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How To Subscribe To MTN Night Plan

Mtn night plan data code

MTN Night subscription is a very cheap data plan that users do enjoy on MTN especially when downloading a large file is required.

It’s been a while now that the MTN Nigeria has taken down the subscription giving the MTN night plan lovers no opportunity to subscribe to their favorite data plan.

Ever since then, I have been getting a lot of questions from people, such as when will MTN night plan will be back, why don’t I be able to subscribe to MTN night plan. But here we are, MTN night plan is back again and I am going to give you the detailed information about the plan.

Before I continue, below is a brief overview of the MTN Night Plan.

What Is MTN Night Plan?

MTN Night Plan is a very cheap and affordable data plan which enables every subscribers to browse the internet overnight at a very cheap price. This plan is only valid during the night, which implies that you can’t use it during the day as it’s name reads.
This is a great opportunity to all heavy subscribers to get huge data at a very cheaper price. Imagine getting a whopping sum of 500MB with just N50 and 250MB with just N25 that’s amazing right.
MTN Night subscription doesn’t have a data cap before, once you aubscrsub to a night plan before, you will have the opportunity to surf the internet unlimitedly from the night to the following morning. But this time around, they are back with new rules due to one reason or the other.

But guess what? It’s still very cheap and affordable, getting 250MB with just N25 and 500MB with just N50 cannot be compared to anything.

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Without Further ado, let’s move to the detailed information on how to go about this offer.

Requirements for MTN Night Plan

1. MTN sim card.
2. MTN Pulse tariff plan.
3. Minimum of N25 to subscribe to a plan.
Before I proceed, I mentioned MTN Pulse tariff plan above, yes! This offer is only available to users on MTN Pulse, so if you are not on MTN Pulse, follow the instructions below to migrate to MTN pulse in two clicks.

How To migrate to MTN Pulse

• Simply dial *406#
• Then select 1 to migrate to MTN pulse.

• Or Send 406 to 131. And boom! You’re on MTN pulse.

MTN Night Plan code
Night Plan Subscription Menu


How To Activate MTN Night Plan

• Make sure you have migrate to MTN pulse.
• Now, Dial *406#
• Enter 4 to select MTN Night Life.
• Enter 1 to subscribe to 250MB for N25 and 2 to subscribe to 500MB or N50.
That’s all about the offer, but I know that some questions are popping through you mind already, anyways, below are the possible question that might keep your mind busy after reading this with their respective answers.
Let’s go!

Can MTN Night Plan be done twice?

Yes, the data can be done twice and maximum of four times in one night, it’s restricted to maximum of GBB per night. Which implies that you can subscribe to the N50 plan Four times in one night. But if you earlier go for N25, your can actually subscribe to the N25 plan in 8X within a night making it a total sum of 2GB.

when does MTN night plan works?

This plan works only at night, once you’re subscribed to a plan, you will wait till 12am and boom! You data plan is activated and you can now use it at this time until 5am. After 5am, you cannot use it again and it have expired.

What is the MTN Night Plan code and price?

The code and prices for this data plan has been discussed above, just scroll up again and read carefully.
• If you have any questions that have not been answered, just drop it in the comments box below and you will get an instant response.
Facts About This Offer
• The data plan is official data plan from MTN network provider.
• It can be accumulated as stated above.
• It works on all devices.
• It doesn’t requires any VPN before working.
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