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Everything You Need To Know About Crewdle And How To Join Crewdle Affiliate Program


Crewdle is a video conferencing, online meeting, and online collaboration platform that allows business to interact with their suppliers, partners and customers via live, one to many or one to one video chat. With crewdle, you will be able to create or join a meeting, without having to download anything.

In our previous guide, I fully discussed how Google meet works and today, I am going to give you the detailed information on everything you need to know about crewdle and especially the crewdle affiliate program, which allows you to promote the platform and make money in return.

About Crewdle

Crewdle is a new way to do your video calls and your videoconferences, it developed extensible distributed technologies that transform how businesses and individuals collaborate and meet remotely, offering secure, green, and easy to use video communication tools.

The platform is Founded in 2020 in Montreal, Canada, Crewdle proves that peer-to-peer (P2P) communication technology offers a secure environment by removing servers between users while meeting online. The result is a sustainable digital ecosystem that is more private and respectful of the environment.

Crewdle is secure as it’s technology doesn’t rely on servers, your streams on the platform are truly encrypted from end-to-end between every participant in a virtual meeting. Your streams are truly encrypted at all times and between all people participating in a virtual meeting.

Crewdle is as well, very simple to use and promised to remain so. The user experience is designed with you in mind. Everything happens right in your browser. Clean and inviting design. Diverse and useful features. A refreshing fluidity.

Features of crewdle

Crewdle as a video conferencing and an online meeting app, it has a lot of features that will makes you to be willing to choose the platform over other platforms that offer the same service. In this section, I am going to outline all the features of the platform and everything you need to know about each features.

Personal ID meeting room

Crewdle allows you to create your own personal meeting room by claiming your personal ID. When creating a personal ID room, you will receive a short URL with your personal ID. You will share that link and it will enable people to easily reach you. Meet your contacts in your personalized room or join a contact’s room in just a click.

Ad-hoc meetings

The ad-hoc meetings is another amazing features of the platform, from your dashboard or one of the platform integrations, you will be able to easily create new ad hoc meetings and invite the people you want. Ad hoc meetings are useful to create unique meeting rooms with a dynamic link that’s easy to copy and share.

Invite participants

This is a feature that create a room for many individuals to join your meeting, you will be able to invite other participants using dynamic links that will open the meeting room either in a browser (for desktop computer or mobile device) or in crewdle mobile application installed on iOS or Android.

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Social logins

Just in case you don’t want to enter an email and a password for Crewdle, that’s not an issue at all. The platform have make it easy to create an account or log in to your account using your Facebook, Google or Apple accounts. This is in a bid to make sure that everyone is able to have easy access to the platform and make use of it’s services without any form of interruption.

Ability to record meetings

Crewdle let you decide whether to record or not. If you do record the meeting, easily share with participants after the event for them to view at a later time. The video and audio are recorded in the Crewdle cloud, and the recording files can be streamed from a browser.

This is a great hassle-free option. So, if you have always wanted to record your meetings and makes is available for streaming without occupying space on your phone, crewdle just make it easier for you.

Screen sharing

Want to share your screen to show something to the other participants? Making a presentation to your colleagues? Crewdle makes it easy to share a tab from your browser, an application or your entire screen to the other participants.


crewdle is embedded with a chat option, which while on a call, allows you to send messages to the other participants or to share a link. The text chat uses peer-to-peer technologies as well meaning they are also sent without using a server. Everything is encrypted from end-to-end, meaning completely secure, private and confidential.


The Contacts feature is your own personal address book! Simply connect and make a call in one click or see who’s online at any time. With this feature, you can easily invite anyone to join in and start Crewdling.

Live Streaming

If you have interest in reaching your audience in real-time, then you can take advantage of live streaming and broadcast from any location and connect to your audience, wherever they are. As simple as holding a virtual meeting, manage your event like a pro and create the perfect experience.

Watch Party

Watch Party allows you to watch your favorite show, movie, event or concert live, or recorded, with the other participants. You all get to watch and hear the same stream together. The most exciting is being able to interact with  each other at the same time

Remote control

In addition to collaborating and interacting live during a meeting, there is a remote control feature, let’s say someone else requests to have control to share their part of a presentation – the remote control function also enables you to activate the mute function for all that are attending or, sometimes, just for that one person that’s chatting on the side.

It also lets you put someone in the spotlight or, if absolutely needed, kick someone out of the meeting. And yes, it also allows you to give these powers to someone else. This gives you the opportunity to take full control of your meeting and conference respectively.

Above and lots More are the amazing feature that you will enjoy whenever you hold a meeting on crewdle.

Register on crewdle now! And enjoy Better way to video conferencing a all kinds of online meeting!

Crewdle partnership program

Crewdle Affiliate program

Crewdle Affiliate program allows you to earn both direct and recurring commission for every individuals you invited to the app. When you join the crewdle affiliate program, you will be given a personal link to share with your referrals, immediately someone registered with the link, you will gain an instant $1 bonus and %30 of the subscription if they upgrade to any premium plan on the platform.

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How to join crewdle affiliate program

To join the crewdle affiliate program which sometimes referred to as crewdle referral program, simply register on the Partnerstack platform.

To get registered on the crewdle video conferencing platform, Simply click here to register on the crewdle video conferencing platform. All you need for the registration is your real name and your email address. Make sure you enter a valid email address, a verification link will be sent to your email address, click in the verification link to verify your crewdle account.

Join crewdle partnership program(Partnerstack)

Once you complete your crewdle account verification, simply click here to go to the partnership page. You will see the apply now button, simply click on it and you will be taken to the partnership Registration page.

On the partnership registration page,  you will be asked the following questions, simply answer them as instructed below:

Name: Enter the exact name you used when you register for crewdle account above.

Email: Enter the exact email you used during your crewdle account creation.

How many people are part of your audience? Enter above 50 or 100.

Where do you plan sharing your link? Copy the link to your Facebook profile and paste it their. To copy your Facebook profile link, all you have to do is to login to your Facebook account, go to your profile and you will see a three black dots, click on the dots and select copy link to profile.

Why do you want to join this program? To promote it to more potential users.

Where is your audience located? Worldwide, then mention some countries including the country you reside.

What industry do you currently work with? Traveling agency or tech.

What type of partnership are you looking for? General partnership.

Now, click on the next button and you will receive an email from partnerStack to verify your email, click on the verify email to verify your email and set your login password. Wait for crewdle to accept you Into it’s partnership program. It takes between 1hour to 24hours.

Once you have been approved, you will get an email as shown below, simply copy your referral link and start referring others to earn $1 per sign up.

crewdle affiliate program

Note: Make sure you follow the format above while submitting your application, so as to get approved.

Partnerstack crewdle

Partnerstack crewdle is same thing as the crewdle partnership program as explained in the just concluded section above. Crewdle partner with partnerstack so as to provide you with a viable means to measure your performance and growth on your crewdle affiliate program.

Once you join the crewdle affiliate program and your application is approved, you will have access to your membership dashboard on partnerstack, and from the dashboard, you will be able to see your earnings, clicks and other information you will needed on your crewdle affiliate journey.

Crewdle withdrawal

Crewdle partnership program pays every month and your earnings for previous month with be sent to you on the 13th of the following month. For example, if you join the crewdle affiliate program now, you will receive your first payment on the 13th of next month.

To add your payment method, simply login to your partnership dashboard and click on the. Menu bar at the top right corner. Select reward and withdrawals and click on the add payment button. The two payments method that are available are PayPal and stripe. If you’re from Nigeria and don’t have a PayPal account, simply read our previous guide on how to create a PayPal account in Nigeria.

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Crewdle Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Having released the detailed information about the crewdle affiliate program, we have been able to gathered a lot of commonly asked questions and in this section, I will be providing you with the Frequently Asked Questions with appropriate response to each questions.

This will help you everyone to understand the crewdle partnerstack better and have detailed understanding on how the program works.

How can I get my referral link

It’s very simple and it has been explained in the previous part of this guide, but regardless, I will still provide the appropriate response to this particular questions in this part.

To get your actual crewdle referral link, simply login to your partnerstack account and click on the menu bar and select summary. Scroll down a little and you will see link, click on the copy icon and the link with be copied to your phone clipboard.

You can also click on the menu bar and select link from the menu option, copy the default link directly, you don’t need to create a custom link nor made any changes.

What is next after registration

Once you complete your registration on the crewdle affiliate program, the next thing is to copy your referral link and refer others to the platform using the referral link.

For each sign up you’re ably to refer, you will get $1 and if any of the sign ups upgrade or make any purchase on crewdle, you will get 10% of the total purchase amount.

Do my referrals need to join crewdle partnership program?

No! Once they registered on the platform, you will get all the appropriate commission for referring them to the platform. But, for an individual to become a partnership, you must register on the crewdle platform first, then use Same email to apply for the partnership program, just as explained in the registration section of this guide.

Why are my earnings still on pending?

The earnings you see on pending are for documentation process and Jo action is required to move the earnings out of the pending section.

As time goes on, the balance will be verified and the earnings will leave pending.

How can I check my actual balance on crewdle partnerstack

A lot of individuals have complained that the amount they’re seeing on their dashboard is lower as compared to the amount of individuals they have referred so far and this is because they ain’t checking supposed place to know their actual balance.

To know your actual earnings, simply login to your partnerstack dashboard and click on the menu bar and select rewards and withdrawals. You will see the breakdown of your earnings with your next payment date.

What’s the minimum withdrawal?

You need to have at least $5 on your partnerstack dashboard in order to get paid to. The next payment date.

I can’t refer, what can I do to make money on crewdle affiliate?

I understand that a considerable amount of individuals are having difficulties in getting referrals to the program and this is because they didn’t understand how that can be done. But what if I decided to teach you a way out?

In order to let everyone benefits from this program, we have provide you with a detailed guide on how to get referrals to whichever program you’re promoting. In the guide, we have provide you with all possible means to get a lot of referrals without stress nor spending a dime.

See how to refer people to any program without any form of stress

However, if you still have any question or support after reading the FAQs, simply drop it in the comments section of this guide and you will get the appropriate response as soon as possible.

Conclusion: Crewdle has provide you with all the handy tools to make your video conferencing and meeting an amazing one and give you the full control over your meetings. With the detailed information provided in this guide, you should have fully understand how the platform works and how to participate in the crewdle affiliate program without any form of issue.



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    • So far you refer those people with the correct link, your earnings will appear. And as contained in some part of the guide, the sold area is for your earnings when any of your referrals upgrade to a plan on crewdle.

    • Am having this same issues, where I only see all my invitees as click, then I ask a friend of mine to sit and do it beside me to first confirm it after which I carry my dad’s phone to register using my referer link, we both register and confirmed our email still nothing shows na just click increase

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