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Reach App – How To Get Instant N1,500 Airtime For Free

Reach app

Reach app is a finance manager app with lott of features that are beyond just finance management and amongst this feature is the ability to Earn free points that can be converted to airtime, which is what leads to this detailed guide on how to accumulate free Airtime Answering Surveys On Reach app.

The reach app do provide it’s user’s with native surveys that allows you to mostly understand what’s happening around you, keep you updated with the situation around you and give you the opportunity to get paid in return.

Reach app has been in existence for a considerable long period if time and recently, the app introduced a program that will allow you accumulate free airtime until you get tired, but before then, it’s very important that you fully understand how the app works and what you stands to benefit from the usage of the app.

On this note, I wit provide you with the detailed information about the app before diving into the detailed information on how to accumulate free Airtime on the reach app.

About reach app

As contained in the previous part of this guide, reach app is a finance manager app with Automatic expense tracking, income, saving and budget manager.

For the first time ever, REACH has unveiled the Spending Personality Test – FACES(TM). In addition to supporting all it’s user’s in tracking their monthly expenses, and with the app, all individuals can now dive deeper into why they spend by taking the personality test.

Making your best life is possible, no matter your income. The app teaches individuals how to spend smarter and increase their respective net worth.

Features of reach app

The app is equipped with a lot of features as far as financial management is concerned and give you the opportunity to become a master of your financial life. Knowledge is power. The more aware you are about how you spend money, the more amazing stuff you can do for yourself.

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If you have been wondering where your money goes every week, then you might find the features of the reach app interesting, as it allows you to see a visual breakdown of where your money is going, and learn to multiply your cash.

With the reach app,

●  You can automatically and manually track your income and expenses 👌🏾

● You will have a better manage transactions by re-categorising your expenses with the categories that fit them the best.

● You will have the opportunity to Set up your budget and the reach app will help you stay on track.

● you will have the opportunity to put your money to work, sit back and watch your money grow with investments, in partnership with AXA Mansard

● Short on cash? Building a credit profile? No worries, get a short term loan on REACH in under 3 minutes.

● You will have the opportunity to review your favorite local business or see what others are saying about businesses in your area.

● Get the latest deals from your favorite merchants. This way, you can make the most of your income.

● Get a personalized financial plan no matter your financial needs and have the opportunity to sort out how much you can spend without going broke.

Reach app free airtime

How To Claim Free N1,500 Airtime On Reach app

As at this moment of creating this guide, reach app is rewarding all individuals that register on the app and complete a survey with a Whooping sum of N1,500 worth of free airtime. That’s amazing right?

Simply follow the registration instructions below to register and claim your Free Airtime.

Reach app registration

In order to claim your free airtime on the app, the first thing is to register and you must get the registration steps right in order not to forfeit the opportunity of getting the acclaimed free airtime.

First of all, click here to copy a referral Code you will use during the registration.

Click here to download reach app for Android or here to download reach app for iphone and register by providing all the required details. Make sure to use FM55V0 as your referral code. It’s the same with the code you copied above.

After entering the referral code, input other required details to complete you Registration and login to your account.

Click here to copy the referral code directly

Immediately you are able to access your account, you will see prompts for carbonated soft drink survey, click on the take survey button and answer all the provided question. Immediately you complete the survey, you will be rewarded with a free N1,500 airtime immediately and you can redeem it without any form of issue.

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How to redeem airtime on reach app

How To Redeem Airtime on reach app

Simply login to you account and click on the more button at the bottom right corner of the app, you will be taken to your dashboard showing your balance, click on the balance as shown in the image above.

Select buy Airtime and you will be taken to a page where you will be able to select your network and others. Click on submit button and confirm the transaction. You will receive the airtime immediately.

How to accumulate more airtime on reach app

Yes! There is a chance to accumulate even more free Airtime in the app aside from that of the welcome bonus and this is by referring others to register on the app.

Reach app referral program

In order to reward you for promoting the app, reach introduced a referral program that allows you get paid for inviting others to the app. .

You will get 500 naira to invite 5 individuals to the app, this implies that the minimum referral is 5 and you get paid 500 naira worth if airtime for every five individuals that register on the app using your code.

Reach referral code – how to get my reach referral code

To get the referral code that you can use to refer others and get paid, simply login to your account, click on manage or invite friends, the select “Give your friends the gift of REACH and get a gift from us” copy your reach referral code and tell your referrals to apply the code during registration.

The more five referrals you get, the more 500naira you earn.

Reach Referral Earnings Payment – When Will I receive my referral bonus on reach app 

Reach credits all it’s user’s that participate in the referral program on the first of every month. This implies that your referral bonus will not reflect instantly, but everything will be calculated and will be sent to your account on the first of the next month.

For example, if you refer 10 friends this month, your reach account will be credited with N1,000 on the first of the next month.

Reach app withdrawal proof

Reach app withdrawal proof

Redemption on reach app is immediately and as you can see from the screenshot above, the airtime entered immediately, even while I am still on the redemption page.

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Having issue on reach app?

It has come to my notice that a lot of individuals are having issues with the reach app and this issue varies from one users to another.

One user might not be able to register, another might be able to register but not be able to login, while another might be able to register, login but not get survey.

However, this issues exist on the app based on the reason that is best known to the app developer and as at the moment of updating this guide, their is no shortcut to resolve the issue than to keep trying again

If you encounter any issue on the app, kindly close is and try again later, maybe in another 12 or 24 hours.

Reach app welcome survey



I didn’t get the survey

The survey that rewards you with the Said N1,500 is like a welcome survey and you don’t even need to search for it before seeing it. A typical sample of the survey is shown above.

Once you complete your registration and login to your account, it should be the first Pop up to appear on your screen. If it didn’t appear, the. You have to close the app and login again in the next 12 to 24hrs until it appears and you’re able to complete the survey.


The 1,500 Registration bonus isn’t working at the moment as no new users is able to get the carbonated drink survey. But you can refer and earn as discussed in the referral section of this guide.

Still have any question?

If after reading the sections above, you still have one or two questions or facing an issue that is not included in the identified problems above, simply drop it in the comments section of this guide and I will be glad to provide you with the appropriate response as soon as possible.


Reach app is a spending tracker and budget tool, bringing all that power to you in a clear interface that tells you what you spend, where you spend, when you spend it, and how to adjust your spending to meet your life goals. If you get SMS transaction alerts, this app is for you! If you don’t get SMS transaction alerts, this app is still for you!

However, you should know that reach uses bank-level security protocols to encrypt all transmission of data. All your transaction data is anonymized. And distributed in bits across multiple locations, making it much more secure and impervious to bad guys.

REACH does not have any direct access to your bank account. It’s algorithm relies on the SMS messages already sitting on your phone. The app cannot access your personal SMS, bank OTPs or passwords.


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  1. I have installed the app, but no bonus to my profile account.
    I didn’t get pop up for the soft drink survey, though I saw other surveys which I answered and I was rewarded with only tokens and not 1500 worth of airtime.
    What must I do to receive my bonus?

  2. When trying to create account it shows error uh they sent me a message in my email
    Then am unable to login

  3. I can’t download the app with my iPhone is showing application not available in your country or region

  4. It’s didn’t show where I can put the referral code when I was registering and after I registered I didn’t see the survey

    • Why did they give me 12 tokens after answering so many questions. The 1500 is more important to me than that tokens that I don’t know the use please any update let me know.

  5. I answered all the reach app surveys but I didn’t see any survey about carbonated drink and I wasn’t award any cash,I was only given 12 reach token

  6. Carbonated soft drinks did no appears after registered tried to refresh but it did not so till now I still have not done the survey

  7. I have created the account successful but when I want to answer the survey it keeps telling me I should verify my email and I can’t find where to verify it.

  8. I’ve gotten the airtime for the survey and I was given 3000 and I can’t redeeem it for airtime. Always tells me unsuccessful.

  9. I have completed the registration, i have 12token instead of airtime. Please, what can I do.
    And also, I can’t see where to put your code.

  10. I tried downloading the app through the link here but it showing me that the app is not available in my country,so i search for the app on apple store and i saw 2 different app but i don’t know which one am suppose to download

  11. I did the welcome survey though it was a different one from the carbonated drink survey. I completed successfully, got 2 token but couldn’t get the cash reward so as to get the free 1500 airtime.

  12. They have been giving me another survey that is not carbonated soft drink survey, and those ones is not giving the money just tokens
    And I can’t find carbonated soft drink survey please

  13. The carbonated soft drink survey didn’t pop up on my screen, another survey did. I only got tokens after completing the survey, I guess they are not giving the cash again cus the drink survey is not the one coming up.

  14. Is this reach app #1500 opportunity still available as at today August 24, 2022 cause I am just reading this oo. And how do I get prompt notifications from this blog?

  15. Why share a status to get referral cos it so clear that the carbonate soft drink survey has long been stop. Chair man dis is not right.

    • Please open attention while reading the guide as we will not hide anything from you

      A notification has already been added to the guide that shows they stop giving out the carbonated drink survey.


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