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Earnfreely.ng Review – Is Earnfreely Legit Or Scam

earnfreely.ng review

Earnfreely is a newly lunched platform and as the name implies, the platform allows you to make money by completing simply tasks and in this Earnfreely.ng review, i am going to provide you with all you need to know about the platform.

Today being the 15th day of January, 2024, the aforementioned platform has successfully gained a lot of attention due to it’s ongoing campaign that allows you to win a whooping sum of ₦50,000 on a weekly basis.

The massive promotion of the platform has so far generate mixed reactions, while some believe the platform will definitely pay, some believes it may not.

Hence, I have gathered some necessary facts after properly examine the platform and in this Earnfreely.ng review, I am going to be providing you with everything you need to know about the platform and especially, if you can get paid or not.

earnfreely legit or Scam

How to make money on Earnfreely.ng

There are lots of ways to make money from the platform and in this section of my Earnfreely revealed, I am going to provide you with the detailed information on each ways.

1. Referral Leaderboard

This is the main reason to the massive promotion you’re seeing about the Earnfreely.ng, in it’s bid to be more popular, the platform dish out a referral contest, giving the top 10 Referrals the opportunity to get paid weekly with a whooping sum of ₦50,000.

On this note, if you can refer a lot of people, you can stand a chance of winning a whooping sum of ₦50,000 only if you happen to be among to the top 10 users with the most referral on the platform.

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However, all your referrals must be active in order to get paid as inactive users will be regarded as fake referrals and that might affect your account.

2. Daily Login

The platform will Also pay you for login into your account on a daily basis and the more you’re active and opening your account daily, the more login income you gather. You will earn ₦150 naira daily for logging into your earnfreely account

3. Referral Earnings

Yes, aside that you will win contest by referring a lot of people to the platform, you will also earn ₦350 naira per person you refered. On this note, even if you didn’t win the contest, your ₦350 bonus will still be intact on your EarnFreely.NG balance. However, I can only guarantee your earnings, I cannot do same when it comes to withdrawal. Lol! Keep Reading!

4.Task Earnings

Yes! There is tasks to make money on the platform and by performing these tasks, you will earn ₦1,350 naira daily, all you have to do is to login you your account and click on the fastearn option you will be redirected to your task page where you will have the opportunity to complete 50 tasks and earn ₦25 for each task.

You will also earn N50 naira for commenting on EarnFreely.NG daily POSTS and at the same time, you will earn upto ₦550 naira daily for performing MyTasks

Check out EarnFreely.NG to see how it looks

earnfreely referral contacts

EarnFreely.ng Review

Now that you have see how the platform works exactly, let’s work you through our analysis about the platform and see if the platform is actually worth your effort or not.

However, I will be making use of two major elements that will help you decides if the platform is legit or Scam. And this elements are the Green and red flags.

EarnFreely Red Flags

This element is the major indications showing that the platform might be scam, the more the red flags, the more reason you will have to stay away from the platform.

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If you carefully read the information that will be contained in this section of my EarnFreely.ng review, you will surely be able to tell if EarnFreely.ng is Scam. Without futher ado, below are the red flags found on EarnFreely.NG

1. Registration is free and earnings are high

The earnings structure if the platform is too good to be true for a platform that doesn’t charge you any fee for registration.

While checking the platform for the purpose of this EarnFreely review, we discovered that you can easily earn up to 100,000 naira in one week of taking your activities serious on the platform.

Now imagine 2,000 people taking it serious, that will sum a total of 8,000,000 monthly on rough estimation and it’s obvious the platform has no where to generate such amount in one month.

2. No major Source Of Income

Since the platform doesn’t charge you to register and offers you a lot of opportunities to make money for free, definitely a major Source of income should be found on the platform.

However, while exploring the platform, their only source of income Is a pop advert and the money generated from this means can never be enough to finance their promises.

3. Payment can only be made twice in a month

This is another way to keep you working for the individuals behind the platform for a considerable period of time before you will be able to realize that you won’t get paid. By this time, they would have made enough money for themselves via the ads you’re clicking daily.

4. Re-Used Idea

The idea of making money established by the platform is not first of it’s kind, browsingtechzone have came across many of such in the past and strongly believed EarnFreely.NG won’t be the last.

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5. It’s a newly lunched platform

As at the moment of writing this EarnFreely.NG review, the platform is just five days ago and with our deep analysis, it’s possible today is going to be their first payout but then, couples of withdrawal proof has been circulating on the internet and this alone shows a lot of individuals promoting it might be using one random withdrawal Proof.

earnfreely.ng tasks earnings

EarnFreely Green Flags

This element is the major indications showing that the platform might be legit, the more the green flags, the more reason you will have to try out the platform.

If you carefully read the information that will be contained in this section of my EarnFreely review, you will surely be able to tell if EarnFreely.ng is legit. Without futher ado, below are the Green flags found on EarnFreely.NG.

1. Registration is free

Registration on the platform is completely free and on this note, if the platform ends up not paying, you will be able to move on faster as compared to if you had registered with a certain amount of money.

2. Users Friendly Interface

The platform is easy to navigate and anyone can fully understand how the platform works by navigating through it in couple of seconds.

Is EarnFreely.ng Legit

It’s more likely that you not going to get paid on the platform unless you refer a lot of people an happens to me among the winners that will get ₦50,000 paid to their bank account this Sunday being The first Sunday of EarnFreely.ng.

According to our analysis, they might do that for couples of withdrawal proof to be available and giving the individuals with strong referring capacity more energy to keep referring others to the platform.

Is EarnFreely.ng Scam

Until proven, the platform cannot be declared scam yet but definitely, it’s a potential Scam. In the coming days, the platform might start introducing new rules and ends up not paying anyone as their sole aim is to use you generate income with advertisement.

However, since it’s risk free, if you have interest in trying it out, you can do that and see how it goes.


Having gone through this EarnFreely.ng review, you should have fully understand how the platform works and especially if you can make money on the platform and get paid to your bank account as promised by the platform.



  1. The said one can withdraw either 31th or 10th of every month, today is 31th I have been trying to withdraw but the response I get is that withdrawal option is currently not available. So is a scam. And a waist of time


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