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Get Paid To Watch Video On YouTube And Accumulate Up To $100

get paid to watch video on YouTube

Completing simple tasks to earn some money in return is on of the simplest way to make money online and the get paid per tasks that I am going to reveal to you in this guide is very much different to that of the one you might have Frequently seen in the past.

Today, I have decided to reveal to you yet, another dimension of making money to complete simple tasks and as you already know browsingtechzone, I am going to provide you with all you need to know about this program and how to get paid for your task and especially, how to accumulate that earnings.

About Get paid to watch YouTube

The tasks involved in this guide is to watch a YouTube video and immediately you done watching the video, the sum of $1 will be sent to your PayPal account. I will fully discussed how to submit your PayPal email address for payment in the later part of this guide.

As it’s contained in the just concluded line above, you’re getting paid to watch a short video on YouTube and after watching the video, you can then submit your PayPal email address to receive your payment and the amazing part of the story Id that there is no minimum withdrawal.

Requirements To Earn $1 For watching YouTube video

Below are the requirements that will make you to be eligible for this Task:

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1. A smart phone, which I believe you have one and that is the reason why you have access to this guide in the first place.

2. A telegram account to receive the task. If you don’t have a telegram account and you have interest in getting the free $1, simply download the telegram app from Google play store and register with your mobile phone number.

3. A PayPal account to get your free $1. The only payment method that is available as at the moment writing this guide is PayPal. Don’t you have a PayPal account? Worry no more, we have provide you with a detailed information on how to create a PayPal account that can send and receive money in Nigeria. Simply check it out to create yours in case you don’t have any before.

4. Fee minutes to follow the instructions to be provided for you in this guide. Make sure you follow the instructions carefully and strictly.

How to earn $1 for watching YouTube video

Simply follow the instructions below to get started and get your free $1

1. Simply click here to go to the telegram channel that is paying for the task to watch YouTube video and get paid.

2. On getting to the channel, simply click on the join button to join the channel and continue to the next step.

3. You will see a link to a YouTube video on the channel, click on the link and you will be taken to video titled “TikTok’s Dirty secret” on YouTube.

4. Start watching the video and immediately you start watching the video, take a screenshot that shows you have started watching the video and make sure the Time is visible as shown below.

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Earn $1 to watch YouTube video

5. Make sure you watch the video to the end so as to let your entries be valid. While watching the video, click on the link button to like the video, click on the subscribe button and turn on the notification bell. To turn on the notification bell, just click on subscribe button, once you clicked in it, s bell icon will show, click on the bell icon and select all.

Also comment on the video and make sure your comment is relevant with the video, then take a screenshot showing your comment making two screenshots.

6. Now, take another screenshot at the end of the video as shown in the image below

How to complete YouTube task to get paid

7. It’s Time to claim your reward! You will see a telegram user name on the channel “@” click on it to message the user and drop your screenshots and your PayPal email address as shown below

How to withdraw your earnings on YouTube task

8. Immediately you get the message that money I’d sent, thank you, simply check your email for PayPal payment notification or login to your PayPal account and check. Your $1 will be smiling at you ad shown below.

YouTube task payment withdrawal proof

9. That’s all, you have successfully claim your free 1$ and get it paid directly to your PayPal account.

Ok! How can I accumulate more

How to accumulate up to $100 for watching YouTube video

In order to accumulate more money after getting the free $1 all you have to do is to message the Same user by typing “REFERRAL” , you will be told that “if you want to make money adding friends to the group, you will get $10 per 10 friends referred (they have to be active and follow the steps) You aren’t allowed then to change your Telegram Name otherwise your Referral Link isn’t counting anymore”.

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Now request for your referral link, start Referring and earn $1 per referral. Minimum withdrawal is $4.

How long will it take to get paid

As seen in the previous part of this guide, the payment is extremely fast and immediately you get a response from the user that the money has been sent, just check your PayPal account and you will see the money there.

Click here to get started

Conclusion: To Earn $1 watching a YouTube video is on of the easiest way to make money online and with the system revealed in this guide, you have the opportunity to claim your $1 after watching just one video and not that you will have to watch multiple videos before getting paid, this is one of the reasons that prompts me to create this guide and explain in details, how it works as I found it worthy of Sharing and something you shouldn’t miss.

However, if After reading the guide, you still have questions or any part of the guide is not clear to you, simply drop your questions in the comments section of this post and you will get the appropriate response as soon as possible.


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