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Access Bank Transfer Code And How To Use It For All Transactions In 2024

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Access bank transfer code popularly known as access bank code is a special USSD code that allows all access bank customers to complete couples of transactions at the comfort of their home or anywhere without the need of Internet connection or any basic knowledge.

The code is available to everyone and all access bank customers can dial the code on their phones of any type and do their transactions without having to go to the nearest access bank branch or engaged themselves in the stress if searching for the nearest ATM machine before they can complete the required transaction.

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About Access Bank

Access bank is one of the largest Nigeria banks when the bank customer base is being put into consideration. It’s a full service commercial bank that evolved from an obscure Nigeria bank into a world class African financial institution.

Today, access bank is one of the top five largest banks in Nigeria in terms of assets, loan, deposits and branch networks. Access bank has built it’s strength and success in corporate banking and now applying the expertise to the personal and business banking platform it acquire from Nigeria’s international bank in 2012. The bank came to existence in 1988.

Access Bank Code – What Is Access Bank Transfer Code

Access bank transfer code is the USSD banking system of the access bank, which allows you to perform more than five type of transactions at the comfort of your room or anywhere the needs of of the transaction arises. Amongst the transaction that can be performed with the use of the access bank code are; cash transfer, airtime purchase for self and others , subscription payments, utility bill payments and lots more.

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As it has been stated in the earlier part of this guide, the access bank transfer code doesn’t required the internet connection or any skill before you can use it to complete any transaction of your choice and above all, I am going to show you how to use the code for each transactions to be mentioned in this guide.

Why Do I Need Access Bank Code? Benefits Of Access Bank Transfer Code

There are lots of advantages of using the access bank code and it’s a very good idea for all access bank users to embrace the use of the USSD code banking for seamless transaction at no extra cost.

With the access bank transfer code, you will be able to transfer funds from your account to another access bank account or another bank in Nigeria, you will be able to buy Airtime for yourself and others, Che your account balance and lots more than you will get to know when you start using the service.

Features Of Access Bank USSD Code

Below are the features of the access bank USSD codes;

  • Ability to complete transaction seamlessly
  • The service easy to use, convenient, safe and secure.
  • All types of mobile phones are eligible for this service, including smart phone and feature phones.
  • It can be used only, on the phone number used for your account Registration.

How To Register For Access Bank Transfer Code

It’s important for ball access bank users that have interest in the use of the USSD code banking to register their phone number for the service and activate their sim card by setting a unique transfer PIN and will be used for authentication whenever they wants to perform any transaction.

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To register for the access bank transfer code, simply open the dial pad of the phone containing the sim card linked to your account bank account and Dial *901# and select any service like money transfer, you will be asked for the last 6 digits of your debit card, Enter it. (If you didn’t have an active debit card, your date of birth will be required).

Upon entering the card digits or date of birth, enter your account number and you will be asked to choose a four digits PIN, use a unique four digits PIN that you will be able to remember on the long run and confirm it. Once you are able to set the four digits PIN, you have successfully actually your phone number for access bank code transactions and you can now use it at any point in time.

access bank code shortcodes
Access Bank Code

Summary Of Access Bank USSD ShortCodes With Their Functions

Below are the list of the access bank USSD codes and what you can archive with the use of each of the code.


Buy Airtime for self, dial *901*Amount#

Buy Airtime for others, dial *901*Amount*Phone Number#

Open an access bank account, dial *901*0#

Buy data bundle, dial *901*8#

Make balance enquiry, dial *901*5#

Make fund transfer to access bank, dial *901*1*Amount*Account Number#

Make fund transfer to other banks, dial *901*2*Amount*Account Number#

Make merchant payment, dial *901*3*Amount*Merchant Code#

Make bill Payment, dial *901*3#

Generate OTP, dial *901*4*1#

How To Transfer Money From Access Bank

Transferring money from either access bank account to another access bank account or from an access bank account to another bank is a very simple task on once you have activate your sim card for USSD code banking and the two lines below will explained in details how to transfer money from access bank to access bank and from Access bank to other banks respectively.

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To transfer funds from your access bank account to another access bank account, all you have to do is to *901*1*Amount*Account Number# and enter your transfer PIN to authenticate the transaction, the money will be sent the recipient and you will get the appropriate notification. Transferring from access bank account to another access bank account is completely free.

To transfer funds from your access bank account to other banks, all you have to do is to *901*2*Amount*Account Number# and enter your transfer PIN and you’re done but however, transferring funds from access bank to another attract a charges of N84.

You should take note that access bank transfer code can only be used bon individual current and savings account and cannot be used on corporate accounts, associate accounts and joint accounts.

How To Buy Airtime From Access Bank

Access bank transfer code allows you to buy airtime for yourself and others at any point in time and all you have to do is to dial the code for the airtime purchase and you will receive your airtime without stress.

To buy airtime for yourself, simply dial *901*Amount#, for example, if you need 300 naira airtime, you’re going to dial *901*300#.

To buy airtime for others, all you have to do is to *901*Amount*Phone Number# and confirm the transaction by entering your transfer PIN.

Conclusion: Access bank transfer code has made all transactions seamlessly easy for all access bank customers and if you will need to visit any branch of access bank or nearest ATM machine, it won’t be because of money transfer, airtime purchase, electricity/other bills payment, balance enquiry and lots more.



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