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Kkring.com Review – Is KKR Private Legit Or Scam

Kkring.com review

KKR-Private Equity Investment Firm is a newly lunched investment platform that provides you with investment options to make earn up to 200% of your initial investment within a specific period of time and in this kkring.com review, I am going to be providing you with everything you need to know about the platform.

Recently, the kkring platform emerged as the latest investment platform and indeed, a lot of individuals are willing to know if the platform is legit or just another scam and this is the prime reason I have decided to release this kkr-private review.

Most especially, the platform is giving all the newly registered members, a whooping sum of 5,000 naira as registration bonus. You will have the opportunity to invest the bonus in a 1days investment plan and get a return of 6,000 naira in 24 hours, indirectly, you’re getting a whooping sum of 6,000 naira as reg bonus.

However, there has been a lots of speculations around the bonus, most especially, how to get the bonus Withdrawn to your Nigeria bank account. This fact constitutes to the reasons why I am writing this kkring com review and I am going to explain everything in details in this guide.

Click here to claim your 5000 naira bonus on kkring

As at the moment of updating this review, kkring have stopped paying. CRASHED!!!

About KKR-Ptivate

KKR is said to be a leading global investment firm that offers alternative asset management as well as capital markets and insurance solutions.

As investors with an industrialist vision that kkring com claims to be, the platform is said to aim to generate attractive investment returns by following a patient and disciplined approach, employing high-quality people, pursuing the highest standards of excellence, and aligning its interests with those of its investment partners.

KKR Private often talk about the benefits of its structure and business model – which marries third party capital with its capital markets business and balance sheet – because its said to believe that they have built something different.

The platform claims to have a capital markets business that provides a full range of services, from taking companies public to underwriting new deals (for both KKR and third party companies) and to syndicating debt and equity.

The platform all claims to have long-dated capital in our funds, ready to deploy across a wide variety of asset classes. Individually, these funds and businesses are said to be generating returns for their fund investors and stockholders, but when they are paired, they create a powerful competitive advantage.

When you partner with KKR, you stand a chance to luckily benefit from the breadth and virtual expertise of the entire firm as the firm itself is a virtual firm. The platform appropriate, all of KKR’s businesses work together on behalf of all of the investors in its funds.

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KKR’s investment partners have access to decades of financial and operational experience, broad regional and industry expertise, insight into global macro and geopolitical trends, and a powerful network of global relationships – both inside and outside of the firm.

Through an integrated approach across kkring.com firm, KKR Private seek to provide innovative financial solutions and investment vehicles to help its fund investors achieve their investment goals. With offices around the world(office that never exist), KKR fulfill its mission one investor at a time, one company at a time.

KKR-Private Equity Investment Firm investment plans

KKR Private investment plans

There are different investment plans on the platform and after Reading our review, you can check out the platform to choose a plan of your choice.

Kei Ando

This is the free investment plan on KKR-Private Equity Investment Firm and immediately you complete your registration on the platform, you will be given a whooping sum of N5,000 to invest in this plan.

The total return after 24hours is ₦6000

You can only activate this plan once!

Romeish Bala

This is the second plan on KKR-Private Equity Investment Firm and you will be able to invest on this plan by depositing a whooping sum of ₦10,000.

Daily Income: ₦800

Cycle: 30 days

Income: ₦24000

Investment amount: ₦10000.00

You can invest on this plan as many times as possible.

As at the moment of updating this review, kkring have stopped paying. CRASHED!!!

David Bauer

This is another plan on KKR-Private Equity Investment Firm and it costs a whooping sum of ₦30000 to be able to activate this plan.

Daily Income: ₦3000

Cycle: 30 days

Income: ₦90000

Investment amount: ₦30000.00

Jessica Bell

This is another plan on KKR-Ptivate and it costs a whooping sum of ₦80000 to be able to activate this plan.

Daily Income: ₦9600

Cycle: 30 days

Income: ₦288000

Investment amount: ₦80000.00

Doug Brody

This is another plan on KKR-Private Equity Investment Firm and it costs a whooping sum of ₦200000 to be able to activate this plan.

Daily Income: ₦22000

Cycle: 30 days

Income: ₦660000

Investment amount: ₦200000.00

Check out the platforms for other investment plans that are available & detailed information about them

Kring.com registration

To register on the platform, all you have to do is to go to the KKR private registration page and enter your phone number and choose a password.

You will be redirected to your dashboard and you can then explore the platform further for better understanding about the platform.

Simply Click here to go to the kkring registration page.

Kkring.com bonus withdrawal – how to withdraw KKR private registration bonus

I believe that after the review section of this kkring review, the KKR bonus section is another important section as I am going to be providing you with all you need to know about the kkring bonus in this section.

There are series of bonus on the platform and contrary to what you might have believed earlier, you can’t withdraw these bonus directly unless you passed through some process.

In this section, I am going to provide you with two different ways to withdraw your bonus From kkring com

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Kkring referral program

What you should know about kkring com bonus

1. You should know that the bonus balance on the platform can only be used for investment and you will be able to withdraw your returns from investment afterwards.

2. You should know that the 1 day investment plan can only be activated once, and a member won’t have tye opportunity to activate the plan more than one time.

Once you activate the plan once, the next plan you can activate is the ₦10,000 play.

Below is the detailed information on how to withdraw kkring.com bonus via two ways

How to withdraw kkring bonus

Method 1: How to withdraw bonus from kkring.com via investment

This is the plan I am using as at the moment if creating this kkring.com review as you can see on the screenshot above, I have invested ₦10,000 and my next Daily earning is ₦6800 and afterwards, I will be getting ₦800 Daily and in the next 6days, I will have the minimum withdrawal and be able to place a withdrawal.

Once I withdrew the first ₦10,000, I have already recovered my investment and will be withdrawing profits afterwards.

Method 2: How to withdraw KKR bonus via referral

Yes! The platform have a composed compensation plans for inviting others to join the platform but However, it was observed that their referral program comes in another dimension as your earnings from referrals won’t be credited to your withdrawable balance.

Only a rebates from your referrals that purchased a plan will be sent to your withdrawable balance, the bonus we will be discussing here will be sent to your bonus balance.

Here is how it goes:

When you invite 10 individuals to the platform, Even without investment, you will be given a whooping sum of ₦2,000 and this will be credited to your bonus balance after claiming it from your team dashboard.

When at least, one of this ten referrals deposit ₦10,000, you will be rewarded with another ₦2,000 and at this time, you will be having N4,000 on your dashboard.

The next step is to invite another ten referrals, making all your referral 20 in number. Now, out of this twenty referrals, if 3 of them invest ₦10000 each, or someone invest ₦30000 once. You will be given another ₦6,000 and your bonus balance will be N10,000 at this time.

Now invest the bonus and compound your ₦6000 Balance with your daily ₦800 from the investment and boom! You can withdraw whenever you have tye minimum of ₦10,000.

Summary: To Make use if this method, you need to invite minimum of 20 people and your team deposit must be at least, ₦30,000.

Kkring.com review

Yes! Here is another section you’ve been waiting for and in this section, I am going to let you know if the KKR private Investment platform is legit or just another scam.

As usual, I will be providing you with the red flags and the green flags found on the platform and this will help you in your judgement towards the stand of the platform.

Red flags found on kkring.com

These are the indications that the platform might be unsafe for your investment and the more the Red flags, the more the possibility that the platform might be Scam

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1. The platform don’t have any external investment and only generates all it’s income from new members investment and hence, making it a Ponzi scheme.

2. While gathering information for this kkring.com review, all our evaluation clearly shows that the platform is surely, a risky investment platform.

3. The information contained in their about pages are untrue and can’t be rely on

4. KKR-Ptivate cannot be trusted and you should make your own evaluation before believe any of its offers.

5. It makes use of the same pattern with that of Many Ponzi platforms that have crashed in the past.

Green flags

These are the positive indications that shows that you might get paid from the platform, and the more the green flags, the more reason it might be a good idea to take a risk on the platform, however, regardless of how Many green flags spotted, it cannot change the fact that kkring com is a risky investment platform.

1. You will be given a whooping sum of ₦5,000 as registration bonus and you can utilize our drawn out plans to withdraw the bonus.

2. A method of funds control is found on the platform and this can make it last a little bit. However, this is not an assurance that the platform will Last.

3. The minimum investment is ₦10,000 as well as the minimum withdrawal and you can only withdraw once in a day, these are probably ways to limit rate at which money leaves the platform and this constitutes to a reason PONZI scheme might last.

4. The platform is user friendly, easy to understand and have fast loading speed.

5. They have both telegram channel and group that you can join and Keep Track of what’s going on on the platform.

Is kkring.com legit?

You should know that all Ponzi scheme investment platform are bound to stop paying over a period if time and the ideal question should be when the platform will stop paying, which no one knows.

Practically, if I should judge by what is happening on the platform right now, I will say it’s legit, but that’s for a short period of time. You can wake up tomorrow and the platform will be gone.

As at the moment of updating this review, kkring have stopped paying. CRASHED!!!

Is kkring Scam

The platform is newly lunched and will surely be active for Now. Until the platform stopped paying, we can’t labeled it as scam for now but it’s a potential One.

If you’re a member of the kkring platform, you can share your experience in the con section of the post and others will be able to learn one or two.

KKR-Private Equity Investment payment

Should I invest on kkring com

That depends on you! You know your capacity, capability and your risk potential. All our recommendation are as a result of prediction drawn from our evaluation on the platform and indeed, they’re just prediction and they can be wrong.

I have advised the few potential Risk takers that the platform might last for couple of months just like aiming and if they investment, they should know it’s 50/50 and be ready for either of the outcome.

Hence, if you decided to invest on the platform, only invest the amount you can afford to loose and take the decision as early as possible.

Kkring lunch date: 28/06/2023


Indeed, a lot if information has been revealed in this kkring.com review and with the detailed information revealed in this review, you should be able to take proper decision towards classifying the platform to where it truly belongs.



  1. It’s really scam
    I had a likely experience
    While trying to withdraw, I was told my account was frozen because I added to account. Meanwhile we all know it’s not possible to select two accounts in doing a single transaction. In all, I was asked to recharge the exact amount I was going to withdraw back into d KKring account in other to withdraw my funds. So to say, if I was going to withdraw 40k, I’ll have to deposit 40k. See how it’s scam. Others beware!!!!!

  2. Pls,I withdrew two times from kkr since 1week and I am yet to see it. And I still have money left there which I don’t want to withdraw so that it will not still be the same story. Pls help me is there a link that I can withdraw with. Someone said there is a link but he doesn’t want to give it out unless he is given 4k and I can’t throw away 4k when I am not sure of it. Help a sister pls.


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