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How To Borrow Data From Glo (Glo Borrow Me Data)

how to borrow data from Glo

Glo borrow me data is a special Glo service that reveals how to borrow data from Glo upon exhausting your existing data plan.

I have previously revealed the detailed information on how to borrow airtime on Glo and today, I will be walking you through the detailed instructions on how to borrow data bundle on Glo network in Nigeria.

It can be so frustrating if you are using the internet and your data get exhausted while you have no means to purchase another data plan at that very moment. And even sometimes, you might not want to purchase your regular data plan at that very moment.

No matter what the what the reason might be, you don’t have to worry or stress yourself any further as Glo borrow me data has provide you with the option to borrow data on your Glo sim card and pay later.

This guide will provide you with the detailed steps and code to borrow data from Glo with all you need to know about the offer.

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With the fact stated in the just concluded line above, if eventually you run out of data when you’re very busy with the internet, you won’t have any issue than to just dial a simple code and continue from where you stopped.

What Do I Need To Know About Glo Borrow Me Data

As I have explained in the previous part of this guide, the aforementioned service I established by Glo network providers to offer you data when you have no data or airtime on your phone and you need to access the internet.

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This service is surely a great deal for you at the moment you exhaust your data bundle and you’re not able to purchase another data bundle at the moment.

The service allows you to borrow data on Glo for different period of time, ranging from 1 day to 30 days.

However, this offer is not available for all Glo users as you will need to meet some requirements before you can be chanced to use the service.

How To Be Eligible For Glo Borrow Me Data

The requirements for the Glo borrow me data eligibility isn’t as strict as you might have been thinking and if you have been using the network for a while, you will surely be eligible.

Below are the few things required for you to be eligible;

  • You Glo sim card must be Registered.
  • You must be an active user for at least 3 months.
  • If you have used any Glo borrow me service with the sim card in the past, you must have repay your loan before you apply for data loan.

Having know all it takes to be eligible for the offer, let’s see how one can borrow data from Glo.

Code To Borrow Data On Glo

Follow the instructions below to borrow mobile data on your Glo sim card upon exhausting your data bundle.

  1.  Open your phone dial pad and dial *321#.
  2. You will be redirected to the borrow me data option menu.
  3. Choose your preferred packages and proceed.
  4. You with get a response with the details of your request.
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Alternatively, you can download Glo mobile application, which is also known as Glo self care, register on the app with your mobile phone number. You will receive an OTP to confirm your registration, enter the OTP and you will be redirected to your self care dashboard.

Click on the menu bar at the top left corner of the app and select Glo borrow me data, choose your preferred option and continue. You will receive a message with the status of your request.

Glo Borrow Me Data Prices And Their Validity Period

When you borrow data from Glo, it’s impossible for you to repay with data, you will have to repay with airtime that is equivalent to the amount of data you have borrowed.

In this section, I will be giving you the break down of each available service with their price, data volume and validity period.

  • 50 Naira will give you a whooping sum of 35MB + 5MB night bundle and it’s valid for 1 day (24hrs).
  • 100 Naira will give you the opportunity to get 95MB + 35MB night data and it’s valid for 1 day (24hrs) as well.
  • 200 Naira will give you 200MB + 100MB for night browsing. This plan is valid for 2 days (48hrs).
  • 500 Naira makes it possible for you to get 650MB with additional 550MB for night browsing and it’s Valid for 14 days (two weeks).
  • 1000 Naira will give you 1.6GB plus additional 1GB for night browsing. It’s valid for 30 days (1 month).
  • 2000 Naira will give you access to borrow 4.4GB with additional 600MB for night browsing, this also valid for 30 days (1 month).
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Above is the breakdown of how much you will pay and how much value you will get for each prices.

The data also consists of two types as you can see, one can be use at anytime and the other can be used for night browsing. The one that can be used for night browsing is added to the data volume as a bonus from Glo official itself.

Conclusion: This guide has provide you with all you needs to know on how to borrow data from Glo with the detailed breakdown of each that volume, price and their validity period.

With the information provided in this guide, you won’t need to worry about low data balance anymore and whenever your data bundle get exhausted, you have know the best option to use and continue with your browsing session without stress.

However, always remember that the SMS you with receive after dialing the code to borrow Glo data will come with the instructions o. When to repay your data loan and failure to do this, you won’t be able to use Glo services on your device until you repay.

I hope you found this guide helpful, if you have any questions pertaining to the instructions above, feel free to drop them in the comments section of this post. Do not forget to join our Telegram channel and WhatsApp channel to get instant update from us as it drops.



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