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How To Get Airtel Free 1GB Data and Accummulate Up To 20GB

Airtel free 1gb data

If you have been looking for the best and easiest way to get airtel free 1gb data, then i am glad to have you here as this article will be revealing the easiest and the fastest way to get the 1gb data for free on Airtel.

Airtel Nigeria is one among the best network providers in Nigeria and they have always been there for their subscribers in terms of cheap data plans and others.

Today, I will be revealing to you, another method to get free 1gb data on Airtel network without stress.

Don’t forget that you can get triple of every data you purchased on Airtel network, click here to know more about airtel tripple data offer.


How Can I Get Free 1GB Data On Airtel?

The steps involved in getting the Airtel data to be discussed in this article is very short and simple, just continue reading for better understanding and enjoy surfing the internet with your free data.
However, the method to be discussed in this article is not an Airtel free data cheat, but an offer from Airtel Nigeria itself, and there is nothing like sim selection in this offer, which implies that everyone will be eligible to get the free data.
Without wasting much of your time, all you need to activate this offer are:
1. A registered Airtel sim card.
2. My Airtel app.

You might be wondering what My Airtel app is, don’t worry anymore, below is a brief overview of the app.

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What is My Airtel app?

My Airtel app is an official app for Airtel Nigeria, which enable all Airtel users to have Full access to almost all Airtel service, such as buying airtime, buying data, buying voice and SMS bundles and lots more.
The app is integrated with both self-care and Airtel money service, which implies that the app allows you to have full access to Airtel self-care service and Money service in one place.
I hope that you should have known what My Airtel app is all about with the above description, now that you have know what Airtel app is all about, let’s move to the steps involved in activating Airtel free 1gb data.
Airtel free 1gb data
Airtel free 1GB Data


How To Get Free Airtel 1gb Data

Follow the instructions below to get your free data without any stress.
Step 1: Simply click here to download the My Airtel app.
Step 2: Now that you have installed the app on your phone, open the app and enter your Airtel number.
Step 3: Make sure that the Airtel number you used have not been used on my Airtel app before and also ensure that the sim card is in your phone.
Step 4: An OTP will be sent to your phone and they will use the OTP to verify your mobile number automatically and this vis why your Airtel sim has to be in the phone in which the app was installed.
Step 5: Immediately the OTP is detected and they are able to verify your mobile number, then you will receive an SMS telling you that you have free 1024MB.

That’s all, you have successfully activate the Airtel free 1GB data. You can now dial *141# to check your data balance.

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How To Accumulate The Airtel Free Data

You can actually Accumulate The Airtel free data and get up to free 20GB on Airtel or more.
This can be done by Referring others to download the app and register with their Airtel number. Note that your referral must not use a phone number that has been used on the app previously.
Below are the details steps involved in accumulating the free data;
• Follow the steps above to download my Airtel app, register and get your own free data.
• Now, open the app and click on the menu bar at the top left corner of the app.
• Select Share app and share it with your friends.
• When someone click on the link, download and Register on the app, you will get a data bonus for referring them and your data will keep on increasing the more you refer.

What is the validity period of the free Airtel 1gb data?

This data is valid for 6days.  This is almost equivalent to one week, assuming that you activate the free data today, then it’s going to expire in the next six days.
That’s all about the Airtel free data offer, you can drop your questions in the comments box below if you have any.

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