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How To Transfer Airtime From Airtel To Another Network

How To Transfer Airtime From One Network To another
Many people have been clamoring for the ways to send Airtime to their loved ones using another network provider that is different from theirs, this has been a major problem that most user’s encounter when it comes to sharing of Airtime between each other.
If you have been following this blog, you will remember that we have published an article on how to transfer Airtime on all networks, such as transferring Airtime from MTN to MTN, From GLO to GLO from Airtel to Airtel and From 9moblie to 9mobile.
But today, I am going to show you the simplest method to share Airtime from one network to another network that is different from the network in which the transfer is intended to be made.
Without further ado, below are the detailed steps on how this can be done.

How Can I Transfer Airtime From One Network To Another

The steps involved in this method is very simple and the are also straightforward.
Step 1: Dial *931# on the sim you intend to initiate the transfer be it Airtel, Glo or 9mobile.
Step 2: Reply with 6 to change your default transfer PIN to new.
Step 3: After which you have successfully changed your default PIN, then select Airtime swap by Replying With 3.
You can check the picture below for more understanding.
Airtime Swap Menu
Airtime swap menu
Step 3: After selecting the airtime swap, you will be taken to a screen asking for the beneficiary phone number, then enter the receiver number yhat is using another network.
Step 4: Enter the amount of the airtime you wish to transfer, then enter your PIN.
That’s all.
The airtime will be transferred to the receiver successfully and you will be charged with a transfer fee of N50.
I hope you found this article helpful, share your thoughts in the comment box below
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