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How To Earn Up To $200 Playing Games On Dragonmaster

dragonmaster Metaverse game

Dragonmaster is a gaming app that allows you to Play games and earn real cash doing what you’ve always been doing for free. In this dragonmaster review i am going to provide you with everything you need to know about the dragon master game and especially, how to earn real cash playing free games.

Unlike Mpl pro where you will have to use money to Play ludo so as to win higher amount of money, dragon master doesn’t requires a dime and all the features of the app I accessible to everyone. Even if you’re just seeing the app for the first time, it will only take you few navigation to fully understand how the app works.

About dragon master

DragonMaster is a competing game that combines RTS and MOBA. The game has features that gives you access to the following; 13 species fresh off the boat, New Season S1, Various team combination, Compete on Strategy, Skills enhancement and Skills restraint

Game Play

1. Four sizes dragons (S / M / L / XL) compete on a battlefield on 5 tracks, and a team contains 4 different sizes of dragons is the minimum requirements to start a battle.

2. When in battle, if a dragon has a bigger size, it gets heavier weight and less attacking power. The larger weight dragons can push the lighter ones to the end of the track and cause damage to the pushed player’s HP .

3. When one player’s HP hits zero, the winner will be announced.

Dragonmaster withdrawal proof
You Can Easily Withdraw Real Cash For Playing Games

Why Dragon master Metaverse game

DragonMaster is a Metaverse  game that allows you to unleash your inner champion and win real cash rewards.

If you’re ready to immerse yourself in an epic gaming experience like never before, then you should considered entering the mystical world of DragonMaster, where you get to embark on thrilling quests, conquer formidable challenges, and battle legendary dragons—all while earning real cash rewards!

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In this groundbreaking game, your strategic prowess and gaming skills will be put to the test as you navigate through captivating realms, gather treasures, and face off against mythical creatures. What’s more thrilling? Each victorious milestone rewards you with tangible cash prizes!

Join the community of passionate gamers who have already embraced DragonMaster and turned their gaming passion into lucrative rewards. With an immersive storyline, stunning visuals, and the excitement of winning real money, DragonMaster is not just a game; it’s an adventure waiting for you to explore.

Dragonmaster Metaverse Registration

To register on dragon master game and Start making money all you you have to do is to click here and you will be redirected to the Google play store. Download and install the app. Then proceed to register with your email and other required details. No sensitive information required.

Start your journey to becoming a DragonMaster now!

So, why wait? Join the ranks of DragonMasters today and experience the thrill of gaming while winning real cash rewards! Don’t miss out on the excitement and the chance to turn your gaming skills into something truly rewarding.

Simply Click here to access the registration link

Referral Code: 7026223

Click here to copy the referral code

Dragon master Metaverse withdrawal
$130 Withdrawn For Free

How To Make Money On Dragonmaster Metaverse Game

There are two major ways to make money on the dragonmaster Metaverse game and these two ways are playing games and referring others to play games with you.

How To Earn Real Cash Playing Games On Dragonmaster

There are different games to play on the platform but the major two are that of matching dragons and battle. You can access the dragon matching game from the synthesis button while you can click on the battle button to access the battle game.

I play the dragon matching game often as it returns considerable amount of mUSDT as compared to the other options available.

How To Play The Dragon Matching Game(sheron)

In this game, multiple dragons will be available on your screen, these dragons will be numbered depending on your present level and all you have to do is to drag one match dragon and match it with the matching one.

Fir example, if there is two dragons numbered with figure 1, you will match them together and will result in one dragon numbered with figure 2, you match it with another figure 2 and it continues like that.

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When there’s no matching dragon on-screen anymore, simply click on the level button as shown above to simply release new dragons.

How to earn real cash playing games on dragon master

What Do I Do When Position Is Full

That’s a great question! You might be playing the game and all the on-screen positions will be filled with unmatched dragon, all you have to do is to recycle as many dragon as possible.

Recycling is the same as selling, when you recycle a dragon, you will get coins added to your coins balance. In my own case, I do recycle older dragons. For example, if I am at level 10, I will recycle 1,2,3 Dragons.

However, I have only recycle once and am going to level 20 as at the moment of writing this dragonmaster review.

Dragonmaster Metaverse Battle

The battle button is visible on your screen and once you clicked on it at the bottom of the app, you will be provided with the detailed instructions on how to play the battle games.

How To play Battle Games

To play battle game, all you have to do is to release dragons that will be enough to overpower the dragons released by the opponent. The more you overpower your opponent, the more you advanced.

Dragonmaster Metaverse Referral

Referring others to the platform is another great way to make money on the platform and the amazing part of it is that, the referral earnings is not one time payment, you will continue to get paid as far as your referrals are active on the platform.

When you start referring people to the platform, your referral earnings will pick at level 1 and you will need to earn 5000 mUSDT to unlock your earnings. Once you earn minimum of 5000musdt, the earnings will be added to your balance the following day and you will move to level 2 with a target of 10000 mUSDT.

The higher your level, the higher your target and the more money you make. However, you don’t need to worry about not being able to meet the target in one day, you can take as many days as possible, you previous history will keep adding towards the target and will not be erased.

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How to withdraw on DragoMaster

Dragonmaster Metaverse Game Withdrawal

The withdrawal process on this gaming app is very straightforward but in a logical way and if you’re new to cryptocurrency, you will have to carefully follow the instructions in this section. Now follow the steps below

Step 1: When you create an account with the dragonmaster app, a crypto wallet will be created for your automatically on the dragon master Metaverse game app.

Click here to access your dragon master wallet

Step 2: Work towards the minimum withdrawal. The minimum withdrawal on the dragonmaster Metaverse is $5, which is equivalent to 5000 mUSDT. Once you have up to 5000 mUSDT on your dragon master game balance, click on the balance and select the amount equivalent to your balance.

However, there are fixed amount on the withdrawal page, if there’s no option to withdraw your balance at once, you can withdraw in batches. You can place as many withdrawal as possible on a daily basis.

Once you withdraw the mUSDT, the USDT equivalent to the withdrawal amount will be sent to your wallet in 24hours(the wallet you access in STEP1).

Step 3: Fund your dragon wallet with matic that will cover the gass fee. Don’t worry, you don’t need much Matic and if you’re able to get even 0.2 Matic to your balance, you will be fine. To fund your dragon wallet, login to the wallet, click on the wallet icon, click on Matic, select receive and copy your receiving address.

Send the address to your vendor and or use it to withdraw from any exchange of your choice. One Matic is approximately $1 so you will need just $0.2 to perform as many withdrawal as possible

Step 4: Withdraw from your dragon wallet to external wallet. Now that your withdrawal is available on the dragon wallet as well as the small portion of Matic to cover gass fee, you can withdraw from the wallet to any wallet of your choice and you will receive the withdrawal immediately.

Is Dragonmaster Legit

Yes! The app is legit and rewards you will real cash for playing games. You have been playing lots of games for free and having the chance to make money while having your usual fun should motivate you to play the games even more. Imagine getting paid to have fun!


Dragonmaster Metaverse game is a gaming app with lots of features and aside the mUSDT, you can as well accumulate other tokens for free and be able to convert them to USDT on the dragonmaster Metaverse wallet. Have any question? Don’t hesitate to ask in the comments section and the appropriate response will be provided for you as soon as possible.



  1. I appreciate the usual way of detailed and explicit explaination of all the post from Browsingtechzone.com, I hope to register through the link provided, should I have any difficulty in the process, I will not hesitate to contact you.

  2. I have been trying to withdraw on my Dragon master app through the totems I have but it has been saying I should recharge with gas fee but I dont know how to do that, pls can you help me sir


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