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Smartprogramsnft.com Review – Is Smartprogramsnft Legit? See How To Accumulate Free USDT

smartprogramsnft.com review

Smartprogramsnft.com is a recently lunched platform that provides it’s users with some strategic ways of making money online from automatic NFT trading bots and in this smartprogramsnft.com review, I am going to provide you with all you need to know about the platform.

Today, I will not only revealed how the platform works, but provide you with the detailed information on how to activate a trade for free on the platform and accumulate free dollars without investing a dime. Meaning?

No investment no problem! You can actually accumulate free cash on the platform via the method to be released in this guide. Keep reading!

What is smartprogramsnft.com

Smart programs Nft is an artificial intelligence trading functions that provides you with Interval auto-trading function, auto Trading with Indicator Formulas, auto buy and sell inflection point trading, auto Stop Loss Sell Function, moving Stop Loss and Take Profit function.

The unattended auto-buy/flash trading function within the Smart Trading Platform helps you easily overcome mental indecision and place decisive orders. 0.3 seconds to complete the buy order, optimised quote function for instant transaction, unattended auto-trade allows one time setup until you buy.

How smartprogramsnft.com Works

Smart Programs NFT is a contract order transaction method that distributes dividends by raising funds from the market. The funds collected are entered into the NFT secondary market by the platform’s professional risk control trading team for transactions, automatic monitoring, 24-hour market analysis, income, and interest payments.

Smart Programs NFT as contained in the platform introduction says it has the world’s leading digital currency fully automatic intelligent quantitative AI, automatic transactions, without manual intervention, can reduce the operational difficulty of quantitative transactions.

In the trading interface, fill in the order and complete the transaction with one click. Even if you are new to digital asset trading, getting started is simple and quick.

Core intelligent quantification technology, cloud big data calculation transaction interval, 0.01s to complete the order, while solving your long-term fatigue and emotional impact on the market.

However, as at the moment of writing this smartprogramsnft.com review, Smart Programs NFT is said to be currently undergoing global market evaluation, and more functions will be launched one after another.

How to accumulate up to $100 For free on smartprogramsnft.com

In order to let everyone know more about the platform and be able to see how it actually looks like to be trading on the platform, the smartprogramsnft.com has decided to introduce an airdrop session, providing everyone with the opportunity to make money on the platform for free.

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The platform announced that it will open NFT airdrops for global NFT members. Reward all users in SmartProgramsNFT, and let all users increase their understanding of NFT on and off the chain, so that all users can enter the first stop of the Web3 world through this airdrop event.

Users only need to register a Smart Programs NFT account to get NFT airdrops. Find “My” on the page and click on the NFT airdrop to claim the reward. Due to the huge number of NFT users around the world, it is hoped that all new and old members can participate and receive airdrop rewards, so they cannot be claimed again during the unused period after use or collection.

So, all you have to do is to register on the platform via the instructions on this page an you’re good to go!

1. All users can receive NFT airdrops every day.

2. Random amount, the minimum user can get a temporary amount of 55USDT.

3. Some lucky users can get a temporary quota of 113USDT.

4. The validity period of the temporary quota transaction is 8 hours.

Smart program Nft registration

To register on the platform and start making money for free, simply click here to go to the registration page, fill in all there required details and login to you account. If you don’t get SMS code after your first attempt, wait for few hours and try again.

Once you’re able to get the SMS code and complete you registration, all you have to do is to activate your first four hours trade if $55 quota for free.

How to start first 4hours trade on smartprogramsnft

How to activate your free $55 trading quota

Simply login to your account and click on the My button, select the 4hours trade, click on “Yes” and then confirm. Your four hours trade will start running immediately.

Note, you don’t need to fill any amount, just follow the instructions above strictly and you will be fine. However, if it becomes necessary to input a particular amount, simply input $55. But that wouldn’t be necessary if you follow the instructions as supposed.

Simply refer to the image above for Detailed directives on how to activate your first 4hours trade.

Register on smartprogramsnft now to get started

What to do after four hours

Since the hours for the trade is four hours, definitely, the miner is going to stop after four hours and indeed, you will be wondering what should be your next step.

But that’s not the end, all you have to do is to reactivate that Same plan once the previous one expires. In order to do that, simply click on “My” at the bottom of your dashboard. Select Nft and click on receive. Once you receive the free Nft. Follow the instructions you used to activate the first one to activate the one you just claimed.

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Simply refer to the image below for more clarification.

How to claim smartprogramsnft airdrops


That’s how you will continue to claim airdrops after 4 hours  and then reactivate the 4hours trading to earn every four hours. You should be able to repeat the trade twice in a day at minimum.

By repeating the trade every four hours, you will be able to earn continuously and accumulate as much free USDT as possible.

What if I am unable to claim the airdrop after four hours?

1. Make sure you checked your previous trade and it has expired. To do that, login to your account and click on trade.

2. The platform might not have refill the airdrops, simply check back later.

smartprogramsnft.com login

You wanted to login to your smartprogramsnft com account but you’re unable to do so? Stress yourself no more, simply login to your account by clicking here.

smartprogramsnft com referral program

Yes! Here is another way to increase your hourly earnings and accumulate as much money as possible via the team rebates.

You will earn as high as 10% rebates on your first level team, 7% on the second level and 4% on the third level. The more you refer, the more you earn.

To refer, simply login to your account and click on my, then click on invite and copy your referral link.

Smartprogramsnft withdrawal proof

smartprogramsnft.com withdrawal

The withdrawal on the platform has been confirmed and you don’t need to invest before you can be able to withdraw.

smartprogramsnft.com minimum withdrawal

The minimum withdrawal on the platform is $10 and immediately you have minimum of $10 on your account, simply click on my, select wallet and click on withdraw.

How to set smartprogramsnft.com withdrawal password

In order to set your withdrawal password on smartprogramsnft.com, simply login to your account and click on My, select set up and click on withdrawal password. I recommend using a unique 6digits password as your withdrawal password.

How to keep earning on the platform without investment

There are lots of ways to do that and one of them is Accumulating up to $10 via the free opportunity discussed in this guide and continue using the $10 for 8hours trade and accumulate the profit.

You can Accumulate more and go for higher plan if you wish. With this, you risk loosing nothing in case anything happens to the platform.

Smartprogramsnft.com review

Having explore the platform, it can be categorized to that of risky investment platform, main reason why I emphasized on making money for free on the platform.

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Since they’re paying Free members, you can actually make as much as possible without investment depending on how serious you take it.

When you build a very strong team, you will make even more money on a daily basis.

Is smartprogramsnft com legit

As at the moment of writing this smartprogramsnft.com review, the platform is paying with or without investment. But you should however know that the platform is a risky investment platform and if you must invest, simply invest the amount you can afford to loose. Their investment plan is as follows:

4 hours contract expected return: 0.45-0.52%.

8-hour contract expected return: 0.98-1.05%.

24-hour contract expected return: 3.46-3.51%.

48-hour contract expected return: 7.08-7.15%.

72-hour contract expected return: 10.76-10.83%.

96-hour contract expected return: 14.54-14.59%.

120-hour contract expected return: 18.13-18.36%.

Projected return on the 144-hour contract: 22.01-22.24%.

expected return on 168-hour contract: 26.00-26.18%.

Each member member can trade relative to the AI smart contract according to their different needs.

Is smartprogramsnft.com Scam

The platform lunched on the 28th of march and till they stopped paying, they can’t be pronounced as Scam. However, for how long they will keep paying is what can’t be predicted by anyone. They might last longer and they might not. But the fact that they pay free members without investment is a relief that they might last longer.


This detailed smartprogramsnft com review have provide you with varieties of options to earn from the platform without investment and you can actually accumulate the money for investment from the platform, meaning you risk loosing nothing even if the platform crashed.

However, you reserve every right to deposit if you have did your diligence research and think it’s safe for you to some extent. The real deal is that, you should deposit only the amount you can afford to loose.

But if you actually make use of this opportunity, you might secure your capital for free from that Same platform. You can as well decide to withdraw everything you have earned for free and say goodbye.

Update!!! The Smartprogramsnft Free Airdrop Has come to an end

This is to inform you that the smartprogramsnft has officially Ends It’s free NFT airdrop distribution, this implies that you won’t be able to trade for free on the platform anymore. Below are the options we have prepared for you to explore and made a choice that pleases you:

1. Simply withdraw your accumulated earnings if you’re having more than $10 on your balance. OR

2. Continue trading with your earnings and accumulate more money if you have $5 or more on your balance. OR

3. Deposit any amount to make your balance $10 and withdraw everything. OR

4. Deposit any amount you can afford ranging from $10 and start trading to make money on the platform. OR

5. Take Any decision you want to take as soon as possible and enjoy the platform while it lasts.

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The opportunity of reactivating free $55 trading quota every 4 hours revealed in this smartprogramsnft.com review is a limited time opportunity and you should explore it now that it’s still open. In the next few days, the campaign with end.

So, make hay while sun shine. Good luck!!!



  1. I’ve go through the post and I followed the steps just as it was explained but it was telling me insufficient fund and I still input 55 as directed from the post but still same thing.

  2. Thanks I’ve got what the Nnft refill means and I’ve been able to do it. but please is it possible to run two accounts on a phone by logging out after I’ve received while waiting for 4 hours and logging on the second account to receive it too?

  3. I can’t confirm the first trade
    Even if I type $55 it’s showing insufficient balance

    I don’t even even see that Yes button you said to click


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