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Offernation Review – Legit Or Another Scam?

 Honest Review Of Offernation Survey Platform

honest review of offernation
Offernation Review

Offernation review is a detailed insight of the so called popular GPT (Get-Paid-To) platform, which will reveal how the platform works and if it’s truly worth your time or not.

I have previously dropped a detailed review of a survey platform known as rewardingways, which works with nearly same principle as that of the offernation that I am about to reveal some things you should know about it.


My attention has lately been drawn to the platform as many individuals are obviously in hurry to know if it’s legit or scam before they dig deep into it and explore the offer that the survey platform have in its pocket.

However, if you have came across this platform and wish to know how it works and if it’s legit or not, then this article is a great rest for you as it’s going to reveal all you needs to know about the platform, how they pay and if it worth your time or not.


What Is Offernation?

Offernation is a GPT site that implement taking paid surveys as one of the ways to make money on the platform and gives you the opportunity to to earn some extra cash, which can be considered as pocket money.

If you take a very close look at the description I dropped for the offernation platform above, I described the money that you can be making on the platform as pocket money and this is because, you can only earn a penny via the platform unlike eurekasurveys and cash camel that pays considerable amount of money depending on the time you dedicated to them.

Offernation is owned by 99 Ventures which also owned the rewardingways and some other GPT (Get-Paid-To) platforms.


Apart from offernation being a legit platform or not, this review will also gives you some tips that will enable you to decide weather the platform worth your time or not.


Ways To Make Money On Offernation

As I have previously described offernation as a GPT (Get-Paid-To) site, it obviously shows that there will be multiple ways in which you can make money and get paid on this same platform and of cause, there are multiple ways to make money on this platform and I will be outlining them below with brief description of how each works.


1. Paid Surveys:

As I have stated above, offernation implement paid surveys as one of the ways to make money on the platform and which I considered as the major and the best way to make money on the platform.

Once you login to your membership area on the offernation website, you will see an option clearly labeled with surveys and ice you click on it, you will see the lists of different survey platforms, usually third party, you can they choose any of your choice, search for survey availability, complete surveys and get paid to your offernation account upon completion each surveys.

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If you are considerably familiar with survey platforms, you will understand that you gat to try multiple times to find a survey that you are qualified for and this same thing is applicable to all survey providers on the offernaton website.

2. Completing Tasks:

As a GPT site, offernation will pay it’s users to complete some simple and mostly short tasks depending and the amount attached to the task. There are lots of third party platform that have partnered with offernation to make tasks be much more available and you will get paid to you offernation account after each tasks.


Among the tasks that are available are;

I. Sign up and Get paid; This is the type of offer that requires individuals to sign up for a service or register on a platform outside the so called offernation and get paid in return.

II. Watch Video And Get Paid; This are tasks that provide each users with short videos and allow you to earn some cents upon watching each videos.

III. App Downloads; This are the type of tasks that requires you to download and install some third party app which might either be shopping app or gamming apps and you will be required to perform some action on the app and get paid in return.

3. Referring Others:

As we all know that getting more users is always the goals of any platform, offernation has set aside, a rewarding program for every members in a bid to get more users signed up to the platform.

As an existing users, you will get 25% of whatever your referral earn on the platform as you reward for inviting them to the platform and this reward in for a lifetime. This implies that you have to invite real and active people to the platform in order to get paid for doing so.

Once your referral earns some certain amount, then you get 25% of that amount and if they signed up and abandoned the platform, then you get noting!


4. Welcome Bonus:

This is a bonus as it’s name implies and you will surly get it upon the completion of your registration without have to perform any tasks or whatsoever.

Once you complete your registration, you will be given a welcome bonus of $0.25 and this will give you the moral of getting close to the minimum withdrawal as a newbie on the platform.




5. Contest:

Offernation do hold a quarterly contest and giving all members the chance to participate and stand a chance to win a whooping sum of $1,000 on the go.

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The total sum of 20 winners will share the $1,000 and which the top winner will take a whooping sum of $350


What Are The Payment Methods That Are Available On Offernation?

Now That you have know the various ways to make money on offernation, the next thing should be detailed explanation of how you get paid after which you have complete various tasks and surveys and without much stress, below are the three major payment method that are available on the so called platform.

I. PayPal; PayPal is known to be the most popular payment gateway that platforms like this do utilize in making payment to their members after which they have met the payment requirements and have the minimum amount required for the payment to be made.


You will be asked of your PayPal email address during registration and you can easily input it if you intend to cash out your earnings via this method.

II. Skrill; Skrill is also a payment gateway that is popularly used by GPT site, it also allows you to send and receive money just as that of PayPal and it’s available in all country.

You will be asked of your Skrill email address during registration and you can easily input it if you intend to cash out your earnings via this method.

III. Bitcoin; Bitcoin is a very popular crypto currency asset that can be stored in any trusted crypto wallet. It can as well be used to send and receive funds.

You will be asked of your Bitcoin wallet address during registration and you can easily input it if you intend to cash out your earnings via this method.

Make sure you copy the correct receiving address so as not to loss your funds.


Who Can Join Offernation?

Offernation is said to be a worldwide platform, which implies that anybody can join the platform regardless of the country you live.

But however Nigerians are not allowed into the platform and if you should intend to register while you reside in Nigeria, you should get a very strong VPN and connect it to USA in order to access the website. But I won’t advice you to do that, the reason will be stated in the later part of this guide.

Also note that you must be 18 years old or older to participate on the platform.


How Can A Nigerian Join Offernation?

As I have stated above that Nigerians are not allowed to register/participate on offernation, the only way to participate/register is to connect your VPN to USA and register as a citizen of the United States of America.

But if you read in between the lines above, I have advised you not to do that and this is because the platform do detect VPN either in the process of completing tasks/surveys or during the withdrawal and does this gives a high chance of your efforts being wasted.

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Also, do not attempt to login to your offernation account if you are away from the country that is entirely different from where you do the registration of your account, if this should happen your account will be marked as cheater and you will loose the access to your account.


When Can I Withdraw From Offernation?

You can withdraw your earnings from your offernation account to any of your favorite wallet at anytime and any day, provided that you have minimum of $1 in your account.


Pros Of Offernation:

I. Offernation allow it’s users to choose a payment method that is best for them by providing for them, multiple payment gateway in which if one doesn’t works for you, the other will.

II. Offernation have a relatively low payment threshold giving it’s users the opportunity to reach the minimum amount required for withdrawal as soon as possible.

III. They give every new users a welcome bonus of $0.25 and this gives the hope of reaching the payment threshold very soon for beginners.

IV. The platform is accessible for individuals from different part of the world.


Cons Of Offernation:

I. Offernation claims to be a worldwide platform but still not accessible for people from some part of the world.

II. Many tasks/survey are available but your chance of being qualified for them is very slim. Hence, there is too much disqualification.

III. The platform have a very low earning potentials.

IV. They bans a lot and make many individuals loss their hard earned money.


Is Offernation Legit Or Scam?

From the information’s that have been provided above, offernation is obviously a legit platform that will enable you to earn some penny and pay your earnings as soon a you request or it, provided that you meet all the requirements.


Does Offernation Worth One’s Time?

The best answer to this question can be provided by yourself as this offernation review has revealed all you need to know about the platform, how it works and ways to make money on the website, it’s left to you to decide based on opportunity that are available to you on the platform as location do determine the tasks that are available to you, especially when its comes to surveys.


But, if I should decide for you, I will definitely say NO as the tasks that are available on the platform are of relatively low payment and high paying survey are not always available in all location. If you would like to make some money taking paid surveys, I will recommend you to check out eurekasurveys and some other option we have discussed in our previous articles.

Conclusion: With the detailed explanation that has been dropped in this offernation review, you should have gained all it takes to either join the platform or zoom off to check out the other available options and above all, you have clearly see that the platform is legit.



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