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Soundhalla – Get Paid For Listening To Music

Get paid for listening to music on soudhalla

Soundhalla makes me realized that there is actually an opportunity that allows you to get paid for listening to music. Imagine getting paid for what you always do for free. You will have fun listening to the music and still get paid for it.

In our previous guide, browsingtechzone has revealed in details, how you can make money completing simple tasks online and today, I will be providing you with the detailed information on how to make money by playing music on the app called Soundhalla.

Not only show you ho to make money, but also explaining all you need to know about the app and how to make proper use of it, so as to be able to accumulate more cash on the platform and withdraw to your local bank account without any form of stress.

About soudhalla app

Soundhalla is a listen and earn music app that allows you to discover new music, Listen to the music, Review the music by dropping your honest opinion about the music and get paid in return.

If you are a lover of good music, then this app will help you to monetize your hobby and provide you with the opportunity to make money doing what you love doing.

On soundhalla app, once you discover new music from the best emerging Artists around the world, you will be provided with the option to listen to the music and you will be able to make money for every 20seconds you used on a particular music.

Soundhalla is built to support talented emerging Artists who do not have huge budgets to spend on the rising cost of music promotion. The app decided to give every artist, a dream, an opportunity to impact the world with their music.

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Soundhalla Earnings – How To Get Paid For Listening To Music

On the Said soundhalla app, New music is uploaded when new songs are available for review, all required of you is to keep checking the app from time to time, so as to know when new music is available for you to listen and earn.

To start making money listening to music on the app, all you have to register an account first.

Soudhalla Registration – How to sing up on Soundhalla

Simply download the soudhalla app from Google play store or iOS store if you’re using an iphone. The direct link to download the app can be found in the download section of this guide.

Open the app and click on the sign up button, you will be provided with the registration form. Simply enter all the required details and AD949046 as your referral code.

An OTP will be sent to your email, enter the OTP into the provided box and click on get started. You will be redirected to your soudhalla dashboard for immediately and you can now proceed to start listening to music to make money.

Remember, the referral code to apply during the registration is AD949046

Soundhalla play music and earn

How to listen to music and get paid on Soundhalla

To listen to music on the platform and get paid, simply login to your soudhalla app and on your dashboard, you will see either of the two options shown in the picture above.

The first one is when a music is available, simply click on the play button and wait for 20 seconds, you will be asked if you love the music and yes or no button will appear, simply click yes or no and you will be redirected to the music platform you select during your registration.

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Minimize and navigate back to your soudhalla app and you will see a box asking for your opinion, enter your opinion into the box and submit. Immediately you submit, you will receive N5. On this note, you will earn #5 for every 20seconds you spent on each music.

If you encounter the notification shown in the second part of the picture, it implies that there is no music available at the moment, all you have to do is to keep checking back for new music.

Soundhalla Earnings accumulation
#5 Accumulated For Every 20seconds

Soudhalla login

You are logged out of the account and wants to regain access? All you have to do is to is to open the app and select sign in this Time around, you will regain access to your soudhalla dashboard and have the opportunity to get paid for listening to music.

Soundhalla referral

Another way to make money on the platform is through it’s referral program, the app pays it’s user’s whenever they recommend the app for other individuals and they sign up on the app with their referral code.

Soundhalla referral code

To get your personal soudhalla referral code, simply login to your account and click on the wallet icon at the bottom if the app, you will see the share button at the top, copy your referral code. Whenever anyone Sign Up on the app using the link, you will Earn N10 lol.

Soudhalla withdrawal

The minimum withdrawal on the app for is N100 and immediately you have up to N100 on your dashboard, withdrawal button will appear automatically and you will be able to withdraw directly to your local bank.

All you have to do is to click on the withdraw button, enter the amount you want to withdraw, your account details and the account number and you will receive the Withdrawal within an hour.

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Note that, There is a N10 charge for withdrawals less than N5000. N25 charge for withdrawals between N5000 and N50,000 and N50 charge for withdrawals above N50,000.

Soundhalla app download

If you love good music, why not get paid to discover it? Having known exactly how you can get paid for listening to music on soudhalla app, I will be providing you with the direct link to download soudhalla app in this complete guide.

In this section, you will be able to get the direct link to the music discovery apk free download as well as the soundhalla music discovery apk free and be able to sign up and start listening to music to earn in return. As it has been narrated, you will get paid when you submit a feedback after listening and each song is 20 seconds.

If you like the music, you get to discover the Artist and If you don’t like the music, you leave some feedback for the Artist. The more you listen, the more you earn.

Name                                             Soundhalla App

Size                                                 27MB

Version                                          Latest Version

Service                      Get Paid For Listening To Music

Download soudhalla app for Android

Download soudhalla app for iphone

Soudhalla referral code:    AD949046

Conclusion: Having gotten the detailed information on how to get paid for listening to music, you should have fully understand how to make money by playing songs on the platform, however, you should know that: Listeners who spam the app with poor feedback will be banned for life.

On this note, whenever you’re reviewing any music on the platform, make sure you drop a well constructed honest opinion, so as to have the opportunity to keep using the account and get paid to listen to music.




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