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How To Activate MTN Unlimited Free Browsing Cheat Via Ha Tunnel 2023

MTN Unlimited Free browsing cheat via ha tunnel

MTN ha tunnel cheat is a free internet cheat that will allow you to surf the internet for free and in this guide, I am going to show you in details, how to activate MTN Unlimited Free browsing cheat via the Ha tunnel VPN.

In our previous guide, I show you how to activate unlimited free browsing cheat on Airtel sim card with the help of this Same ha tunnel VPN and variation of ha tunnel config file were released. Today, I am going to show MTN user’s how to do same, so as to be able to use the unlimited free browsing cheat on their Mobile phone without any form of stress.

The amazing part of this new blazing MTN ha tunnel unlimited free browsing cheat is that, there’s no need for configuration file, the app has been updated and with just a single click, you will be able to start surfing the internet without subscription.

About Ha tunnel

Ha tunnel is a VPN app that provides individuals with Unlimited VPN, IP Changer, Custom Payload , Protect Wifi and lots more. It uses existing connection protocols such as SSH2.0 and all traffic generated between the client and the server is protected with SSH2.0.

Through the application it is possible to customize the start of the connection (we call injection) with typed connection text (HTTP standard or any other), or setting an SNI to perform handshaking with the server.

This is very useful for crossing restrictions imposed by internet providers or any network that you are using during the connection.

Each user is given a randomly generated ID by the application to connect to the server and you can import and export the connection method settings.

The configuration file has the .hat extension, it is an encrypted text file containing all the information that was defined before exporting it.

When exported, you can set a message for who imports and lock it so that the method setting is not visible or editable. It’s possible to traffic any connection protocol TCP, UDP, ICMP, IGMP.

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The Ha tunnel app is the main subject here, it’s the app that we will be using to connect to internet for free with the use of our MTN sim card and small tricks. However, you have to pay attention to all the information revealed in this guide, so as to get everything correctly and be able to use the ha tunnel MTN Unlimited Free Browsing without stress.

Requirements For MTN Ha tunnel Unlimited Free Browsing Cheat

Below are all you need to enjoy the MTN unlimited free browsing cheat to be revealed in this guide, scan through them and follow the instructions attached.

1. Ha tunnel. This is the main app for the free browsing cheat, The link to download and install the will be provided in the later part of this guide.

2. MTN Unlimited file for ha tunnel. I know that this is what will comes to your mind immediately you see an unlimited free browsing cheat via the Ha tunnel VPN, but the narrative is different this time around, you didn’t need ha tunnel config file for this particular cheat, all you need is to follow the instructions to be revealed in this guide and you will be able to enjoy the MTN unlimited free browsing cheat with just few clicks.

3. MTN Sim card without airtime or data. The sim card must be Registered and active. However, you should fully understand that you will need small data to at least, download the App and install the update. You can use wifi and disconnect it after downloading the app. Once you get the app installed on your mobile phone, you don’t need any data anymore.

4. Internet connection with moderate speed. This will allow you to get connected easily and enjoy the free browsing session as much as possible.

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Now that you have know all the requirements, let’s proceed to the detailed information on how to enjoy the MTN unlimited free browsing cheat.

MTN Unlimited file for ha tunnel

How To Activate MTN Unlimited Free Browsing Cheat Via Ha Tunnel 2022

Kindly follow the instructions below accordingly and enjoy surfing the internet for free.

1. Navigate to the download section of this guide and download the ha tunnel VPN app and install the app.

2. Open the app and click on the three white dots at the top right corner of the app. You will see check updates, click on the check updates as shown in the picture above.

3. Once you click on check updates, you will see a notification that a new update has been Added, simply click on the restart button to restart the app and continue to the next step.

3i. In some cases, you might get a notification that no update is available, this means you’re up to date already and you have nothing to worry about. Just proceed to the next step.

4. You will see select server option at the top of the app, click on it and select united states.

5. You will see connection mode and just below it, you will see direct internet data and WiFi, click on it and scroll down to locate NG | MTN Unli? Click on it to select it.

6. Now click on the start button and wait for the app to connect.

7. Once the app connect, the start button will change to stop. Once it connects, you can then minimize the app and start surfing the internet for free.

Note: if at any point if using or installing the app, you see a config update notice with a restart option, always click on the restart option.

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8. That’s all on the latest MTN unlimited free browsing cheat with ha tunnel, you can use the data to access all app and websites.

Ha tunnel APK download

Now that you have fully understand how the app works and how to use it to activate unlimited free browsing cheat in MTN sim cards, next thing is to get the app installed on your phone, so as to explore the app further.

In this section, I am going to provide you with the direct link to download and install the app on your mobile phone.

Name                                      Ha tunnel APK

Size                                         19MB

Service                                     VPN

Download ha tunnel APK

Conclusion: Above is detailed information on all you need to know about the latest MTN unlimited free browsing cheat via ha tunnel VPN, strictly follow the instructions provided above to enjoy the latest MTN unlimited data cheat without stress and a it’s contained in the earlier part of the guide, the free browsing cheat has no data cap as at the moment of writing this report and you can surf the internet to your satisfaction with 0.0kb on your MTN sim card.

However, if you still have any question or need help during the app set up, leave a comment in the comments section below and you will be provided with the appropriate response as soon as possible.


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  1. Hey BTZ
    Have been trying to download the app with the link you provided here sir, But it’s redirected me to Telegram
    Find it difficult to download the app through the link you provided sir

  2. What if I have data left in my device??bcuz I have lyk 1gb data…How can I run d app??
    Also, the last time I used the app,I had to use data to renew access, like watching a advert..which is not so for others..is there solution to this????

  3. Mine was working fine yesterday but since this morning it stop working, I have deleted the app and install it twice today but is still the same issue, am I the only one having this issue or it have expired?? And how do I go about it??


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