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Jobirra.com Review – Legit Or Scam?

Jobirra review

If you have been looking for a honest review of the jobirra money making program, then you’re in the right place as this jobirra review is going to reveal all you need to know about the so called platform.

I was prompt to write a review about this platform after which I have received so many requests, asking if they can really make money as promised by the website.

If, you didn’t forget, I have write a detailed review about electronics4all income program, but jobirra is the program that I am going to review today.

However, weather you have joined this program or you’re yet to join the program, just read this review with proper attention so as to grab the message that this article is about to deliver.

You might have been wondering if jobbirra is legit or scam and searching for appropriate answer to know if it Worth your time or not, search no more as this article is going to provide all you need to know about jobirra.com.

What is jobirra.com?

Jobirra.com is said to be a free online forum where you post questions and get anseans from lots of members across Nigeria.

This website claims to pay you for posting questions and answers on the forum such that, when you post a question or answer and people on the platform like your question or answer, then you are going to earn some cents per likes.

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How Can I Make Money On Jobirra.com?

There are two different ways in which you can make money on the website.
1. By posting questions and answers: It was being deducted that the main reason of creating the forum is to create a communication channel in which people will be posting questions and answers, which implies that you can seek for help, get helped and also provide help via the platform.
However, if you post and answer or a question on jobirra, you earn money whenever a user like your question or answer.
The website claims that you can make up to N4,000 with just a question or answer on the platform if you post a good question or answer.
2. By Referring new members: This is another way to make money on jobirra, you will be paid N500 per Referral.
Whenever you refer someone to join jobirra.com via your referral link, you earn N500. If you refer 10 people, that is a whooping sum of N5,000. That sounds so easy right?
I know your answer is going to be yes, but this jobirra review will let you know if it is possible or not.

Is Jobirra Legit Or Scam?

It’s obvious that you are reading this review to know weather jobirra.com is scam or legit and I am going to answer that question right now.
Jobirra is obviously a scam website where you will waste your time without getting paid at the end day. Don’t worry I am going to tell you the reason why it doesn’t worth your time.
1. The website itself doesn’t have a source of income: for any website to pay you for a specific task, the website itself must have a source where it makes double or one and half of what it promised to pay it’s members.
It’s obvious that no one will create an ambition to be a failure, it’s not possible, they must be making money that guaranteed a considerable amount of profit before they can pay you a dime.
But reverse is the case as jobirra claims to pay you for posting questions and answers Without having a source of income.


The website claims to make money by displaying adverts to it’s users and in turn pay it’s members from the generated revenue, but no advert is found in the website.
However, if they later have considerable amount of traffic and decided to monetize the website by any means, just know that you will be working for the website founder to make huge revenue and get nothing in return.
2. You don’t have control over your earnings: Don’t be confused with this point, I am going to explain what I mean by this.
The way jobirra works is very related to that of easy cash job where can on work but can never reached the minimum withdrawal.
It’s simple and obvious, the fastest way to make huge amount of money on jobirra is by referring, and all members are being restricted to refer only 20 people, after twenty people, you won’t be paid for Referral anymore.
Now, let’s do some calculations, if you are able to refer twenty users, you will earn N10,000 and you need N12,000 yo cash out, this is where the problem comes in.
Let’s say you work hard to invite twenty people and you now need additional N2,000 to cash out, you can’t decide when you can earn up to N2000 by answering questions and posting answers.
It will be a very difficult tasks for you to make even N500 from posting questions and answers talk more of making N2,000 to be eligible for withdrawal.
This implies that, you will be referring people and your referral will be referring others too, but when you have not even reach the minimum withdrawal, you won’t be able to know weather they are going to pay or not.
Before you know it, you should have waste a lot of time working for them and get nothing in return.
3. They shared exact feature with a well Know scam website which has been deleted by now. This only reason is enough to mark jobirra as a scam website.
4. No payment proof: I think you shouldn’t be surprised with this as it has been explained in the number 2 above.
Conclusion: All the details provided in this jobirra review is enough for you to know that it is a scam and doesn’t worth your time. However, if you have been looking for way to make money online without investment, just click here to see details about the only website that pays up to N1,500 per referral without investment

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