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Home Cryptocurrency Memefi Mining Review – How To Mine Memefi Via Telegram

Memefi Mining Review – How To Mine Memefi Via Telegram

Memefi mining review

MemeFi is an innovative blockchain-based web game that brings together meme culture and gameplay centered around warring meme clans. Players battle for domination and resources in a vast world populated by meme-themed fractions. In this memefi Mining review, I will be providing you with all you need to know about the project.

It’s no more a breaking news than the mining phase of the notcoin app had come to an end and in other not to let you miss the tapping so much, browsingtechzone have decided to find you a replacement and in our search, memefi is the next project we have found.

Just like the notcoin mining, the memefi Mining also make use of a telegram bot and if you are amongst those that interacted with the not coin mining, you will surely understand how this works without any ado.

However, you shouldn’t worry if this is your first time of interacting with such project, this guide is going to provide you with all you need to know about the mining and especially how to make the best out of it.

About Memefi

As it has been said in the previous part of this guide, Memefi is an innovative block chain web based game that allows you to accumulate as many of it’s native token as possible just by playing a simple telegram game, all you need is to tap and watch your balance increases.

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At its core, MemeFi offers an exciting PvP and PvE gaming experience. Users create unique in-game characters that join forces in meme-inspired clans. These characters gain levels and abilities through active gameplay and clan participation.

PvP gameplay occurs between competing meme clans as they fight over control of resources and territory across a sprawling archipelago. PvE gameplay involves battlingmeme-inspired bosses, with successful raids rewarding contributing clan members with resources and power.

MemeFi incorporates key elements of community cooperation, compelling lore, robust clans and factions, strategic resource management, and a virtual economy. The evolving world filled with meme characters, abilities, enemies, and alliances keeps gameplay fresh.

With a rich gaming environment anchored on Web3 principles, MemeFi aims to explore new directions in blockchain gaming. On the other  hand, it is a blend of various competative game mechanics that keep users engaged through the clan and game progression systems.

On the project, all the players can create characters and use them to farm $MEMF in PvP and PvE combat. Character traits, as well as complex clan characteristics and interactions add depth to the gameplay.

About Memefi

Meme fi Gameflow

The core gameplay of MemeFi centers around boss raids and clan raids. These repeatable activities allow players to earn rewards and strengthen their clans.

Boss raids reset daily at 00:00 UTC, with new bosses respawning. Each player can attack one boss per day, with difficulty based on boss power levels — the player expends a certain amount of $PWR equal to their strength, which is subtracted from their $PWR balance. Defeating bosses earns loot for the player’s clan, which is divided among members every day based on their contributions.

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Clan raids also reset daily at 00:00 UTC, initiated by the clan leader against rival groups. Clan members can join raids in a six hour attack window after initiation. Winning clan raids grants resources taken from the losing clan, who loses power but earns no rewards.

The gameplay focuses on repeatedly raiding bosses and rival clans to accumulate resources and progress clan power. Superior performance in these core activities enables players to advance their clans and develop their characters.


The MemeFi ecosystem utilizes a series of tokens and virtual currencies to power gameplay, transactions, and the in-game economy.

The $MEMEFI token is both a governance token and reward token — users receive it for in-game activities. $MEMEFI is also utilized for in-app purchases.

$PWR is the in-app token that ensures the stability, as well as coordination of the in-game economy. It is used to onboard the game, upgrades and in-app purchases.

Memefi Registration – How To Register And Get Started

The memefi registration is very simple and all you need to get started is just your telegram account. Once you have a telegram account logged in on your phone, simply click here and select your telegram app to open the link. Start the bot and click on the play and earn button.

Memefi registration

How To accumulate Memefi Token

Once you complete your registration and click on the play and earn button, you will be redirected to the main mining page and the tapping operation can began. The more you tap, the more token you will earn.

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How To Complete The Taping Task Automatically

As at the moment of writing this memefi Mining review, the project is still new and the taping bot is under construction. However, you can be making use of auto clicker bot to complete your tasks without stress.

All you have to do is to download auto clicker bot from the Google Play store, set it and place it on the area to click and it will start clicking it for you automatically.

Get Started On Memefi Now

Auto Tapping Bot

This is the in app bot on the memefi mining bot and once the development is complete, you will be able to acquire the bot with the part of your mined memefi token. This not with help you accumulate Memefi Token even when you’re offline.

However, the bot is still under construction as at the moment of writing this memefi Mining review and the only option to get your tasks done automatically is to get the auto clicker automatic tapper bot from the Google Play store, pending the time that the memefi bot will be available for players.

Memefi Mining Review

Meme fi review is a potential telegram gaming platform that will print few bucks for its players in future, all you have to do write now is to accumulate as many of the token as poy as you will need a considerable volume of it to be able to make a reasonable amount of money when it eventually lunched.

With the detailed information revealed in this memefi Mining review, I am sure you should have fully understand how the project works and especially, how to make the most out of it.




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