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Busha App – How It Works And How To Get Free BTC Worth Of N2000

busha app

Busha app is a crypto based app that allows individuals to buy, sell and trade crypto currency of any kind, ranging from Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, and other alt coin.

Busha works exactly as that of the bundle app and in this detailed guide, I am going to explain to you, how the app works, how to use it’s services and especially, how to get free 2000 naira just to download and sign up on the app.

About busha app

Busha allows individuals to Buy, Sell, Swap & Store Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin & more instantly or via P2P.

With this mobile application, you will be able to buy Bitcoin in Nigeria instantly with your debit card or bank account. Busha allows you to buy, sell, swap or store cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin & Ethereum with an easy to use and user-friendly app.

Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, and other cryptocurrencies are available on Busha. You can trade at the click of a button (no prior knowledge is required). Busha is secure and makes it very easy to buy crypto with Naira or vice versa.

Won’t you rather trade and store your crypto assets on a platform you can trust? Busha is a Nigerian based crypto exchange that offers you all these and more.

Features of busha app

Busha app as a crypto exchange APK exhibit some features that makes a lot of people trust it and endorsed it as their new crypto exchange app, by adding it to the existing options for their crypto exchange.

Below are what you stand to enjoy as soon. As you start using the app:

• Zero transaction fees when you buy or sell with fiat.

• Instant payout to your registered bank account.

• Guaranteed security of your crypto assets.

• Amazing user interface and an even better user experience.

• Two or more of your favorite cryptocurrencies available.

• Best rates in Nigeria.

With Busha, you can:

Exchange cryptocurrency for Naira with ease, Keep track of cryptocurrency price changes, send and receive Bitcoin, Ethereum and other cryptocurrencies with ease, buy Bitcoin instantly with your debit card and as well as the opportunity to Securely store crypto in your Busha wallet for free.

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Busha app Download

Having gone through the detailed information on how the Busha app works, the next thing is to download the app and get it installed on your mobile phone and in this section, I am going to provide you with the direct link to download the app and get it installed on your mobile phone.

Name                                             Busha app

Size                                               6MB

Version                                          Latest Version

Service                                          Crypto Exchange

Download Busha app

Busha APK

In this section, I will be providing you with the direct link to download the app APK with the detailed instructions on how to get the app installed on your mobile phone.

Name                                             Busha APK

Size                                               6MB

Version                                           Latest Version

Service                                           Crypto Exchange

Download Busha APK

How to install Busha APK

To get the Busha APK installed on your mobile phone, simply download the APK file provided above and allow the download process to complete.

Once the download process is completed, simply open your phone gallery and navigate to the download folder of your phone, open the download folder and click to open the APK file you download above.

An install button will appear, click on the install button and the installation process will begin, with for the installation process to complete automatically and start using the app.

Busha registration – How to register on busha app

To register on Busha app, all you have to do is to go to the download section of this guide, download the app and get it installed on your mobile phone.

Open the app and Register with your email address, if you’re asked for a referral code, simply enter 2dHmWs as your referral code. Verify your email and all other necessary verification requirements and you will gain access Into your Busha account immediately.

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You can now start exploring to experience all features of the app in real life. Lol!

How to buy cryptocurrency on Busha

This is the simplest task on the app, to buy any crypto currency of your choice, simply fund your account with the equivalent amount in naira.

Now login to your account and select the coin you want to buy, click on the buy button and follow the prompts to complete your purchase.

how to claim free Bitcoin worth of 2000 naira on busha

How to claim free Bitcoin worth of 2000 naira on Busha

Yes! As it has been stated in the previous part of this guide that you can get free two thousand naira upon your registration on the Busha app, in this section, I am going to tell you the only action required to get your free N2000 bonus on the Busha app.

All you have to do is to verify your Busha account, once you complete your registration, you will see an option to verify your account to be able to perform higher transaction, simply follow the prompts to get your account verified

If you didn’t see the verification pop up, a simply click on the profile icon at the bottom of the app, you will see levels, click on it and select upgrade to level 2. Select a verification option, you can use BVN or any form of ID card. But in Order to get the bonus very fast, simply use BVN to verify your account.

Once your verification is accepted and your account is upgraded to level 2, you will get instant  free Bitcoin worth of two thousand naira.

However, you should note that this is just a promotional offer and it can be terminated at any point in Time.


Busha have stopped giving out free 2,000 to newly registered members.

How to withdraw my free 2000 bonus

To withdraw the bonus, a you have to do is to click on the Bitcoin balance and sell it for Naira. The naira will reflect in your Busha account immediately.

Once you are able to convert the Bitcoin to naira, simply click on the Naira balance and click on cash out. Follow the prompts to withdraw the money via P2P.

Is there a referral commission?

It depends, if you sign up and get the free 2000 naira and instruct others to do same, you’re not going to get any referral bonus for that.

But, the app have a separate referral program that pays individuals, a sum of N500 for every individuals they refer to the app and in order to get this bonus, your referral must perform a trade that worth N10,000.

To get started with that, login to your Busha account, click on the profile icon at the bottom right corner of the app, you will see option provided for referrals, click on it and follow the terms and conditions.

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Note that to get the free 2000 bonus, you don’t need to trade anything, so far the campaign is still on.

busa N2000 campaign

Latest UPDATE On Busha Free N2,000 Campaign

The Busha get free BTC worth of N2000 campaign has come to an end and this implies that all New registered member will not receive the 2000 naira bonus.

However, if you have gotten the bonus before the campaign comes to an end, you will be able to withdraw the bonus or keep it, depending on your choice.

I can’t withdraw my Busha 2000 naira bonus

It has come to our hearing that some individuals are having difficulties in getting their respective bonus withdrawn to their Nigeria bank account and this is because of traffic.

Nigeria government has ban the financial institutions in engaging in crypto related transactions and on this note, the only available option to get the bonus withdrawn is P2P(Peer-to-peer). Regarding the fact the that people withdrawing 2k and below has increased, there’s insufficient availability of partners that are willing to allow the transaction Lower than 2000 Naira.

What should I do to be able to withdraw?

All you need to do is to keep trying, if you used one bank in your first trial, use another bank in your second trial and before you repeat that in few times, you will see a partner that will accept the transaction and you will be able to withdraw the money to your bank account.

busha N2000 bonus withdrawal

Optional method

You still can’t withdraw? Simply concert the money to Tron(TRX) then sell it to a trusted crypto vendor and get your cash sent to your bank account.

How to make money on busha even without the free N2000 campaign

You can actually make money on the app even without the get N2000 campaign, the app actually pays N500 per referral but your referral will have to involve in a trade worth of 10,000 naira. The 10,000 trade is a cumulative target, this implies that it doesn’t necessary that your referral perform the N10,000 trade at once.

The referral can trade 5,000 Naira in two times, 3,000 naira trade in four times and etc.

As shown in the picture below, I have been able to refer two Individuals that have cumulative trade amount of N10,000 or More and have been credited with referral bonus. If you refer ten individuals, then you get N5000. You can then set your target and work towards it.

busha Referral

Conclusion: Busha app is one of the best cryptocurrency exchange app in Nigeria and with the detailed information provided in this guide, you should be able to use the app without any form of issue.

However, if after reading this guide, you still have questions or need clarification concerning any activity on the app, simply drop a comment in the comments section below and the appropriate response will be provided for you as soon as possible.


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  1. It kept saying last_name can only contain alphanumeric character, hypes

    I’ve all the types of passwords but it’s all the same story.
    Please help
    Can you give us the format on how to create the password?!

  2. Error during communication, error occur while communicating with server , that was the response I received during bvn verification

  3. I am having this error message after i insert my BVN
    Error during communication: Error occurred while communicating the server with statuscode503.
    Pls what do I do?

  4. I hv issues at the place where I will set password it was saying FISRT NAME CAN ONLY CONTAIN ALPHANUMERIC CHARACTER HYGEN.
    and hv use a password with uppercase and lowercase and number, special characters till the same thing
    And hv keep trying up to 10times already still the same thing what can I do

  5. I hv password issue and I put the password correctly
    Let say for example this is the password I use (Shamsprint1*) I think all the things they need for the password the there nah but keep showing so problems

  6. I hv issues at the place where I will set password it was saying FISRT NAME CAN ONLY CONTAIN ALPHANUMERIC CHARACTER HYGEN.
    and hv use a password with uppercase and lowercase and number, special characters till the same thing
    And hv keep trying up to 10times already still the same thing what can I do

  7. Have done everything sold btc to naira but the withdrawal section am having probs there it not withdrawing it’s saying the amount is too low for them to attend to

  8. I have done every necessary things but the P2P is saying “Oh no, no partner is available at the moment or try a different amount” which I did and it keeps telling me to upgrade to Level 2 which I had already done.

  9. Boss I still hv that password issue since yesterday I was not able to set a password hv uninstall it and install it again still the same thing

  10. What’s the meaning of matching peer
    How do I know if there’s a matching peer on ground
    Does it mean I and someone else with the same amount has to do it at the same time??

  11. I have received mine to my Bank account all than to BTZ🙌🙌
    But a friend of mine has registered and verified with his BVN but haven’t received anything, just want to know if it’s still on

  12. Thank you BTZ.
    I received the bonus, but whenever I try to confirm the transfer to my bank account it tells me “ad is inactive”.
    Please is there any other method of withdrawal.

  13. If I send trx worth 10k and d person sells it would it be counted as trade?
    I might just register Ppl and try to use my own 10k to be able to get d bonus multiple times


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