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Home Reviews Jumia Balance Adder APK Review – Is Jumiapay Balance Adder Legit

Jumia Balance Adder APK Review – Is Jumiapay Balance Adder Legit

Jumia Balance Adder APK

It’s not a breaking News anymore that the demands for the jumia Balance Adder APK has been on its rise recently and indeed, there are lots more to the app, which a lot of individuals seeking for it, knows nothing about.

In this jumiapay Balance adder APK Review, I am going to provide you with all you need to know about the app and everything relating to the topic, providing you with a clear hint on whether the jumia Balance Adder APK is legit or another Scam.

However, before I proceed, it’s very important to let you know that both the jumia app and jumiapay app works as One. But not to worry, i will still provide you with the detailed information about each of this apps and the relationship between the duo.

About jumia app

Jumia app is an online Shopping APP that provides the best shopping experience in Nigeria. Great discounts, hassle free payment options, easy returns and 100% genuine items guaranteed!

From Fashion to Electronics to the opportunity to find anything you need on Nigeria’s largest online shopping store. With the jumia app, you will have a access to a large selection of international and local brands to choose from and shop for 100% genuine products.

With the Jumia Shopping APP, you get an amazing experience that includes: A customized shopping experience with a personalized feed, buyer protection and cross-platform shopping.

Whether you’re shopping on a smartphone, a tablet or even on a desktop, Jumia APP will keep all the products in your cart as long as you are logged in to your account it Also provide an order management from it’s call center, who call you to inform about the status of your order and lots more.

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Jumiapay Balance Adder

About Jumiapay app

Jumiapay is an E-Wallet app that gives you the opportunity to buy Airtime & make Bills Payment. The app incorporate all your daily needs in ONE place in Nigeria and with just this app, you will be able to do a lot of things all in one place.

When you download the jumiapay app, you will have the opportunity to Pay online for airtime, TV subscriptions, utility bills, gaming cards and much more.

You will get Cash Back Bonuses & Discounts on whatever you need to pay. And not only that, jumiaPay is the all-in-one App you need at your fingertips!

Relationship between jumia app and jumiapay

The jumia app is the main application for one of the biggest online shopping platform in Nigeria “jumia”, while the Jumiapay is owned by jumia and any amount you have as your Jumiapay Balance will reflect in your jumia app for shopping.

That’s exactly where the jumia Balance Adder APK and jumiapay balance adder relate to each other.

Relationship between jumia Balance Adder APK and jumiapay balance adder APK

When direct funding is required on your jumia account, you can only get that done via the help of Jumiapay as you cannot directly fund your jumia account, but can fund your Jumiapay account which will in turn reflect on your main jumia Balance.

This fact outlined above us the Main reason eh the jumia Balance Adder and the Jumiapay Balance Adder are termed as the same thing and are being treated as one.

Jumia Balance Adder review

How jumia Balance Adder APK works

It’s obvious that you seriously needs how the jumia Balance Adder APK works and without any form of hesitation, I am going to provide you with the detailed information on how the Jumiapay Balance Adder works in this section.

Just as that of the palmpay balance adder, jumia Balance Adder APK is an app developed by individuals with the claimed that you can use this app to add money to your jumia Balance for free.

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The main function of the app is to let you load your jumia account balance with any amount of your choice and as you can vividly see in the above screen, the particular jumia account is having more than 500,000 naira.

In order to have access to the jumia Balance Adder and be able to add free money to your account, you will need to purchase a jumia activation code and a code of 10,000 naira will give you the opportunity to load your account with N100,000 and even more, depending on the seller.


Is jumia Balance Adder Legit?

That is the main question that prompts the creation of this my jumia Balance Adder APK review. Yes! We have heard that the app allows you to load your jumia account with free cash, but will you be able to achieve your aim? That’s what we will be discussing in this jumiapay Balance Adder review.

Jumia Balance Adder review

In this section, I am going to provide you with all you need to know about the app and all it takes to be able to classify the Jumiapay Balance Adder APK to where it truly belongs. Without wasting any of your time, let me provide you with the green and red flags spotted on the app.

In case you’re new to our review, the green and red flags section is a major section in any of our review that provide you with appropriate hint on how legit a platform is or if it’s a scam.

The more the green flags, the more the probability of the platform being legit and vice versa.

Jumia Balance Adder APK green flags

Having review the jumia Balance Adder properly, it can be concluded that the app has no gree flags as nothing useful or safe to use was found on the samples considered while browsingtechzone was preparing for this jumia Balance Adder review.

Jumiapay Balance Adder APK Red flags

In this section, I am going to provide you with all the negative function/features found on the app samples examined while preparing for this review and this is going to greatly help in letting you know what the app is really up to.

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Sample disparity

There are lots of individuals that offer the sales of the Jumiapay Balance Adder APK also known as jumia Balance Adder and all the sellers sell different apps with different programs.

Toxic backdoor

A very harmful backdoor is found on all samples considered while gathering information for this jumia Balance Adder review. This implies that if you’re not being careful, you will end up being scammed aside from paying for fake app.

Unauthorized operation

The operation of the app is unauthorized and the jumia/Jumiapay which is the parent app is not aware that such app exists. This is because anyone can develop any app and tag it as jumia Balance Adder APK.

Is jumia Balance Adder real

With the detailed information provided in this jumia Balance Adder review so far, there is no doubt that you should have been able to deduce your conclusion about the app by now. The rec flags section have said it all, but for more affirmation, the jumia Balance Adder APK is definitely not real.

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Is jumia Balance Adder APK Scam?

Comparing what’s contained in the green flags and red flags section of this guide, it’s obviously obvious that the jumia Balance Adder APK is definitely a scam and you should try as much as possible to stay away from it

What about the screenshot of the N500k+ balance

That’s right! I provide a screenshot above and this is just a proof to buttress my point on what people says about the app and probably, one of the screenshot that the seller might show you to convince you that the jumia Balance Adder is legit. That screenshot is doctored and anyone can edit such and put any amount there.

Jumia Balance Adder APK download

In need of the link to download the jumia Balance Adder APK? Then you haven’t read this review carefully, simply go back to read the review and understand fully, all you need to know about the Jumiapay Balance Adder app and let me know if you will still be needing the link with a valid reason.


This jumia Balance Adder APK review has so far been able to provide you with all you need to know about the app and especially if the jumia Balance Adder is legit or Scam.




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