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Home Cryptocurrency Newsage.io Review – Is Newsage Legit Or Scam?

Newsage.io Review – Is Newsage Legit Or Scam?

newsage.io review

Newsage is a newly lunched smart contact likes investment platform that allows you to accumulate core with a little amount of core as the start up capital. In this newsage.io review, I am going to provide you with everything you need to know about the platform.

This newsage review is going to provide you with all the necessary information that will help you categories newsage to where it truly belongs and helps you take the necessary decision on whether the platform Worth trying out or not.

About Newsage

NewSage is said  to be a decentralized and sustainable DeFi matrix where users can transform connections into currency. It aims to build bonds and boost bankrolls, ensuring that no one is left stranded without earnings in the NewSage era. All Based on Core Chain and plans for multichain in the future with 1 $SAGE token accross all chains.

Below are the features of the platform that makes a lot of individuals want to learn more about the platform and find out is the so called newsage is legit or Scam

Decentralization and Governance by Users

Decentralization is a core tenet of blockchain technology, and incorporating user governance takes this a step further. By giving users a say in the platform’s direction, NewSage is more democratic and responsive to community needs. This contrasts with centralized platforms where decisions are made by a select few.

Introduction of Governance and Reward Tokens: The Role of $SAGE

Tokens are a fundamental way to foster community engagement and incentivize participation on the platform. $SAGE is a specialized token introduced by NewSage that serves dual purposes: governance and reward. As a governance token, $SAGE allows users to vote on important decisions, making them stakeholders who can influence the platform’s direction. As a reward token, $SAGE offers direct benefits and can become a source of income for active participants.

Sustainable Revenue Model: Investment in Validators and DeFi Protocols

NewSage’s sustainability plan involves collecting a percentage of fees from user registrations and activations of new levels. These fees are funneled into a reward pool. The reward pool isn’t just a static fund; it’s actively managed and invested in various avenues like validators and DeFi protocols.

The yields from these investments are returned to the reward pool, creating a self-sustaining loop of long-term benefits. This ensures that the platform not only sustains itself but also generates continuous rewards that are ultimately distributed to users and stakeholders.

Inclusive Earning Opportunities: No One is Left Stranded

One common pitfall of platforms like Forsage is that they can leave users stranded without any earnings. NewSage actively mitigates this risk by employing a multi-faceted rewards system. Through its fee-based reward pool and $SAGE token incentives, NewSage ensures that every participant has a pathway to earn. This democratizes the earning potential and serves as a safety net, making sure that no one is left behind.

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Above few points are the features outlined by the platform, however, when we get to the newsage.io review section of this guide, we will produce our evaluation and reveal what the platform is actually worth offering you.

How to make money on newsage

How To Make Money On Newsage

There are Multiple ways to make money on the platform, but the one that requires effort and the ones that doesn’t requires any effort. Below are the three major ways to make money on newsage:

1. Daily Claim

Immediately you complete your registration on the platform you will have the opportunity to claim core worth of $0.97 henceforth. This implies that with or without referral, you will be able to earn $0.97 everyday and that’s $9.7 in 10days.

The interesting part of this is that you will have the opportunity to continue claiming on o daily basis until the platform stops paying, this removes the hassle of re-investment. Once you subscribed, you will keep earning daily until the platform crashed.

2. Spillover

As the name implies, Spillover generally refers to the overflow or transfer of core from one user to another, not necessarily be your upline. The spillover will be assigned to users randomly as soon as they’re available.

This implies that luck will play a major role here, I have seen someone gotten 3x of his investment same day he registered via spillover and have seen someone getting nothing.

However, now that the platform is still new, you stand high chance of getting more spillovers, the spillover will be rampant at start and reduced as the number of users on the platform increases. It can said to be working on a basis of first come first serve.

The earlier you joined, the better it will be for you as all the mouthwatering offers will face out as time goes on.

3. Newsage Referral

This is another way to accumulate as many core as possible on the platform and the only earning methods that requires effort. To make this easier for you, we have provide you with a detailed guide on how to get referrals to any referral program.

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All the guides above will help you in building your own community and have the chances of getting as many referrals as possible whenever you need to.

Back to the newsage referral program, you will earn a whooping sum of $3 whenever you refer anyone to the platform. Once the register on the platform using your link, you will get the referral bonus automatically and can withdraw immediately.

Newsage registration

Attention! You have to relax in this section and check out the information with calmness so as to get the instructions correct correctly and be be able to register without stress. Incase you’re a crypto enthusiast, you will get the point so easily.

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And if you’re new to crypto as well, we will try as much as possible to provide the instruction in the simplest form. Now follow the three steps Below.

Add core chain to Metamask

Step 1: Create A Metamask Wallet

Yes, you will need a Metamask wallet for this update and you must create a new one, this is for you to be on the safer side and mitigate all the risk that might be associated with the update. On this note, even if you have a wallet before, get new one. Log onto Google Play store or iOS store and download Metamask wallet.

Once you download the app, simply open it, register and back up your seed phrases, make sure you keep them safe. Once you Crea the account successfully, click on the ethereum main chain network at the top of your dashboard as shown in the image above and then click on add network.

Create custom core on Metamask

Select custom network as shown above and you will see boxes you will need to fill. Click here to see the information you will fill into the boxes.

See how to set up the custom core network

Now that you have successfully add core to your Metamask wallet, you’re done with the first step.

Fund 13 core

Step 2: Fund Your Metamask wallet with 13 core

Now that your account is ready the next thing is to get your registration free ready, which is 13 core and equivalent to $7 as at the moment of writing this newsage.io review.

To get the core, simply download Mexc or bybit or OKx from Google Play store, register an account with them and complete the necessary verification, then fund your account and purchase the core and send to your Metamask.

Note that if you want the process to be very fast, you can use Mexc exchange as it requires no ID verification, you can register now and start trading now.

How I did mine

I create a Metamask wallet, create a Mexc exchange account and send 70trx from my binance to Mexc exchange, sell the TRX to USDT and then use the USDT to buy core.

Another option is to buy from a trusted vendor

How to copy receiving address from Metamask

Once you’re able to create the core chain, core will appear on your dashboard, click on it and click receive, then copy the address and use it to receive.

Now that 13 core is available on your Metamask wallet, it’s time to register!!!

Newsage registration

Step 3: Completing Registration

Now that you have gotten 13core to your Metamask wallet, the next thing is to copy a valid registration link.

Click here to copy the registration link

Once you have copied the registration link successfully, open the dap browser of your Metamask and Paste the link into the URL bar and continue to register, click on the register button. Make sure that 7452 is showing before you click on register.

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Register on newsage now!!!

Before you will click on the register button, make sure 7452 is displaying on your screen.

That’s all, you can refer to the how to make money on newsage section of this newsage.io review to see how you can start making money immediately.

Newsage withdrawal

All your earnings from the platform will be sent to your Metamask wallet immediately. As you are getting the earnings in your Metamask wallet, make sure to be sending them out to a trusted wallet like OKx and others.

If you don’t have OKx or bybit, create one and use it to store your core, don’t keep you earnings on your Metamask. This is to prevent you from loosing a dime from what you’ve already earned from the platform.

newsage withdrawal

Newsage.io Review

Having properly examine the platform, it can be concluded that the platform is a Ponzi like investment platform in form of smart contract. Don’t miss it together, newsage guarantee you of making money without referral.

When it comes to smart contract, there’s no guarantee of making money without referral. The fact that you can actually earn a fixed amount of core on a daily basis makes if more risky and might not last up to a period a lot of people think.

This implies that the platform is a risky investment platform and the individuals that joins earlier turns out to be the one to benefit the most out of such platform, the longer it spent online, the riskier it becomes.

Newsage review continuation

The baseline is that, if you must join newsage, join as early as possible, as at the moment of writing this newsage review, a lot of individuals have benefited from it already and that is the scope.

As at this moment, a lot of people are joining everyday and this makes spillover enough to almost go round, almost everyone are getting spillover and as time goes on, the spillover will hardly come.

This is because, when the platform gets saturated and the number of registered members is much more higher than newly registered members, the spillover available will be limited and on that note, it’s not enough to go round.

That’s how the platform will fade away gradually. Hence, our conclusion is that the platform is for opportunist.

Is Newsage Legit?

As at the moment of writing this guide newsage is still new and paying. In fact, I have personally received 2 spillovers in the last 24hours and that’s how it is for most of the users that have registered at this moment.

Also, there’s is no minimum withdrawal, you can withdraw your daily earnings and any spillover immediately they dropped.

Is Newsage Scam?

The platform is still paying as at this moment, but the fact that it’s risky is not negotiable and on this note, you should invest only the amount you can afford to loose and be ready for whatever you get as the outcome.

However, since they’re still paying, newsage cannot be declared as scam yet. If you have any report or willing to share your experience on newsage with us, you can share it in the comments section and others will learn one or two from your experience.


Newsage is a Ponzi scheme with smart contract model and work on the basis of first come first serve. The recommendation in this newsage.io review will be that if you want to join newsage, join while it’s still new and trending, any attempt to join after lots of people have joined and withdrew will only leads to loss of capital.



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