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Home Paying Websites Taskverse Review – Earn Up To $2000 Completing Simple Tasks

Taskverse Review – Earn Up To $2000 Completing Simple Tasks

Taskverse review

Taskverse is an extraordinary get paid to platform that allows you to make a notable amount of money for any task completed on the platform and in this taskverse review, I will be providing you with a detailed information on all you need to know about the platform.

In browsingtechzone.com endeavor to make available, multiple sustainable income source, we have provide you with accelerant research platform, which allows you to earn up to $500 per every realtime surveys you’re qualified for and indeed, a lot of individuals are minting money from the platform till this present moment.

Today, I will be revealing another high paying platform that once you knows how it works and become conversant with it, you will surely make a very good income from the platform.

In the heading of this guide, I mentioned that you will be able to earn up to $2000 from the platform and thinking about the fact that the platform doesn’t requires an investment, that acclaimed amount might seems to be a lot to you but not to worry, I will be providing you with the screenshot of the latest payout from the platform.

About taskverse

TaskVerse is a centralized platform that aim to source, recruit, and manage freelancers or “Taskers” from anywhere around the world. This implies that everyone is eligible to register and take part in the activities of the platform.

In addition to taskverse full-time and in-house dedicated TaskUs Teammates, Taskers take on tasks such as audio transcription, image annotation, data collection, among others.

With the flexibility to work any number of hours from anywhere, TaskVerse opens a new dimension to attract, access, and engage with the best global talent.

How To make money on taskverse

There are two different ways to make money on taskverse a we will be discussing in the taskverse review, the first one is through completing simple tasks as reflected all over this guide and the other on is referring others to the platform.

How to make money by completing tasks on taskverse

This is the basic way to earn from TaskVerse and with this option, you don’t need to look for referral or any other thing, all required of you is to set your profile appropriately and wait for a task you qualified for to be available.

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When you log in to the your account and navigate to the platform launchpad, you will see the Available task if any is available for you at that moment.

However, the platform have a but and this but is that task are hardly Available for users, but trust me, when one is Available, it gonna be a good paying one.

On this note, you should know and have it at the back of your mind that tasks will not be always available available. On this note, after which you have complete your registration, if anytime a tasks is luckily available for you, make sure you take it serious and follow instructions strictly.

The types of tasks that will be made available for you on the platform will vary but one thing is that it’s not the type of tasks you will typically encounter on other get paid to sites.

The tasks available on  TaskVerse are unique and most of these tasks are used for improving AI (artificial intelligence) performance. For example, a task can ask you to make videos of yourself making different facial expressions, record a 10 minute voice note, translate and speech and etc.

Each task on taskverse has a set of instructions you need to follow, and you will get to see these instructions when you click the task. Once you are ready to work on the task, all you have to do is to click the on-screen “Agree and launch task” button.

After which you’ve complete the task and submit all the requirements, all you have to do is to wait for TaskVerse to approve your submission. There’s no exact time for approval duration, but it usually doesn’t take more than few days for your submission to be approved or denied.

To see the status of the task you have submitted, all you have to do is to login to your taskverse account and navigate to the Launchpad section of the member dashboard.

Click here to register on taskverse and start making money completing simple tasks

Taskverse referral program – Make money by referring others to taskverse

I think this method of earning is basically common to all platforms, especially get paid to platforms and taskverse isn’t left out. But the referral game is different in taskverse case.

Apparently, the referral programs on other get paid to sites will only require you to invite others to join the platform by sharing your invitation link. Hence, whenever anyone click the link and sign up as a member, they will immediately become your referral and you will get paid with the stipulated amount of it’s one time earnings, or a fixed commission every time they earn on the platform.

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Referral Program doesn’t works like that in the case of TaskVerse, taskverse run a task based referral program and this implies that the referral program will depend on the tasks offered.

When there is an opportunity for you to refer people and earn, the task will appear on your lunch pad or get notified via your registered email. Such task will give you the opportunity to invite other people to complete a particular tasks via a unique invitation link.

Once someone click on the link and be able to complete the task, then you will get paid depending on the task agreement.

However you should take note of the fact that to receive the referral reward, your referral must complete the task he/she was invited to. And this is the main reason why the taskverse referral program is being referred to as a task-based referral program rather than a regular referral program that you might have known in the past. The reward will also vary depending on the task.

This guide can help you in filling your profile during your registration on taskverse: How to fill demographics in surveys platform.

Taskverse sign up

Taskverse sign up

Simply click here to to the platform registration page and filling in your email and password in to the required area.

You will be asked for some demographics questions, make sure they you answered those questions accurately and professionally. Incase you new to filling demographics, I have provide you with a recommendation above.

The information contained in your profiling/demographics set up is what will determine how frequently you get tasks available for you on the platform.

How to get paid on taskverse

When signing up on the taskverse platform, you should pay attention to every details as you will be prompt to provide a PayPal email address, simply enter your preferred PayPal email address.

This will be profiled for you as you pay out method and you with get paid through it whenever you are due for a payment.

Taskverse Minimum Withdrawal

There is no minimum withdrawal on taskverse, payments are processed once in a week on every thursdays for tasks that have been approved.

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This implies that when you have submitted a tasks between Friday and the following Thursday and get approved, the earnings for those tasks will be forwarded to your PayPal account on the following Thursday. It takes between 10 to 15days for your payment to arrived at your PayPal account after which it has been processed.

Taskverse withdrawal proof

Taskverse payment proof

Above is a recent payment proof from the platform, and as you can see, it’s a whooping sum of $1,500. The money was accumulated via referral tasks that is available for the particular users at that period of time. You can earn up to $50 per referral or even more, depending on the tasks available at that particular moment.

Remember that this referral program doesn’t work in such a way of grabbing a link and promoting it. I will suggest that you read this taskverse review carefully to get the full picture of how the platform works.

Taskverse review

Undoubtedly, you don’t need to complete so many tasks on the platform to earn a reasonable amount of money. You can actually earn up to $50 per task available for you on the platform. However you should know that the higher-paying a particular task is, determine how much it will be more complicated as compared to the less paying and require a bit more effort.

But when we negate the complications, the amount you will earn is actually good and that alone is enough to nullify other factors. Obviously, it’s rare to find get paid to sites or data entry site that offer such higher amount per task.

However, you shouldn’t forget the but that I have outlined in the previous part of this taskverse review and you should always keep it in mind that, there are limited tasks on the platform and you might only be Chanced to see a task once in a while, so while the pay is good, you can’t expect to earn every day.

That being said, I would still say the earning potential of TaskVerse is still pretty good because it pays a good amount per task you manage to complete.

Is taskverse legit

Apparently, if you have been following me through this taskverse review, the fact that taskverse is legit is obviously written all over the review. The platform is legit and you will get paid if you do things accordingly.

Don’t have a PayPal account? See how to create PayPal account that can send and receive money (for Nigerians alone).

Click HERE to Register on taskverse now!


This taskverse review has so far revealed to you, all you need to know about the platform and especially, how to make money on the platform via the affiliate option and as well as the main option, which is to comply tasks and make money.



    • According to the guide, the opportunity is Available worldwide.

      But as task availability will varies with location, you can choose to use a location you think it’s the best

    • It’s glaring that you just comment for commenting sake and you haven’t even read the guide.

      1. This particular platform don’t have a regular referral program.

      2. People that follow this blog and understands simple English have been provided with a valid means of creating a PayPal account.

  1. Ok, I saw above that anyone can register on taskverse.

    Then does that mean we have to enter our true details and without a VPN to choose USA?

    Should we follow the demographics profiling details, is there no complications?

  2. Please I don’t know what happened after I input my email and received registration link then I clicked on the link to get started and i was asked to fill my date of birth after I have done that I clicked on next but it keeps refreshing to the same page over and over again….is there anything you can help with please?


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