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Cowrywise Referral – How To Claim Bonus And Earn Up To 10,000 Daily For Free

cowrywise referarral program

Cowrywise referral is an incentive program organized by cowrywise, which allows you to make extra cash for inviting others to join and use the platform. With the referral program, you can earn up to 500,000 and how that can be achieved will be explained in details in this guide.

Today, I have decided to released a detailed explanation on how to make cool cash for free on Cowrywise and if you have been having any issue with the program, I am sure that thing guide is going to provide you with the appropriate solution and you’re going to be able to use the platform without any for if issue.

What you’re going to learn in this guide includes how to claim a sign up bonus of N1,000 on Cowrywise, how to refer others to the platform and make money in return. As at the moment of writing this guide, Cowrywise has increased it’s registration and referral bonus to N1,000. This implies that whenever you refer someone to cowrywise, you’re going to get free N1,000 and the person you referred will get a thousand naira as well. It’s a win win game for both parties.

What is Cowrywise

Cowrywise is a savings platform, which aims in digitizing investment management for Africans and enabling access to savings and investment products securely. With the Cowrywise platform, you have the opportunity to create a savings plan and get your money back with interest when the investment matured.

Cowrywise as a wealth management app is licensed by the SEC, which gives them the access to enables you to plan, save and invest money easily. With direct access to the largest pool of mutual funds in Nigeria, you can build your savings and investment portfolios, manage your money securely and build a better financial future.

Cowrywise operates similarly to that of kuda bank, just that the purpose of kuda bank is emphasized on digital banking, while the purpose of Cowrywise is emphasized on digital investment.

The Cowrywise referral program is added to the platform services so as to give back to their users that helps the platform in reaching out to more potential customers. The platform so much believes that every moment a customer recommend their platform to others, the individuals should also get some perks as a means if appreciating their efforts towards the growth of the platform.

The referral program is what then create a means by which you can make cool cash on the platform and in this guide, I am going to explain in details, how to make money on the platform and without further Ado, I will dive into the main discussion that brought you here.

Cowrywise Registration

Your registration is what will come first as you must become a member of the platform before you can have access to either of the Cowrywise referral program of the Cowrywise sign up bonus. In this section, I a. Going to provide you with the detailed step by step instructions on how to register on the platform.

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How to register on Cowrywise

To register on the Cowrywise platform, simply go to the Cowrywise registration page and you will see a box provided for your email address, input a valid email address and click on the create free account button.

An OTP will be sent to the provided email address, check your mailbox and input the code into the provided boxes. Once you input the code, click on the verify button and you will be redirected to where to fill the final form. Fill the form with valid information and submit.

During your registration, if you’re asked for referral code, use ADEPO9I0 but if you not, just proceed, it means you have claimed the investment via the registration link.

Congratulations! You have complete your Cowrywise registration and you can now start making cool cash without investment.

how to make money on cowrywise

How to make money on Cowrywise referral program

As it has been stated in this guide, you can make up to N10,000 on a daily basis on cowrywise without spending a dime. This is because, the app has increased it referral incentive to N1,000 and if you’re able to refer just ten person to the platform on a daily basis, you have made a whooping sun of ten thousand naira for that day without any stress.

There are two ways to make money on the platform and this are the Cowrywise sign up bonus and the Cowrywise referral bonus respectively.

Cowrywise Sign up bonus

This is a general bonus that every member of the platform are eligible to get, so far you haven’t register and activate your account on the platform before. This create opportunity for everyone to make money on the platform regardless of whether you can refer or not.

Immediately you register on the platform and activate your account, you will get a whooping sun of N1,000 as a registration bonus and this bonus can be withdrawn immediately your investment Matured.

To activate your account, all you have to do is to create a savings plan of N500 and fund it, immediately you fund it, you will get additional N1,000 added to your savings plan and you will be ably to withdraw both of the initial investment and the bonus on their maturity date.

Detailed information on how to claim the bonus will be revealed in the investment section of this guide.

Cowrywise referral bonus

This is the big deal! Yes! I called it a big deal because, it’s is the part of the program that will allow you to accumulate more money, it determines the amount you can make on a daily basis and on the long run. The more you take it serious, the more money you will be making per day/week.

Once you refer someone to the platform and this person create savings plan and fund it, you will get N1,000 bonus immediately and if you refer 10 person, you will get N10,000. Same thing is applicable to when your refer 100 person’s, you will get N100,000 and so on.

The maximum number of verified members that you can refer to the platform is pegged at 500 and this is the reason why you can make up to N500,000 on the platform. Once you are able to get up to 500 active referral, giving you a whooping sum of five hundred thousand naira, you won’t be paid for referral anymore. This implies that the maximum you can earn on the platform is 500,000 naira. That’s amazing, you don’t even have to spend a dime.

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How to claim registration bonus on Cowrywise

To claim your registration bonus on Cowrywise, all you have to do is to create a savings plan of 500 and fund it with your arm card. Once you do this, you will get your registration bonus of one thousand naira immediately. The question now should be how to create a savings plan and fund is successfully.

How to create a savings plan on Cowrywise (how to activate your Cowrywise account)

To create a savings plan on Cowrywise, all you have to do is to login to your account. Once you get to your dashboard, click on the menu bar at the top left corner of the app. Select plans from the option menu.

Once you click on plans, you will see an option to create new savings plan, click on it and choose regular savings on the next screen. You will be asked if you want to automate your savings, choose “No, I want to save when I want” and click on the continue button.

You will be asked of the amount you want to start with, enter N500 into the box and click on the continue button. You will be asked for how long you want to save, Kindly choose 3months, and click on continue. On the next screen, you will be asked to choose payment method, kindly click on the new card button  and continue. Enter your card details and fund the savings with the N500.

That’s all, you get your N1000 bonus immediately.

How claim referral bonus on Cowrywise

To claim your referral bonus own the Cowrywise referral program, all you hat to do is to make sure your referral sign up with your referral code or referral link. Once they sign up with your referral code and claim their N1,000 registration bonus, you will get your referral bonus as well.

This implies that once they create a savings plan and get their N1000 registration bonus, you will also get your referral bonus too and it’s immediately.

How to get your Cowrywise referral code/link

To get your Cowrywise referral code, simply login to your account and click on the menu bar at the left top corner. Click on referral and you will see your referral code and the copy button, click on the copy button to copy the referral code and and start referring others with the code.

You can also click on the share button to extract your referral link if you would like to refer with link instead of code.

cowrywise withdrawal

Cowrywise withdrawal – How to withdraw Cowrywise registration bonus

To withdraw your bonus on Cowrywise, all you have to do is to wait for your investment to mature. Once the investment Matured, login to your account and click on the menu bar at the top left corner. Locate stash and click on it. If you’re using the mobile app, you will see the stash button at the bottom of the app.

Once you open the stash, you will see your money on the available balance, click on transfer and select bank account to send the money to your Nigeria bank account.

In some cases, the method above might not work, if you open the stash and didn’t find the money their, simply go to plans, under savings, you will see your balance, and if it has matured, you will see the matured label their as shown in the picture above, simply click on the balance.

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You will be taken to a new page, click on the withdrawal button on the page and enter the amount you want to withdraw and select the bank you want to transfer the money to.

Register on Cowrywise and start making money

How to withdraw Cowrywise referral bonus

When you login to your Cowrywise, simply Navigate to the referral area, on the page where your referral code is Shown, you will see “Show referral details” at the bottom, click on it and you will see the detailed breakdown if your referral activities. At the bottom of that page, yoh will see next payout date, your bonus will be transferred to stash on that date and you can now withdraw the money from your stash balance.

cowrywise login

Cowrywise login

To login to your cowrywise account, all you have to do is to go to the platform login page and you will see the login form. Simply provide you registered email address and the password you set during your registration, then click on the sign in button, you will be taken to your dashboard immediately.

Cowrywise APK

As Cowrywise can be accessed on web, so as it can be accessed on a mobile app and in this section, I am going to provide you with the direct link to download the Cowrywise app APK and the link to download the app from play store.

However, the app is not a must download and as it consist of the Same feature with that of the web version, it’s only available for more easy access after which you have create and verify your account.

Cowrywise APK Download

Name                                         Cowrywise App


Version                                     Latest Version

Service                                    Savings/Wealth management

                Download Cowrywise APK

Download Cowrywise app from Google play store

Things to take Note about the Cowrywise referral program

1. The Cowrywise referral pays both parties, a whooping sum of N1,000. This implies that the referral and the referee are eligible to get N1,000 bonus from the platform.

2. You must create a savings plan of 500 naira and fund it with your ATM card in order to get your registration bonus.

3. Your referral must create a savings plan of 500 naira and fund it with their ATM card in order to get your registration bonus.

4. The bonus cannot be withdrawn immediately, you will wait till your investment is matured, then you withdraw your N500 deposit And the N1000 bonus together.

5. Your referral must either use your referral link or input your referral code during registration for it to count as your referral.

6. The maximum number of active referral you can get is 500. This are people that sign up and save.

Conclusion: Cowrywise wise as a wealth management tool provide you with multiple products that you can use for your own advantage, apart from the Cowrywise referral program that lets you make money for free on the platform, you can also use the app in turning your phone into a digital wallet with Stash, which allows you to:

● Store money in Stash within the Cowrywise app, it’s much easier than cash.

● Top up your Cowrywise savings and investment accounts from Stash.

● Pay and receive money from other Cowrywise users seamlessly, for free.

Above are all the inclusive benefits that you will find on the Cowrywise app and with the detailed information provided in this guide, I am sure that you will be able to use the app without any form of issue.


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