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MTN Momo Wallet – How To Accumulate Free MTN Airtime Via Momo Account

MTN Momo Wallet

MTN Momo Wallet is a MTN’s groundbreaking Mobile Money (MoMo) service that lets you store, send, and receive money using your phone. You don’t need a bank account or fancy smartphone to use it – it works on the most basic of feature phones too!

The MTN Momo service has been around for a considerable period of time and the developers Keep developing it day by day in order to be able to serve you better.

However, in a bid to get more individuals to know more about Momo Wallet service, MTN started rolling out free airtime for every individuals that signed up as a new Momo Wallet user and in this guide, I am going to provide you with all you need to know about the MTN’s Momo Wallet and how to accumulate free airtime on the app.

Upon following all the instructions to be provided in this guide, you will get a N100 airtime for free and this N100 airtime with be credited to your momo wallet as registration bonus, in return, the N100 can be used to purchase free N100 Airtime or 100mb data.

All you need is to dial the code to be provided and dial It accordingly, you don’t need to download or install any app to be able to get the free Airtime from MTN Momo Wallet.

What Is MTN Momo Wallet

MTN MoMo service as it has been stated in th previous part of this guide, is a fintech platform that provides consumers and business owners with a range of innovative digital financial services.

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With over 51 million MoMo users, MTN MoMo is in operation in about 16 markets, including Nigeria, Ghana, Sudan, Ivory Coast, Uganda, Zambia, Benin, Cameroon, South Africa, and Madagascar.

MTN Mobile Money (MoMo) is simple and safe to use, with no monthly fees to worry about.It’s available on any South African cellphone number. What’s more, you don’t even need a bank account and you will be able to send and receive money via the innovation.

How MTN Momo Wallet works

Features of MTN Momo Wallet

MTN Momo Wallet have a lot of features and this article will be incomplete if they are not included. With the MTN Momo service, you will be able to Send and receive money from other MoMo customers, cash-in and cash-out at any MoMo agent

Cash-out from ATM’s, Buy MTN airtime and bundles, Pay for products and services from the many participating merchants and providers, Buy prepaid electricity and Pay your DStv account

Details information on some momo wallet features

Store money safely

The Wallet is Secure to an extent as it’s own and managed by MTN, you will be able to keep Secure, your hard-earned cash with end-to-end encryption.

Transfer cash instantly

You will be able to transfer money to other MoMo wallets or send cash vouchers to any South African cellphone number and other countries where momo wallet is available.

Simplify your shopping

It provides you with the opportunity to scan QR codes to pay for products and services through MoMo partners, anywhere you go.

Pay your bills

With the Momo Wallet, you will be able to pay your bills and manage them without even downloading an app.

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Buy airtime and bundles

You can buy airtime and data, voice, and SMS bundles at no extra cost and get exclusive deals even if you’re not with MTN

Requirement To Get Free Airtime Or Data From MTN Momo Wallet

A registered MTN sim card (New or old)

Momo Code that will be provided for you in the appropriate part of this guide.

You can use any type/kinds of phone and you will  not be needing to install all app.

MTN Momo Wallet free airtime accumulation

How To Register And Get Free N100 Airtime Or 100mb From MTN Momo

Make sure they you haven’t registered for a Momo Wallet account before and if you have done that, simply look for another number that has not been registered with MTN Momo Wallet.

Open your device dial pad, and dal *671# and Create 4 digit pin, re-enter the 4 digit PIN to confirm your PIN.

Upon setting your PIN, you will receive a message saying you have successfully create Momo Wallet. And upon receiving this message, a N100 bonus will be credited into your Momo Wallet. The next thing is to claim the bonus and convert it to airtime or data.

How to buy Airtime or data with the MTN Momo Wallet bonus

Simply dial the *671# again and on the option menu, reply with 2 to select buy Airtime/Data option, on the next screen, reply with either 1 for Airtime or 2 for Data depending on your choice(what you want to convert the bonus to).

Select option to purchase it for yourself and enter 100 as the amount you want to purchase. Now, input your 4 digit pin and your Momo wallet will be debited with 100 and your line will be credited either N100 Airtime or 100mb depending on the choice have chosen.

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How To Accumulate More Airtime Or Data On MTN Momo

For you to accumulate the free airtime, you will need more MTN sim cards, depending on your target. You can easily accumulate the bonus if you have multiple sim or anyone around you using MTN.

Simply get another MTN sim card and dial the code *671# on it, you have already know how to claim the bonus and convert it to airtime. So, repeat the process for every new MTN sim card you want to use.

When it’s time to purchase Airtime or data, simply select Airtime or Data for others, then enter your phone number to keep Accumulating the Data or Airtime you got from other sim cards to only one sim card.

MTN Momo Wallet Registration

However, you should note that:

The N100 can only be claimed once per MTN Sim.

Only MTN Sim card is eligible to register for MTN Momo Wallet on MTN Momo.

Bonus can be used to buy Airtime or Data

You can use the bonus to buy Airtime or data for yourself or others, if you wish.

Conclusion: MTN Momo Wallet as a wallet that helps you in completing multiple transactions even without Installing any app has been operating and will keep operating, but the free N100 is a promotional offer and MTN reserves the right to put an end to the promotional offer at any point in time.

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