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MTN Zigi Chatbot – How It Works And How To Get Free 1GB Daily

mtn zigi chatbot

MTN zigi chatbot is a new chat assistance introduced by MTN which will save you from the stress and delay of waiting for a customer care representative to attend to you whenever you called to make an enquiry or to lay complaints.

Today, I have decided to publish this complete detailed guide on MTN Zigi, in a bid to reveal all you need to know about the bot and especially, how to get free data via the bot. The bot have an option that will allow you to get free 1GB worth of data on a daily basis or even hourly in some cases.

About MTN Zigi

Zigi is MTN’s all-new digital personal assistant that has been configured to answer questions, assist customers with products and services activation, and also give information on any of the MTN’s products and services.

The bot has been configured in such a way that it will be able to provide you with any information you need about the MTN product and services, activate and deactivate any service for you and if you want to speak with a customer care representative, the bot will also be able to connect you with one.

The bot is configured to attend to customers with the use of English language and as a result of this, you can only chat with Zigi using English language and you can only have access to Zigi with your MTN sim card.

Zigi is always available to assist all MTN customers at any time of the day and you are free to contact the bot whenever you need to make any enquiry or run into any issue with your MTN line. All you need to chat with the MTN Zigi chatbot is internet connection and a WhatsApp or messenger or telegram account.

How MTN Zigi chatbot works

As it has been stated in the previous part of this guide, Zigi is a chatbot and a personal assistance and all you have to do to access the bot, is to follow the appropriate link to whichever medium you want to use to access the bot.

Once you are connected to the bot, you will see option menus and you can then reply with the appropriate response to select the Menu of your choice.

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MTN WhatsApp number – How to chat with MTN Zigi on WhatsApp

To chat with the MTN Zigi chatbot on WhatsApp for any assistance, all you have to do is to message the chatbot on WhatsApp via: https://wa.me/2349033000001

Send any message to the bot, and you will be provided with the required terms and conditions, enter 1 to accept. Once you accept the terms a d conditions, you will be provided with menus. Simply enter 1 to check balance, 2 to access MTN4Me offer, 3 to access MTN borrow me service, 4 to access MTN tariff plans, 5 for games, 6 for frequently asked questions, and 7 to chat with a customer care representative.

MTN telegram bot – How to chat with MTN Zigi on telegram

To chat with the MTN Zigi on telegram, simply message the bot on telegram via: https://t.me/MTNOnlineBot

Once you get to the telegram bot, click on the start button and send your MTN number to the bot. You will see the terms and conditions, click on the accept button and an OTP will be sent to the provided MTN number, send the OTP to the bot and the chat menu will be provided for you.

You can now tap on you preferred chat menu to continue. If you don’t want to go through the registration process, you can simply click on the chat as guest button.

MTN bot for Facebook messenger – How to chat with MTN Zigi on Facebook messenger

Simply click https://m.me/MTNLoaded to access the MTN Zigi chatbot on Facebook messenger, click on the get started button

Once you click on the get started button, enter your preferred MTN phone number and an OTP will be sent to the number immediately, enter the OTP to continue to the MTN Zigi Facebook messenger chatbot menu. If you’re willy to skip the OTP process, you can simply click on chat as guest.

mtn zigi free data

MTN Zigi free Data – How to get free 1GB data per day on MTN Zigi

This is one of the primary information to be revealed in this guide and having shown you how the MTN Zigi chatbot works, I will be showing you how to get free data via the bot.

To get the 1GB data via MTN Zigi free data, all you have to do is to say hi to Zigi on WhatsApp, if it’s your first time of chatting with Zigi, enter 1 to accept it’s terms and conditions and scroll down the chat menu.

You will see a button that says “Zigi daily free 1GB data” it’s the last button. Click on it and reply with 1 to select zoom trivia. You will be provided with a link, click on the link and you will be redirected to the trivia menu. Click on get started as shown in the picture below.

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Start answering the questions that follows as fast as you can, you will be given 1:30 to answer all questions and if you’re able to answer all questions correctly before the timer goes off, you will be rewarded with a whooping sum of 1GB worth of data for free and can always check back in the next session.

If you’re unable to get all the questions correctly, you can try again in the next one hour and hopefully, you will get all the questions right this time. Note that if the timer counts down to zero and haven’t answered all questions, you will be disqualified automatically, though you will be able to try again in the next 1hr.

how to get 100% on MTN zigi trivia

How to score 100% on MTN zigi trivia

As it has been stated in the previous part of this guide, you will have to get all the questions correctly before you can be able to get the free MTN Zigi data, this has make it very difficult for many individuals to get the free data and on this note, I have decided to drop all the possible questions that you can come across on the MTN Zigi trivia with their respective correct answers.

However, you should know that it’s very important to explore the Zigi menu a little bit before you go ahead for the quiz, this will give you more knowledge about the MTN Zigi bot Menu as many questions on the Zigi quiz are based on the Menu of Zigi, especially, the services offered by Zigi bot.

mtn zigi quiz

MTN zigi trivia questions and answers

To make everything easier for you, we have prepared for you, as many Zigi questions as possible, with the respective correct answers. In the table below, Q will represent question, while A will represent answer. Let’s go!

Once again, in the table below, Q= Question A = Answer

Q: Which of the following is a lottery service on Zigi? A: P10

Q: FAQ means Frequently Asked? A: Questions

Q: How old is Zigi? A: 1

Q: What menu option do I select if I want Data4ME on Zigi? A: MTN4ME

Q: What state is olusegu Obasanjo from? A: Ogun

Q: What menu will I use to borrow airtime on Zigi? A: BorrowXtratime/XtraByte

Q: There are frequently asked questions (FAQs) on Zigi for the following except? A: HyNet

Q: When is Christmas? A: December 25th

Q: What is the latest wizkid album? A: Made in Lagos

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Q: The follow are gaming service on Zigi except? A: Gameflex

Q: R&B stands for? A: Rhythm and Blues

Q: You can recharge your MTN line on zigi though the following except? A: Bank draft

Q: Which of the following is not an option in play service? A: MoMo

Q: Who can chat with MTN Zigi chatbot? A: MTN & Non-MTN customers.

Q: How Many language can Zigi speak? A: one (1)

Q: What is the only language that Zigi understand? A: English language

Q: What is the name of the past governor of the Lagos State? A: The name of the past governor of Lagos State is Akinwunmi Ambode.

Q: You can find Zigi on? A: WhatsApp or telegram or messenger.

Q: Check balance is on what menu option on zigi? A: First menu option (1).

Q: who is the governor of Lagos State? A: Babajide Sanwo-Olu.

Q: MTN Zigi chatbot is an? A: Online personal assistant.

Q: How Many chanel can you reach Zigi? A: 3 (you can reach Zigi on three channels.

Q: You can purchase the following on Zigi except? A: Sim card.

Q: How Many times can one chat Zigi in a day? A: Unlimited.

Q: MTN Nigeria’s Head Office is located in? A: Ikoyi (Lago State).

Q: Which of this is not a bridge across Lagos lagoon? A: Ikeja bridge

Q: MTN Zigi is a? A: Chatbot

Q: Zigi freebies includes all except? A: Gamepro

Q: MTN4ME service includes all except? A: Dance4ME.

Q: Zigi icon has the following except? A: Hands

Q: MTN chatbot is called? A: Zigi

Q: CallerTunez allows you to change your? A: ring back tones.

Q: 2face used to be part of which musical group? A: Plantation boys.

Q: Which one of the following is an option in MTN4ME? A: VAS4ME.

Q: Lionel Messi and Cristiano Ronaldo recently moved to which clubs? A: they moved to PSG and ManUtd.

Q: Under play Service in Zigi, other service include? A: All if the above

Q: Where was zigi born? A: Lagos Nigeria

Q: How many options does zigi have A: 11

Q: Mtn begin operation in Nigeria i what year? A: 2001.

Q: What month did Sound sultan die? A: JULY

Q: There are how many categories under Zoom lottery? A: 5

Q: Covid 19 lockdown in Nigeria started when? A: Mar-20

Q: MTN anniversary is on which day? A: August 8th


Q: The following are gaming services on zigi except? A: GAMFLEX

Q: where can i download businessday newspaper on zigi? A: Zigi Daily Freebies

Q: Which of d following is not an option in Play services? A: Writing

Q: Who is Karl toriola? A: MTN CEO

Q: Which of theses is a main menu option on zigi? A: NIN services

Q: The following are Zoom lottery categories except? A: Cards

More MTN zigi data quize Question and Answers

Conclusion: MTN Zigi chatbot has made contacting MTN customer care service an easy task and you don’t have to wait on phone anymore and with all the information provided in this guide, you should be able to use the bot without a any form of stress and also have full understanding on how to get the 1GB daily MTN Zigi free data.


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