica is 1000 points and the 1000 points is equivalent to $1, which is equal to 361 Naira in Nigeria currency.

Redeem points
How To Redeem points
On Voices Africa

How can I convert my points to airtime on VoiceAfrica?

To convert your points to airtime on VoicesAfrica, just make sure you have at least 1000 points, login to your account and scroll down, then select redeem points, enter the amount of points you intend to withdraw and it must be in multiples of 1000 points, enter your mobile phone number in standard form.

for example, if you intend to send the recharge card to 08135555555, then enter the phone number as 2348135555555 don not include + , then a confirmation mail will be sent to your email, login to your email and click on the confirmation link attached to the mail to complete your transaction.

That’s all, you will receive your Airtime within 12hours.

Pro and Cons of VoicesAfrica

Below are the detailed explanation of what I like and what I dislike about the VoiceAfrica.


Low minimum withdrawal

The minimum amount of points required for cash out on this platform is very low as compared to others, imagine getting a whopping sum of 500 points as sign up bonus which is fifty percent of the minimum points required for withdrawal, does this let the new users reach their first withdrawal threshold on time.

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Quick payment

Voices Africa sends your Recharge card to the number you submitted during the withdrawal process within 12hours.

Good customer service

You can call for support at anytime on this platform and you don’t have to create a special email when you’re trying to reach their support team because, the support section has been integrated with your dashboard. All you have to do is to click on the message icon at the bottom of the website and type your message/complaints.


No available surveys

As it was stated earlier, there are two ways in which surveys can be made available to you on VoiceAfrica, you will either be invited through email once there are available surveys to complete or login to your dashboard and look for the available surveys. But you might not get any invitation or available survey through out a whole month of being on the platform. Since I joined voice Africa, I only got one unique invitation, other are repetition.

Survey Disqualification

It is very easy to get disqualified from a survey on voice Africa. Like I said earlier, you won’t qualify for all the surveys because, they all depends on the demographic that companies are looking for, like your interests, gender, employment status, income and others must match with the market research specifications.

You Can Only Convert Your Points To Airtime

The only way to redeem your points on this platform is to convert it to airtime. There is no option for cash withdrawal on this platform and there is no hope for such option to be added.

How can i sign up with VoiceAfrica?

To sign up with VoiceAfrica, simply click here, complete the registration form with a valid email address because you will need to confirm your email so as to activate your account. Once your account is activated, you will be rewarded with 500 points, meaning that you’re 500 points away from withdrawal.
Conclusion: VoicesAfrica is a legit platform that will pay you a token to air your opinion on a particular product and this VoicesAfrica review has revealed all you need to know about the platform.
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  1. Please how long does it takes for the survey points to add up to main balance cause I finished a survey right now point was awarded to me also it displays in my dashboard but not in my balance pls reply ASAP

  2. I've seen my payment just now thanks for this info I want to refer people but I have two questions

    1. Can I copy my invite link and share to people or must refer through their email invitation

    2 Cause I referred two people with my link just now and can't see any point added do they also review referrals and it'll add up later


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