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Taskroyal.com Review – Is Taskroyal Legit Or Scam

Taskroyal.com review

Like many other platforms that you might have came across in the past, task royal is a Ponzi scheme investment platform that allows you to make up to three times your investment amount in 60days and in this taskroyal.com review, I am going to provide you with all you need to know about task royal.

Not only that, you will find out the reasons why I classified the platform to where I have classified it as contained at the beginning of the just concluded paragraph above.

So, whether you’ve joined the platform already and looking for opinions to aid your investment decision, or you haven’t registered and just looking forward to register, this task royal review will definitely serve you that information you’ve been craving for.

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About task royal

TaskRoyal is an acclaimed free worldwide service, which consists of allowing advertisers to reach thousands of potential customers by displaying their advertisement(s) on taskroyal.com and users to earn money by viewing those advertisements.

Task royal users are to click on the said advertiser’s advertisement and view it for specific period of time, which is said to have been specified by an anonymous advertiser.

After viewing the advertisement, the user gets credited with a pre-determined amount of money in their TaskRoyal account.

Check out what Taskroyal looks like

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How taskroyal works

The amount of money each user earns varies based on the user’s membership / level, the type and quantity of advertisements the user views, the quantity and the value of the tasks the user completes and the quantity of referrals the user has and their activity as well.

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However, there are no limits regarding to how much you can earn on task royal. The more active you are, the higher the earnings will be, because Taskroyal claims to always appreciate and reward activity.

In the platform defense, it claims to fully understand the says that said “time is money” and decided to make every time you spent on the platform a rewarding one. Continue reading this taskroyal.com review as we reveal more details about the platform.

Taskroyal investment plans

As it has been stated earlier, you can make money by watching advertisement on task royal, but before you can be eligible to get paid from the platform, you must upgrade your membership level and in this section of my taskroyal review, I am going to outline all the membership levels on the platform.


Price: $0.00

Tasks per day: 4

Price of each task: $0.40

Daily income from tasks: $1.60

Duration: 15 Days

This is the free membership plan on the platform and at the end of this plan, your total income will be $24. But, this money cannot be withdrawn, even when the minimum withdrawal is $10. The only way to make this earnings to be useful for you is if you can add to it and upgrade to VIP 1, then you can start accumulating your daily earnings and withdraw as soon as you get to the minimum withdrawal.

Click here to register on task royal

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How taskroyal works


Price: $40.00

Tasks per day: 4

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Price of each task: $0.40

Daily income from tasks: $1.60

Duration: 60 Days


Price: $80.00

Tasks per day: 6

Price of each task: $0.60

Daily income from tasks: $3.60

Duration: 90 Days


Price: $170.00

Tasks per day: 9

Price of each task: $0.80

Daily income from tasks: $7.20

Duration: 180 Days


Price: $300.00

Tasks per day: 12

Price of each task: $1.10

Daily income from tasks: $13.20

Duration: 365 Days


Price: $750.00

Tasks per day: 15

Price of each task: $2.30

Daily income from tasks: $34.50

Duration: 365 Days

Taskroyal withdrawal

Task royal withdrawal

You can withdraw to your cryptocurrency wallet whenever you have the minimum of $10 on your account balance. You should bind only TRC-20 address to your account fir withdraw.

The withdrawal will take 24hrs to arrive at your provided wallet. However, you shouldn’t forget that free membership users are not eligible for Withdrawal.

Taskroyal.com review

Yes! It’s time to pay 100% attention as my comment in this section of my taskroyal review will give you a major lead on classifying the platform to where it really belongs.

While gathering the information for this task royal review, we learnt that task royal did not have any other form of income, aside the money generated from the users upgrading fees.

With the fact outlined above, it’s clear that tye platform is a Ponzi scheme investment platform and this kind of platform can crash at any point in Time.

All the advertisement you’re watching to complete your daily tasks are only virtual ads and task royal did not collect a dime to promote those products, they’re just virtual product to keep you busy and probably trick you into believing that the platform is legit.

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Is Taskroyal Legit

Task royal is a risky investment platform just like Many others that you might have came across in the past. However, they’re still paying as at the moment if writing this taskroyal.com review, but when the platform will stop paying is what no one knows.

While checking the platform for major consideration during the gathering of information for this taskroyal review, we assume that the platform might last a little and probably pay for maybe few weeks to few months, but this is not an assurance, it just an assumption.

Is Taskroyal scam

As at the moment of writing this task royal review, the platform is still paying and hence, it cannot be declared a scam yet, but can be declared a potential Scam.

This is because it’s found to be risky investment platform according to our evaluation as there’s no one to be held responsible if the platform eventually fails. The CEO is not known nor the people that serves as the customer support of the platform.

Latest Update On Task royal

As at the moment of updating this guide, task royal have stopped paying and can therefore be pronounce as SCAM/CRASHED.


A lot has been said in this taskroyal.com review and with the detailed information revealed in this guide, you must have gotten all it takes to classify tye platform to where it truly belongs and as well get a lot of information that will undoubtedly help you in taking investment decision on there platform.

However, if you must invest on the platform, make sure you invest the amount that you can afford to loose and make sure to have gotten the correct interpretation of this taskroyal review.




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