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How To Make Money On JumiaPay App

Today, I will expanciate on how to make money JumiaPay app. I was prompt to write detailed explanation on how jumia one app after which many people have laments on the difficulties they are having in understanding how this app works.

If you have been finding it difficult to understand how this app works, then read this guide carefully as I am going to answered some frequently asked questions and you will also have the opportunity to ask your own question in the comments section if not answered in this post.

However, there is no hidden details on how this app works, it only requires two clicks away, for you to start making money with this app.

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Be it you are just hearing about this app or you have heard about the app but need some guidance on how it works, then this article is meant for you as it is going to unveil all you needs to know about the jumia one app.

What Is JumiaPay App?

JumiaPay app is an all in one app, which enables all users to do many transactions from a single dashboard, ranging from paying your bills, recharging your phone, buying data bundles and lots more.
JumiaPay app also give discount bonus on all your purchase, weather you refer or not, every individual that download and install jumia one appvare eligible for cash back of 5% and above on all transactions.

How Can I Earn From JumiaPay App?

I knew this is the the main purpose that prompts you to read this article, and I am glad to inform you that your chance of earning with this app is very high as the Jumia one app gives you an opportunity to earn N1000 per Referral.

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If you can earn N1000 just to refer a friend to an app with free registration, then imagine referring first friends on a daily basis, that is whooping sum of N5,000 per day.

However, if you are the type that didn’t know much on how to refer people, we have got you covered in this article, just click here for detailed explanation on how to get referrals to a referral program like this.

JumiaPay Referral Bonus

How To Make Money With Jumia One App
Jumia One App Referral


Jumia one referral is the main option when we are talking on how to make money on JumiaPay app and the process is very simple and short, just follow the steps below and start accumulating your referral bonus.
Step 1: Simply click here to register, download and install the app.
Step 2: Make sure that you input your valid details during the registration process to avoid any problem on the long run.

Step 3: Now that you have done with the downloading and registration, simply open the app and click on the airtime button as shown in in the step one of the picture above and purchase an airtime of N500. Just make sure that the amount of airtime you are purchasing for the first time after your registration is at least N500.

When you want to purchase your first airtime, you will be asked if you have a coupon code/voucher just click on yes and type WELCOME20 to enjoy 20% cash back on your first recharge.

Step 4: Now that you have purchased your first airtime on the app, navigate back to the homepage and click on refer friends as shown in the step 2 of the picture above.

Step 5: Copy your special link and start referring others to earn N500 per Referral.

Note that your referral must purchase an airtime of at least N500 before you can receive your referral bonus.

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That’s all about Jumia one referral bonus, refer as much people as possible to make more money with this app.

Don’t panic if you are not good in referring, just click here for detailed guide on how to get Referrals to a referral program like this.

JumiaPay Login

There is no special steps in login into your Jumia one app, at the point of your registration, the app will automatically save your login details and you will not need to provide any details in other to access the app from the same phone again.

However, if you manually log out of the app or you intend to login to the app from another device, you will be required to provide your email and password, just type the email and the password that you provide at the point of registration and proceed.

How Can I Make Payment For Services On JumiaPay App?

Making payment for services on Jumia one app is not different from the ways you in which you make payments for other online purchases, but bank transfer is allowed on jumiJ one app.
The two payments method that are available on jumia one app are explained below:

How To Pay For Services With your debit Card On Jumia One App

This method allows you to make payment for services on Jumia app via your debit card. The steps are stated below:
Step 1: Order for the specific product you intend to purchase and select card as payment method at the check out point.
Step 2: Select the type of card that you intend to use and provide the required details as specified below;
• Card number: this is the longest number at the front of your ATM card.
• Expiry date.
• And CVV which is usually three digits number.
Step 4: Enter the OTP for verification purposes and proceed.

That’s all about payment via debit card.

How To Pay For Services via bank transfer On Jumia One App

This method allows you to make payment for services on Jumia app without card. The steps are stated below:
Step 1: Order for the specific product you intend to purchase and select bank transfer as payment method at the check out point.
Step 2: Enter you bank account details and verify that it is you by entering the OTP that will be sent to your phone in the provided space and proceed.

That’s all about payment via bank transfer.

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Why Should I Download The JumiaPay App?

The reason why you should download the JumiaPay app is not limited to the referral bonus only, but also gives you the opportunity to perform many transactions all in one place.
Below are some benefits that will be accessible for you as jumia one app user:
• You will be able to earn up to N5,000 or more per day, just to refer friends and lots more.
• You will be able to buy airtime and data at your own convenience.
• Jumia also offer TV, internet and electricity bill payment.
• You Can Use your earned bonus to purchase Airtime, data, internet Subscription, electricity bill payment and shop online, book a ride, book a hotel and lots more.
•  You can also order for your favorite food for home delivery.
• And lots more.

The jumia one app vis available to everyone, both Android and IOS users.

JumiaPay App Download

You are just one click away from downloading the Jumia one app in order to explore the opportunity and started making cool cash now with other exclusive benefits. Just click here to  download the app and get started.

I hope you have found all you need to know on how to make money with Jumia one app, but if you still have question on anything that is not clear to you about the Jumia one app or about this guide, just drop your questions in the comments box below and I will reply you as soon as possible.

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  1. I once downloaded the app, not for referral then, because I didn’t even know it has referral, I wanted a loan then, the debit card I linked was rejected, I was told to use another card.

    I can go ahead to buy airtime to be able to refer?

    I noticed in this article you didn’t say the referrals bonus can be withdrawn to bank?


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