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Klashacart App – How To Accumulate Up To N10,000 For Free On Klasha App

KlashaCart app

Klashacart app is a mobile wallet app and at the same time a shopping app that allows individuals to Purchase all the latest fashion, electronics, and more from global retailers online without leaving your KlashaCart. The app enable you to get fast delivery in 7-14 working days to your doorstep in Africa without customs fees.

While enjoying Money transactions on the Klasha app, you will also Enjoy a seamless online shopping experience from Africa.

Today, I will be revealing to you, how to make cool cash on the app and get paid directly to your local Bank account. Making up to 10,000 on the app is feasible and a easy to archive goal, which implies that you can make more money on the app depending on how serious you take it.

In our previous guide, browsingtechzone have revealed how to make up to 100,000 naira without investment with solid payment proof and today, I will be unveiling another opportunity that will allow you accumulate N10,000 on more on Klashacart app.

But before proceeding with the detailed information on how to accumulate free cash on the app, let me introduced Klashacart app to you properly and provide you with all the information you need to know about the app and the features it entails.

About Klashacart app

Klasha app is a Cross-border commerce solutions for Africa, which allows you to make seamless cross-border payments from Africa for goods and services online.

After registering on the app, you will be able to Fund your Klasha Wallet using your local African payment methods and currencies, use your wallet balance to make payments online, shop for your favourite goods globally and get them delivered to your doorstep.

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Features of Klashacart app

As stated in the previous part of this guide that I am going to provide you with all the features of the Pl, so as to let you understand the app better and know what and what you can get from the app

In this section, I am going to outline all the features of the app with the detailed information on all you need to know about each features.


This is one of the main features of the app, this feature allows you to purchase all the latest fashion, electronics, and more from global retailers online without leaving your KlashaCart. Get fast delivery in 7-14 working days to your doorstep in Africa without customs fees. Enjoy a seamless online shopping experience from Africa.

Virtual Visa dollar card

With the Klashacart app, you will be able to create a virtual dollar card, fund it and make online payments in dollars from Africa and anywhere in the world instantly.

PINK Money

Pink Money is another unique features of the app and another way of sending and receiving money within Klashacart app and from one Klashacart app to another.

With just a few taps, you can send and receive money instantly from your friends on Klasha. You can also send and request money from your contacts on Klasha using KlashaCircle.

Safe and secure

If it’s about financial, then security is one of the first priority you should look out for in any app that intends to keep your funds for you.

With various security options such as a passcode, Touch ID or Face ID, your Klasha account is always secure. With the Klashacart ISO 27001 certification and PCI-DSS compliance.

Open a KlashaCart account and join other users in Africa using KlashaCart to transact cross-border online seamlessly. KlashaCart is currently available in Nigeria. Coming soon to other countries in Africa.

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KlashaCart Registration bonus

KlashaCart Registration

Having understand fully, how the app works, the next thing is to get yourself Registered in the app as the registration is the basic and the first step required to have access to the app and be able to explore it’s features.

Simply follow the instructions below to register on the Klasha app and verify your account:

Click here to download the app from goo play store and fill the registration form with all the required details. Make sure you provide the mobile phone number attached to your BVN during registration.

You will be asked for referral Handle during the registration, simply input adexbkw in the space provided for referral handle. You can click here to copy the referral username directly.

KlashaCart account verification

Immediately you apply adexbkw as your referral username and complete your registration, you will be redirected to you dashboard and you will see the prompts to complete your account verification.

Click on it to verify your BVN and ID card, Once you complete the verification, you will receive a registration bonus as shown in the image above.

Solution to Klashacart ID Verification Issue

As at the moment of writing this guide, BVN verification is working smoothly on Klashacart but but when it comes to ID verification, you might encounter little issue, but do not panic.

If you encounter any issue during your ID verification, simply click on the profile icon at the bottom of the app and select chat with us, message the support and let the know the issue you’re facing during the ID verification and the appropriate resolution will be provided Within 24hrs.

KlashaCart Registration bonus

Immediately you complete your registration, their is a N250 Registration bonus and to get this bonus, you must:

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Apply adexbkw as your referral handle during the registration.

Verify your BVN.

And Verify your ID. Once the two verification is complete, you will receive your bonus immediately.

KlashaCart referral

Here comes the way to make money in the platform. KlashaCart app is currently running a referral program and you will get N250 immediately your referral completes their account verification

This is where the accumulation comes in, The more you refer, the more 250 naira you get.

How to refer and earn 250 naira on Klashacart

To refer and earn on Klashacart app, simply login to your account, click on the profile icon and select referral. Copy your handle and share it with your referrals.

KlashaCart app referral program

How to accumulate up to N10,000 on Klasha app

To accumulate up to 10,000 on the app, all you have to do is to divide the N10,000 target with the N250 Earnings per referral and the number you get is the amount of referrals you needed to get the N10,000 for free.

As shown in the screenshot above, I have accumulate N4,250 already and if I should apply Same energy tomorrow, I will hit my N10,000 target in just two days.

Now, if you can accumulate the N10,000, then, you can equally double the effort and make N20,000 or more from the app.

KlashaCart app withdrawal

KlashaCart withdrawal

The Klasha app withdrawal is fast and working smoothly, immediately you have fund to withdraw from the app, you can withdraw to your local Bank at any day and anytime.

KlashaCart minimum withdrawal

Withdrawing from Klashacart app is like transferring money from your bank account to another bank account and hence, there’s no minimum withdrawal.

How to withdraw from Klashacart app to your local Bank account

To withdraw from the Klashacart app to your local Bank account, simply login to your account, click on transfer as shown in the picture above and select bank transfer, enter the amount you want to withdraw, the bank name, account name and other required details and boom! Your Klashacart withdrawal is successful!!!

Conclusion: Apart from using Klashacart app for shopping, you can also make use other it’s referral program to accumulate some cash and making up to 10,000 on the app is very easy and you can do achieve more if you take it serious.



  1. If my referal successfully verify his BVN and leaving the ID verification will I still be giving my bonus or he must complete the two(2)

  2. I have linked my bvn on this app,but the main problem is that I want to link my Nin and I have been trying it since morning

  3. Pls is it after the complete verification of id that I’ll be giving the registration bonus or what 🤔
    Cus I have registered now, and I used the referral code “adexbkw” though my verification said successful but it’s still showing not verified on the verification page

  4. I have been trying to link my Id card since days now but I can’t complete it and I have contact they is still the same can I still refer people and get my bonus?


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