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Zenora.me Review – See If Zenora Is Legit Or Just Another Scam

zenora.me review

Zenora is another platform that promised to help individuals make up to 67,000 in just 7days with just a capital if N1,000 and in this honest zenora.me review, I will be revealing all you need to know about the platform.

Mere looking at the platform and what it promised to make possible for you, you might be wondering if that is even possible in the first place. Imagine making 64,000 naira with an investment of just N1,000. But when you think it won’t be possible and try to go through the website, you will detect that they have plans and have break the earnings into different stages. Now, you’re more confused. Lol!

Don’t, in this guide, browsingtechzone will reveal all you need to know about the platform and be able to get actual fact to clear your doubt and classify the platform to where it belongs and be sure about it.

About zenora.me

Zenora is said to be a Decentralized networking platform modeled after the blockchain-based smart contracts, which connects people from all over the world and opens the limitless possibilities of the new economic financial system. (Point: it’s said to connect people all over the world but the platform only deal with Nigeria currency and in this case, only Nigerian can register).

Zenora.me review shouldn’t give us any issue or whatsoever as it’s a platform that operates based on reused idea. It works exactly how sniggyvest and crowdyloan works and even if we conclude that the snigyvest and crowdyloan of yesterday is the zenora.me of today, we won’t be making much mistake.

The platform works with a peer to peer system just like that of the aforementioned platforms above. When you register von the platform and decide to join a chain, you will be paying to someone like you, who Also register to make money on the platform.

How zenora works

How zenora works

Zenora adopt a peer to peer Ponzi scheme system as that of mypay247 with touch if matrix, this matrix is what will enable you to make up to 64,000 naira with an investment of just N1,000. It’s just like getting double of your investment and reinvesting it till you make much money.

For example, when you register von zenora and join you first matrix with 1000, you will be marged with two other people and these people will pay you 1,000 each. Sometimes, you might be marged with one person to pay you the whole 2,000, depending on the number if individuals that are available to join new matrix. Below shows the different level of matrix that are available on the platform and how they works.

Matrix one

You will join this matrix by paying 1,000 and you will be merged with other users that will pay you a total sum of 2,000.

Once you get the two thousand naira, the next step is to upgrade your matrix to matrix two.

Matrix two

You will join this matrix by paying 2,000 and you will be merged with other users that will pay you a total sum of 4,000.

Once you get the four thousand naira, the next step is to upgrade your matrix to matrix three.

Matrix three

You will join this matrix by paying 4,000 and you will be merged with other users that will pay you a total sum of 8,000.

Once you get the eight thousand naira, the next step is to upgrade your matrix to matrix four.

Matrix four

You will join this matrix by paying 8,000 and you will be merged with other users that will pay you a total sum of 16,000.

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Once you get the sixteen thousand naira, the next step is to upgrade your matrix to matrix five.

Matrix five

You will join this matrix by paying 16,000 and you will be merged with other users that will pay you a total sum of 32,000.

Once you get the thirty two thousand naira, the next step is to upgrade your matrix to matrix six.

Matrix six

This is the final matrix on the platform, you will join this matrix by paying 32,000 and you will be merged with other users that will pay you a total sum of 64,000.

Once you get the sixty four thousand naira, you have complete the matrix series and at this point, it either you decide to quite, Start a new matrix or invest in th compensation investment plan provided by zenora.

zenora.me investment

About zenora investment

The Zenora investment is said to be a wealth faceted trading program that rewards zenora members that have internet in investing on the platform with up to 30% return on their investment in 15 days. They claim to invest in different income earning opportunities to generate maximum returns for their members. Below are the available plans


13% / Avg. return

Minimal / risk


47% / Avg. return

High / risk


28% / Avg. return

Moderate / risk


39% / Avg. return

High / risk

Zenora Registration – how to sign up on zenora.me

In order to register in the platform, all you have to do is to click here to go to the zenora registration page, on getting to the registration page, simply fill all the required details to complete your registration, login to your account and get started.

Zenora.me login

Immediately you complete the registration, you will be redirected to the login page automatically and Incase you miss that, simply go to zenora.me and click on the Menu bar to select login. Enter your email address and password and you will be redirected to your dashboard.

How to setup zenora account

To set up your Zenora account, all you have to do is to login to your account, click on the Menu bar and select profile, you will see update profile button, click on it to update your bank details in order to get paid whenever they merge you will another member to get paid.

How to join zenora matrix

Login to your account and scroll down, you will see the join button at the bottom of the app, click on it and confirm that you’re ready to pay whoever they merge you with. You will be provided with the person you will pay to and once the person confirm your payment, you will be eligible to receive 2,000 and move to the next level.

Is zenora legit or scam

Zenora.me review

As I have said in the previous part of this guide, this platform is not new and their method is well known in the past, you should understand that no ponzi scheme have moderate risk, the risk involved in this type of platforms are always high. But before I proceed to pass my judgement on whether the platform is legit or Scam, let’s take a look at the green and red flags spotted on the platform.

When I keep getting request from individuals about the status of the zenora.me being legit or scam, I see the need to release this honest review to clear you on all circumstances surrounding the platform, so I joined the platform and activate my account, below is what I am able to deduct.

Green Flags

  • You will use N1000 to get N64,000, it sounds appealing.
  • The platform is easy to understand.
  • It has a good interface.
  • It’s a peer to peer platform.
  • Zenora is still paying as at the moment of writing this zenora.me review
  • Zenora has correct a critical error that reflects in the previous platform of this nature, where you will have to wait for 12hrs before payment decision can be Made. For example, if you’re being merged with someone and the person didn’t pay, you will have to wait for twelve hours before you can reject the person.
  • On Zenora, each participants only have 1hr 30mins to pay, failure to pay, you will be able to click on not paid button and get another user merged with you for your payment.
  • The platform breaks it matrix Into six steps and this makes the actualization of making 64,000 with just 1,000 somehow easier.
  • The makes the users come back to reinvest and this will make the platform last for considerable time.
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Red Flags

1.The first red flags spotted on this platform is that, it’s a peer to peer platform and in this type of investment, there are always two drivers. And I an sure you know what happens when there are two drivers in a single car. This drivers are the admin of the platform and your fellow members that will be paying you

2. Sometimes, some people will just press the join button without being ready to pay out and this causes disruption to your own plans.

3. The receiver must confirm your payment before you will get merged to someone. What if he doesn’t confirm you despite receiving the money.

4. There is no way to submit your payment proof in order to proof that you have paid when you pay, giving more power to individuals on the platform to take advantage of that and claim they didn’t receive payments despite receiving it.

5. Other ponzi platforms that works in this manner always provide you with means to submit your Payment proof and when the receiver didn’t confirm you, the transaction will enter dispute automatically. But reverse is the case here.

I personally pay someone and the person hasn’t confirm my payment since then, hence the transaction remains pending and I am unable to move to the next matrix talk more of making half of the Said 64,000 naira. Though, he later approved it but I still get another notification that I must invite two people to proceed.

6. It’s a Ponzi scheme and won’t be paying forever, we might even say they have overstay their time, maybe.

7. For the platform to be active, a lot of people must be joining on a daily basis and the number of giver must be higher than that of receiver.

8. The platform provides it’s people with investment plans that guaranteed a certain percentage return on their investment without a tangible source of income on the platform.

9. Ok! They claimed that they are investing the money on forex and others, but all the aforementioned source didn’t guaranteed profit everytime, yet, they guarantee certain ROI for their investors.

10. The CEO of the platform remains anonymous.

Zenora hidden rule revealed

11. The platform have hidden rule that you will only get to know when you activate your level 1. I have paid the 1,000 before the notification popped up on my dashboard that I must invite two people before I will be able to move to the next matrix.

On this note, two referral is required for you to be able to make money on the platform, this implies that the requirements to join the platform is your initial investment of 1,000 and two Referrals.

However, there is still positive side of the two referrals that zenora made compulsory for everyone, as it’s contained in the previous part of this guy, the platform needs steady inflow of new active users to keep running smoothly and with this their method, they will be able to get 2x of the registered members continuously and in turn makes the platform last longer.


Is zenora.me legit

With the the detailed information provided in the red and the green Flags section of this zenora.me review, I am sure you should have gotten one or two fact to take a proper decision of if the platform is legit or scam. However, if you’re to try the platform, make sure you can afford to loose the 1000 naira you’re about to risk as the outcome is 50/50.

In my own case, I joined the platform because I can risk the N1,000 and below is how it’s going so far:

Zenora payment proof
Payments that I have received from Zenora do far
My zenora pending payment balance
Pending Balance

Is zenora.me a scam

It’s a Ponzi scheme that can stop functioning at any point in time. For example, if 10 individuals Join the platform today and make payment, nothing less than 20 users must join and make payment within the next 24hrs for smooth running of the platform and once stats start dropping below this calculation, the platform will start becoming obsolete till it Totally vanish into thin air.

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If you read our previous sniggyvest review, crowdyloan review and mypay247 review, you will understand more, because all the three platforms are no where to be found today.

Zenora version 2.0

Zenora version 2.0 review

Zenora version 2.0 is simply the relaunch of the platform after which it have crashed. Remembered I emphasized on the importance of knowing that the platform is a Ponzi platform and can crash at any point in time. This is exactly what happened towards the ending of the month of April in 2022 when the platform lost it’s bearing and unable to merge the existing members for proper payment anymore.

On this note, the platform has no other options than to pack up and they announced their plan to create another version that will be better to that of the previous, but without paying their Investors that are due for Payment on the first version.

How can I get my outstanding payment from Zenora version 1.0

I am sure this must be the primary concern of those that have invest on the platform in the first version a d are due for one or two payments before the platform Lost it’s bearing.

According to the platform, if you want to get paid with your outstanding payment on the version one, all you have to do is to login to your version 1.0 account and you will see futher instructions on how to get your way to the version 2.0 retaining your previous balance on the zenora version 1.0.

Can I actually get paid with my unpaid balance on Zenora version 1.0

This is a critical question and as at the moment of updating this zenora me review, their is no valid response to this particular question. Here is why, when I got to know that the zenora version 2.0 is finally live, I picked my login and login to my account on the version one where I was redirected to the second version and I was grant the access without the need to deposit before joining the first matrix. This is because I have an 8,000 pending Balance on the platform before it crashed the first time.


I have unpaid balance of 8000 in version 1.0, but right now, my balance is just 2000, what happened to the 6,000? I don’t know!

I cannot join the first matrix until I referred 2 valid user despite having multiple activate users in the version one.

All my referral have been wiped away and don’t have access to any outstanding benefits.

Above all, I am still unable to withdraw the money. The rule is that I must get to level 7, which is the last level of the zenora version 2.0 before I will be able to get back my unpaid earnings from v version 1.0.

On this note, there are lots of uncertainty of getting the money paid ever, one problem is getting your outstanding balance intact on the version 2.0 and another problem is cashing out the money. No one knows if you will even get to the Levy 7 before the platform crashed again.

How did zenora version 2.0 works?

It works exactly like that of the version 1.0 and the only difference is that you will use 1000 to cash out 68,000 on the version 1.0 and 1,000 to cash out 128,000 on this latest version 2.0.

Is zenora version 2.0 legit

My review remain same, the platform is of high risk and can crash at any point in time. There’s no need to stress myself emphasizing on already emphasized points as the scenario that create the version 2.0 is enough let you know what the platform is up to.

Is zenora version 2.0 scam

I have revealed more than enough fact in this guide and this facts are enough to let you know whether the platform is legit or just another scam. I have provide you with all you need to know and will not fail to give you the freedom to choose what you think is right for your by your and yourself and for yourself.

I have revealed all the facts you need to know a d my gesture is glaring already, read the guide carefully and decide if zenora.me version 2.0 worth your time or another potential waste effort.

When zenora version 2.0 was lunched

The zenora version 2.0 was partly lunched on the 1st of may and fully lunched on the 3rd of may 2022

Click here to register on zenora and start making money


Zenora is a Ponzi scheme platform as many other platforms we have known in the past and with the detailed information that has been provided for you in this zenora.me review, I am sure you have learnt all you need to know about the platform and have full hints on whether to give it a trial or zoom off.



  1. After successful registered, i want to join the matrix but am getting a reply that ” you have a pending growing balance. Please wait for it to mature before joining again.

    Pls i don’t understand this

  2. Zenora.me are not merging people again hope is not that Is about to crash I want to know so that I can stop referring people


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