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Hopping.io Review – How To Make Money Playing Games On Hopping

Hopping.io review

Hopping.io is a rapidly expanding website that rewards you for your online activity and in this my honest hopping.io review, I am going to provide you with everything you need to know about the hopping website.

As reflected above, the platform is a very new platform and a fast growing one at that, and regarding to the questions I have received from different individuals about the platform, I have decided to release a detailed information about the platform, to reveal to you, all you need to know about the platform.

About hopping.io

Hopping .Io as a platform that allows you to make real cash by playing free games, this platform works just like helidrops.io and infact, it’s another version of helidrops.io. the only difference between the two platform is that, the game that is Available on helidrops is helicopter game while that of hopping is jumping game.

Hopping.io have implemented a radically new approach to data analysis by providing information technology companies with real user engagement while simultaneously rewarding participants for their input.

While it may appear as a simple game on the surface, there is much more going on behind the scenes. By participating on hopping.io platform, you assist advertisement networks in testing campaigns, help companies process data clusters, and even contribute to the training of AI models of various sizes.

All of this happens in the background while you enjoy simple games and complete other quick tasks.

In an era where computing power and quality user engagement are becoming vital resources, hopping business model is designed to provide value for data companies while also rewarding its users for actively participating in the process.

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Play games and earn real cash on hopping.io

How to make real cash on hopping.io

The only way to make money on the platform, is by playing the only game available and once you accumulate enough cash, you will be able to withdraw to any crypto wallet of your choice.

To Play games on the platform, you will need energy and you can earn the energy via referral, taking online surveys on the platform and as well as complete simple tasks.

When you register on the platform, you will be provided with 50 energy and you can use this energy to jump and win different prizes.

Needs in-depth details on How hopping platform works? Then check out our detailed guide on helidrops.io, all the information contained their is applicable to hopping.io as well, just that you should know that they’re two different platforms. Helidrops is old already while hopping.io is still new.

Click here to register an account on hopping io

How to Play games on hopping.io and earn real cash

Kindly follow the instructions in the hopping.io registration section of this guide to create an account for yourself and upon getting your account activated, login to your account and you will be redirected to your dashboard.

You will see a human character on your screen, simply click on the character to jump and break mystery boxes. Each time you break a box, you will find a random reward inside.

Hopping .Io registration

Simply click here to go to the hopping platform registration page and on getting to the page, you will be provided with tye sign up form, fill the form without the required information and click on the sign up button.

A verification mail will be sent to your provided email, simply check your mail and click on the corresponding button in the mail from hopping.io to get your account verified.

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Now login to your hopping account and start playing games to earn real Cash.

Hopping.io login

To login to your account, simply go to the hopping .Io login page and enter your registered email address and password, click on the login button and boom! You will be redirected to your hopping account.

However, you should know that the platform will catch your login session for a very long period of time and unless you logged out yourself or change Device/browser, you won’t need to login Within a short period of time.

Hopping.io withdrawal

Hopping.io withdrawal – how to withdraw from hopping.io

The platform provides you with multiple withdrawal option and all the options are of cryptocurrency, on this note, you need to have a crypto wallet to be able to withdraw from the platform.

Don’t have a crypto wallet? Click here to see how binance works

Once you have a crypto wallet, you’re advised to withdraw via Tron as it’s the fastest and the one with the lowest withdrawal threshold, once you have a minimum of $5 on your balance, you will be able to withdraw via TRX.

Simply navigate to the withdrawal section, enter your TRX wallet address and input the amount you need to withdraw. Boom! Your TRX will be sent within 24hours.

Hopping.io review

Having carefully examined hopping Io website, it’s I can affirm to you that the platform is a subsidiary of helidrops and with the indepth knowledge I had on helidrops, I should be able to reveal one or two about the platform.

In this section of my hopping.io review, I am going to provide you with some important notification you need to know about the platform.

Pop up ads

Hopping.io may occasionally display advertisements that could potentially be harmful. Ads displayed on Hopping.io are sourced from third-party advertising networks and we cannot guarantee the content or security of these advertisements. Some ads may redirect you to external websites or promote products and services that may pose risks such as malware, scams, or inappropriate content

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Browsingtechzone.com strongly advise users to exercise caution and use their best judgment when interacting with advertisements on Hopping.io.

It is important to be vigilant and take appropriate measures, such as keeping an eye on the url bar and immediately press the back button immediately you noticed that you’ve been redirected to another website and as well as trying to avoid clicking on suspicious or unfamiliar ad.

Low earnings

Low earnings is another thing you will encounter on the platform and you will win more points as compared to cash and Even found multiple empty boxes occasionally.

This implies that you need to find ways of accumulating as many energy as possible to be able to make good money on the platform. This is on of the fact that can never be disputed and you shouldn’t be surprised if your earnings are Lower as compared to your expectations, you won’t found cash in all boxes.

Is hopping.io legit or scam

Is hopping.io legit

Yes! The platform is legit and paying and as far as you’ve read this hopping.io review carefully and understand the content of the review, you should be able to earn Cool cash on the platform and get the earnings withdrawn to any crypto wallet of your choice.

Is hopping.io Scam

The platform is not a scam platform, but it’s a type of platform that usually fade away with Time. This implies that those that joined the platform earlier enjoy it the best.

When it starts getting older, the rate at which you reach minimum withdrawal decreases and another tasks might be added fir you to be able to withdraw. But you will surely get paid if you’re able to meet the withdrawal requirements.

For now, the platform is still fresh and paying as Soon as you have tye minimum of $5 o. Your balance.


Having gone through this hopping.io review, I am sure to and extent that you should have fully understand how the hopping platform works and surely, how to play games and earn real money from the platform




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