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Admoni App Review – How To Accumulate Free Airtime

Admoni app review

Admoni is a reward and discount application for frontier markets. Admoni aggregates discounts and rewards for users in specific regions. And allows users redeem and earn further reward points as they engage using the app. In today’s Admoni app review, I am going to provide you with all you need to know about the app.

Not only that, I am also going to provide you with tye Detailed information on all the benefits you can get from the app and especially, how to accumulate as much airtime as possible for free on the app.

In our previous guides, browsingtechzone have revealed how to accumulate free Airtime by answering surveys on voicesafrica and today, I am going to provide you with yet another app that allows you to get free airtime for completing simple tasks.

About Admoni

As it has been stated in the previous part of this guide, Admoni is a reward wallet that reward users with a native token known as ADT when the user watch video ads on the app on a daily basis. The app partners offer you discounts with Admoni tokens as you engage their goods and services, especially, watching video ads.

The adt token is equivalent to naira(i.e 1 ADT = ₦1 ) and can be redeemed via varieties of options like airtime, pay bills, shop on the app and lots more that might be available in the future. However, the shopping feature is not yet Available as at the moment of writing this Admoni app review but will be available as soon as possible.

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How To Accumulate Free Airtime On Admoni

Accumulating free airtime on the Admoni app is very simple and all you have to do is to engage in all activities that gives you the ADT token and you can in turn redeem the token for airtime. It’s as simple as that.

There are two methods to accumulate the token and this includes the completion of simple tasks and the referral program.

How to accumulate ADT token Via Tasks

The app provides you with with different video ads on a daily basis and by watching these ads, you will earn the ADT token in return. You will find out more after which you have complete your registration on ADT.

Admoni referral program

Admoni Referral Program

Admoni referral program rewards users who refer their friends and family to the download and register on the Admoni app with free 50 Naira worth of ADT token 50ADT. At the same time, the referred user also gets free 50 Naira worth of ADT.

Now, you will agree with me that this is the best opportunity to accumulate as many ADT token as possible for free. Another amazing opportunity that comes with this is that you can as well generate as many referrals as possible without seeking the help of anyone, depending on how many SIM cards you have.

Admoni Registration – How to claim Free ADT

To register on the Admoni app, simply click HERE to download the app. You will be redirected to play store to download the admoni Wallet, simply download and register on the app.

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While registering, make sure that adexbkw is showing in the referral box, this is necessary for you to be able to get your welcome bonus of 50ADT.

Once you fill all the required field and click on the registrater button, an OTP will be sent to your phone number to verify your account. When you are done with the initial sign up process, you will be given free 50ADT and you can use it to buy airtime immediately.

NOTE: In case you’re told that th OTP has been sent to your phone number but you can’t find it in your message box, simply check your email.

How to Accumulate Unlimited Airtime On Admoni Wallet

Once you complete your registration, grab your referral link and share with family and friends and in case you have multiple sim card, simply follow tye instructions below to accumulate;

Once you complete your registration and get the welcome bonus, the next thing is to grab your referral link and this account will serve as your Main account, the next step is to accumulate and to do this, you need multiple Sim cards.

Simply check out our detailed guide on how to clone app and use the option of Multi Space follow the instructions in the guide and clone the app into as many places as you want or according to the number of Sim cards you have and then proceed to create accounts.

While creating the accounts, make sure you use your main account’s username as referral code to get free 50 ADT referral bonus and welcome bonus from each account.

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You will get 50 Naira worth of ADT on your new account and 50 Naira worth of ADT as referral bonus on your main account provided that you use the username as referral code.

Claim your free 50ADT token now!

How to redeem ADT token

How to Redeem Your ADT as Airtime On Admoni Wallet

Now that you have understand all it takes to accumulate free ADT token on the Admoni app, the next thing is to understand how to convert your ADT token to Airtime and the steps to follow are discussed in Detailed below:

To redeem your airtime on admoni, simply click on Mobile Top Up, select the network > select 5-50,000 Naira from the list and then enter any amount starting from 5 naira to 100 naira. Enter your phone number and submit.

The airtime will be instantly credited to your airtime balance but there are some rules you should know too. The maximum amount you can redeem from your admoni Wallet daily is 100 naira airtime. So if you accumulate up to 10,000 adt, it will take you 100 days to withdraw everything with the daily 100 naira airtime purchase limit.

Conclusion: With the detailed information revealed in this Admoni app review, you should have fully understand how the app works and especially, how to accumulate free airtime on the app. However, the Daily withdrawal limit shouldn’t discourage you from Accumulating as much as you can. Withdrawing ₦100 everyday isn’t bad at all, since it’s completely free.




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